The soul of Paris - Montmartre

I did not know what to call this post. The second option was: "In Search of Amelie" because of Montmartre, we took a walk is based on the film. Why is the "soul" of Paris? I do not know, I thought so. Maybe it's due to the fact that during our stay in Paris, it is in Montmartre was the best weather? I suggest you treat yourself Montmartre Eiffel Tower Goat Cheese and go with me for a walk!

Immediately answer a question that may arise from someone: No, I'm not a fan of Amelie, liked the movie, but not in wild delight, but we decided it would be better than just wander aimlessly :)
Our walk starts from Metro Lamarck -Kolenkur, where we have come from the center of Paris. It was at this station happen all the scenes from the movie Amelie, who were somehow related to the subway. From the metro opens look like this:

Once you understand that with all the ups and downs of Montmartre, a good physical preparation would not stir)))
So, let's go right from the subway, on the street Lamarck ...... and we will turn to the street Saules, go up to the intersection with the street Saint Vincent and here we are at the first Montmartre Attractions: Agile Rabbit Cabaret.

What is it popular? Here liked to visit Picasso, Modigliani, Renoir and of course, Toulouse-Lautrec. The owner of the cabaret was a man with a big heart, so daily at the entrance of Agile Rabbit exhibited cauldron of soup, and fed them to free the poor artists. By the way, in those days the theater was of a different name, less sweet - Cabaret Assassins, a little later - Meeting thieves. To me, the Agile Rabbit sounds much friendlier) By the way, why in any report about Montmartre not say that a stone's throw from the theater so cute colored houses? I bastard from such facades)))

Horizon swamped)))

I would make a lot of shots in this door, I find it very photogenic, but that's just too lazy to make a couple of Igor steps down, apparently berёg forces for the upcoming climb! :)

Directly in front of theater - vineyards. You have them, probably after the 100,500-hundred reports already can not stand and then again I am with them? :)
And by the way, did you know that the wine from this vineyard is sold at auction with paintings by local artists, and all the proceeds go to charity. So there!

Well, right here is the famous intersection of streets Sol and Saint-Vincent. He is known to those who watched the movie yet. Remember, the voiceover at the beginning of the film we reported that a mosquito landed on the pavement at exactly the moment when it was conceived Amelie? Here, it is the very crossroads)))
Here it is, at the bottom.

The next point of our route - Place du Tertre. To leave it, climb up to the very end of the street Sol. This area is filled with artists during the day, and of course, there's the biggest skoplnenie tourists. Picturesque, but I was always infuriated artists who went with sheets of A3 for us and offered to draw us straight after twitching for a jacket, one - to - one the Turks in Brussels on street butchers))))

This girl does not need even an easel)))

And I really liked those little pictures .... I certainly understand that their stamp Pts much, not putting the soul ... but I wanted to here. Why did not I buy it? Rrrr ...

There are those - very cheap)

By the way, fans of DALY !!! Right here opened its exposition. Igor angry, did not want me to go with him .... I went to the museum of steam locomotives, and he with me did not want to Dali. Go necessarily, and then tell me ... (((As I had long dreamed of (((and here (((

On the same square is the restaurant "Mother Catherine." All probably heard the story of the origin of the word bistro. Russian soldiers ran into the restaurant, started banging his fists on the table and scream FAST! Apparently, fast food to carry them. This is where everything happened. So, no not a bistro French word, but merely distorted Russian.

And then will go to the main attractions of Montmartre - Sacré Coeur. By the way, it is built on the highest point in Paris, so that it is visible from many parts of the city.
Oh, what then was the sky. Just a photographer's dream!)

The view is stunning, that would still not fog)

BTW, another place that intrigued me, but the photo is not .... I would like to tell)
So, if from the Sacre Coeur return to the Place du Tertre and keep going straight, passing the street Sol suited to the street Norvin. What's wrong with that? Here you will see a white house ... now it is a private home, but once he served as a psychiatric clinic, which is popular in that one French writer set out to write a novel without a single letter A. As we can see, it is not possible, and he went crazy. Please do not repeat his venture - danger to life! :) Next will go to the House of Artists, who once - it was called - House Le Bateau-Lavoir (literal translation: Ship Laundry). Here lived the most famous painters of Montmartre. And Picasso himself with Modigliani. Picasso liked to "hang out" all night and only comes in the morning. And its going to bed he informed shot from a revolver. And if it was Picasso's bedtime - for all residents blizlezhayshih houses meant that it was time to wake up. This is it, this funny Picasso)

Well, next to the house where she lived Amelie? We are looking for the street Rue des Trois Freres, house number 56.

In the same house shop Maison Collignon. Remember how it was here Amelie loved to run hand in beans? A Collignon, loved to handle it any other way, as Amelie - stranded)))
Collignon, by the way, the villain of the film. Oh, how Amelie cleverly mocked him !!!

Next stop - the cafe two mills. Warning: Do not go HERE !!! This is the worst place in Paris, tell us what it is so guilty of gastronomic part. This cafe has worked in the film Amelie.

It's time to take a walk to the Moulin Rouge. We wanted to go on the show, but, unfortunately, did not have tickets.

Opposite the theater is the best sex shop where Amelie came in search of Nino, his sfotkala I do not.) This route) so that it is complete, would be worth more to capture and Montmartre Cemetery, but we did not go there. Then simply atmospheric images of this a pleasant corner of Paris ...

Delicious cheeses.

..and a giant strawberry.

Monmartrskie makaruns.

And Montmartre cookies.

King cake, in Paris you can eat only from January 6 short time. If interested, I will tell you what kind of tradition / custom / holiday)))

Cute transport streets of Montmartre.

Thank you for a walk with me, I hope you were nice;)
Girls are more flowers .... with the scent of Montmartre !!! :)