How to live without Russian alpine resort. Les Gets.

This year has been difficult, not only for Russia but also for France, where the flow of tourists from our country significantly weakened, we can say dry. Particularly deplorable situation in Courchevel, where Russian was the main source of replenishment of the local budget. However, not all alpine resorts were Russian - miraculously survived such lovely corners for skiers and snowboarders, such as Les Gets (Les Gets). Besides the fact that this is one of the largest areas for skiing in Europe, get there very quickly - just over an hour from Geneva airport by car.

Les Gets - small and very cozy town for a couple of streets with small wooden hotel, nice restaurants and ubiquitous cheese. The audience here purely European: French and English. Many UK RHD vehicles. Here, for example, the original Land Rover Defender 110 with three seats in front and inside the French baguette. Funny combination. Meet the best of Britain and France.


Despite the fact that Les Gets is a peaceful family resort, drink and walk here is where. Frankly surprised by the presence in this small village, which is known from the XI century, private microbreweries at the Irish pub. Here, not only do the classic lager, but India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Porter and wheat beer. Frankly, the miracle of the IPA is not necessary to press, but beer lovers, and there are many even in France, will not remain united on one with tasteless "Eurocamp".


Let's walk through the village, good after a glass of beer (5 euros) this contributes to the mood.


Sold on the streets of various forbidden to the cart in the RF products. In the first place - it is cheese and meat. Very popular here here are sosissony 4.5 euros per share.

One of the main attractions of Les Gets (Les Gets) - Museum of mechanical musical instruments (Musee de la Musique Mecanique). Very interesting here is the collection. Of course, all in working order, and within the framework of the tour you will demonstrate the ability of some of them.



Especially for those who doubt whether to go to the museum or not, I recorded a little video.

Of course, after the spiritual food, it is necessary to go to the real food. In Les Gets a lot of nice family restaurants. Many of them have preserved the tradition start first guests in a separate room for an appetizer, and then invite to dinner. For example, in a cozy Alpine restaurant La Fruitière des Perrières ( we were treated to homemade vermouth hot, cooked with oranges.




Here home clothe and friendly atmosphere: many different antiques, portraits, indescribable beauty grandfather clock. It is a pleasure in such circumstances a few drinks alcoholic hot drink as an aperitif.





But we'll go have dinner at another restaurant, it is necessary to try to catch as much as possible in a short ski vacation.

If Fruitière des Perrières located on the outskirts of Les Gets, then the Restaurant le Tourbillon - in the heart of the village. This is a small family restaurant with excellent food and a good choice of wine.


As in the previous institution, it is very comfortable. Themselves owners and work here: the head of the family - the chef, and his mother - home to the hall. Helps them to my daughter and a couple of people. Les Gets in any network facilities, all unique and different from each other significantly.

In short, how much you can eat, it's time to ride! Naturally, I went to a ski resort without skiing - not often riding, and skiing own no. If you go here for a couple of days, you will not go broke to take equipment for rent.

But skiing I did not want to take, decided to try his hand at standing on the board. Have not yet embarked on the board, I managed to injure the thumb on his left hand and slide down from the first lift it cost me tremendous effort and a few subtle but unpleasant abrasions. Therefore, immediately changed the board on skis, and things got fun.



Les Gets ski area separates one from the town of Morzine and all this is called the ski area of ​​Portes du Soleil. The total length of trails in Les Gets 260 km, including for beginners - 10% of average complexity - 44% for experienced skiers - 36% and complex - 10%. I will rolling on the average complexity of the site and made several visits to the serious red line. On one such slope kissed her hip on the stone ledge, securing a huge bruise on three weeks.





Going down in Morzine, we moved to the other side of the town on the bus and ended up in Avoriaz ski area. There is less forest, and there are more steep descents. Rolled down a couple of times, I was exhausted from the stress, and the body of calories required. As a result, we are comrades hour and a half "stuck" in a mountain restaurant Chez Flo.






In general, the culture of skiing here I like: 2 hours skiing, 2:00 trapeznichayut and drink, and another 2 hours to skate. Seal-Sayle. Here is a very mild climate, so all sit outside, enjoying hot wine, liqueur Genepi and bright sun.


Avoriaz - 100% resort. It is interesting that you can navigate through it only on skis or on foot. Congress banned cars here, except horses




The original chapel of the local church - the card Resort

And this is our instructor Daniel from the French ski school ESF ( It is highly recommended for those who like me uncertainly standing on skis, and does not know the local trails, at least a day ride with a specialist. He (or she) will not only supply equipment, but also show the local scenery, here are, for example.



And to finish this post katatelno-alcoholic must be another institution - La Biskatcha. This grill restaurant was right at our hotel (Hotel La Marmotte). New restaurant, so we decided to try out his name.

Here there is also a zone to "warm up", in which we fattened so that dinner was missed.


But how can you miss the duck on the grill? Impossible. 23 euros




A few words about the hotel. Hotel La Marmotte ( is 50 meters from the ski lift, and is a classic wooden Alpine hotel. Since the orientation of a purely family, so all very sedate, respectable and quietly. The main contingent - European retirees. Despite this, the hotel has a play area, where in addition to automatic, you can play the traditional Russian drunk table tennis.



So, the answer to the question - how to live without Russian alpine resort? Life is good, but with us there will be more fun)) Website resort prices: ski pass for the weekend for a zone Les Gets Morzine: 46 euro price table: http: //www.lesgets. com / glisse-ski / i nfos-pratiques / forfaits.html Hotel La Marmotte: 350 euros per night, there are cheaper options