Cannes: Happy End Tale

  The canonical happy ending is a very predictable ending, but it seems that they have such a strong target audience. Batman cuts out all the villains, Tom Sawyer finds a treasure, Cinderella waits for the right prince, the unknown Bridget Bardot gets into camera lenses and makes a dizzying career, Cannes from a provincial village turns into one of the famous Mediterranean resorts. 01. Until the 19th century, the town didn’t give up to anyone, but as expected in a fairy tale about Cinderella, its prince nevertheless appeared. In 1834, the former English Chancellor, Lord Henry Peter Broome, on his way to Italy, decided to stop at Cannes due to the cholera epidemic.
  02. Yes, so the local carrot, the sun, the vinyl, and the local real estate prices set for him, so he decided to get a house in this area.
  03. And there already another English aristocracy pulled itself up. And off we go, off we go.
  04. This is a brief story with a happy ending. And I will hold on, not a word about the film festival.
  05. To some extent, all the cities visited over the trip along the Cote d'Azur are very similar: a hill with a fortress of varying degrees of conservation.
  06. The old town, one thing.
  07. Beaches, in different quantities and quality.
  08. Pathos cars.
  09. And of course the port, with nishtyak yachts and sailboats.
  10. With a compulsory cruise ship nearby.
  11. You can still feed on colorful sunsets.
  12. But this is only if enough time is allocated, and not “clicked on the post while going to the toilet when changing at the station”.
  13. At the same station, we also had to spend two hours, while local rain carefully washed out the local streets for our arrival. What seems to be a rarity (our arrival in the sense).
  15. Clean streets are good. Wet tables - not really.
  16. What are the parking problems? I do not understand )
  17. In my humble universe, opposite the word yacht on the Cote d'Azur, there are mostly oligarchic associations with pathos, expensive alcohol and some kind of half-forgotten scenes from the videos.
  18. Of course, these are stupid stereotypes that need to be tied up.
  19. Boat designers certainly eat their bread for good reason, it can take a long time to stick on the exterior details of the eyes.
  20. So if you could not find any pathos in the streets, step march to the port. It’s true to make a photo - “Like, look, my Ferrari” will be more difficult here.
  21. It is one thing to drink oysters with a vinyl, and quite another thing is the maintenance of the vessel. Many moored yachts were in full swing cleaning and tidying.
  22. And that one is already cleaned and ready for the holiday)
  23. Around the same place, in the port area, an ancient fortress on a hill (originally from the 11th century) looms, hinting at the presence of observation platforms.
  24. At the foot of the fortress there are several old streets, which are proudly called the Old Town. Well, such a tiny, instagram, with cafes, souvenirs.
  25. Probably because of its small size, not every tourist is able to find it.
  26. From the posts in LJ, unfortunately, an opinion was born about local overpriced price tags for edible and alcoholic. But if you include the brain and Yelp, in the vicinity you can even have a delicious lunch for 10 euros.
  27. The town is straight from the postcard.
  28. And surprisingly licked and clean.
  29. The Le Suquet quarter is the very city that charmed the first English immigrants. And from here the quite difficult climb to the hill begins, which in these your Wikipedias is called the Chevalier mountain.
  30. Figachat on Instagram can be safely.
  31. And here.
  33. Somewhere there at the foot of the bus station, Cannes settled down, with a funny "film-festival" painting. Of course, of course, a true tourist in Cannes - only by sea or in extreme cases, a used Bentley drives up ... But there are also buses. Inexpensive;)
  34. And on the top of the hill there are good views of the panorama of the city.
  35. It was on the hillsides that the first Roman inhabitants of the city settled.
  36. Or maybe the Romans, and the local Ligurians even before BC. In any case, both of them never called the city in the plural.
  37. Like drinking my coffee, you need to go to Cannes, not Cannes.
  38. The confusion in the names brought with them come in large numbers. And although Cannes, with the letter -s at the end seems to hint, they actually say that this is just a historical transformation of the name from Ligurian / Provencal / French.
  39. If anyone remembers from the lessons of history “The Battle of Cannes”, where Carthaginian Hannibal epically bent the Romans, these are not those Cannes.
  40. Like the summer cote d'azur, this is clearly not an autumn cote d'azur. In the first case, I would not dare to poke myself. They are very crowded.
  41. But the autumn version left only positive pictures in memory.
  43. It is impossible to avoid the red carpet in Cannes.
  44. The most needed carpet is easily found in the crowds of paparazzi gathered at the very steps of the Palais des Festivals and Congresses.
  45. More and more new shipments of stars of different spills carefully transported tourist buses. Here you just need a life hack: for photos without background personalities, come in the evening, when most of the city guests will be laid out in cafes or rooms.
  46. ​​Regardless of the time of day, the palace itself certainly looks very strange. If you quietly move it to any post-Soviet city, renaming it on the way to the DC of the Trade Unions, it is unlikely that anyone would have noticed the fraud on the first try.
  47. On the other hand, perhaps this is a reference to the image of a moored cruise ship.
  48. The story of the birth of the Cannes Film Festival was very funny. Back in 1938, at the Venice-based similar festival, the owner of the “Mussolini Cup” turned out to be the German documentary film “Olympia”, which tells about how awesome the Olympic Games were in Germany in 1936 and “Pilot Luciano Serra” by the authorship of Mussolini’s son.
  49. Participants in the Venice Festival began to guess a little ...
  50. We will have our own film festival with blackjack and dancers!
  51. As for blackjack - not a joke. There is a casino in the same building.
  52. Unlike Bender, the initiative worked as it should. The Golden Palm Branch is a highly sought-after movie award today.
  53. Like the desire to leave a handprint in the local celebrity alley.
  54. The “Way of the Small Cross,” which pilgrims made along the way to Lerinsky Monastery, located on a small island nearby, is today called the Croisette.
  55. From the barefoot pilgrims no special reminder was left, except for the name. Сrouseto - this is how the Small Cross will sound in the Provencal dialect.
  56. The embankment, almost 3 km long, got its plaque of pathos in the post-war years after another global restructuring.
  57. And at the same time the status of the world heritage of France in 2001.
  58. Unlike many of his brothers on the Cote d'Azur, the beach along the Croisette is sandy. Pebbled legs say thanks!
  59. Excavators get in the way a bit. In general, an amateur. Or save money and come in the summer.
  60. At the same time, colorful sunsets are still present. And even for free (in contrast to the paid entrance to the sand, in seasonal summer).
62. In the process of contemplation of the only nearest star going beyond the horizon, a lost artifact was found! These canonical blue stools for meditation were found in Cannes.
  63. These highchairs should be sort of like a visiting card of nearby Nice. But there is only a miserable fake in the form of benches.

By Gil Zetbase, CC BY-SA 4.0,   64. The case is not limited to the Croisette. Along the whole city stretches clean sand with azure water. And in the La Bocca area, the number of municipal (that is, free) beaches is becoming predominant.
  65. If you succumb to marketing tricks, and draw imaginative fairy-tale pictures with princes on a bentley and gold toilets in a hotel, reality will quickly put everything in its place.
  66. Without the festival bustle of the cinema event of the same name, Cannes is a cozy, coastal and quiet town.
  67. Only occasionally shaken by scandals during the film festival. It seems like Harvey Weinstein’s exile for excessive love of love.
  68. Without movie stars, in general, much better.