Helsinki. It neighbors the new year.

This new year, I was the first time in my life met not at home and I liked it. The idea to go to Finland happened after I managed to buy tickets for the notorious home New Year Festival Helldone, founders and one of the members of which is a group of HIM. The festival is traditionally held in the oldest rock club Helsitki - Tavastia. Tickets for the event sold out in four minutes. In Helsinki I had been before a single day, the whole day I spent with wild hangover in a pizzeria near the central station. Even then, I decided that I definitely will come back in full health, and that the day has come. Railways took compete in the hype and demand with the festival itself: tickets for December 29 on train "Leo Tolstoy" Moscow Helsinki ran for the same four minutes with the start of sales. We decided to travel to Finland in two stages, first by train to St. Petersburg, and from there to the high-speed train "Allegro" to Helsinki. Finland Station with high-speed trains run often enough, find a comfortable option for 11.30am cost about 3500 rubles. with the nose. At 3.5 hours the path, speed - 200 km / h. In the train has a restaurant, Finnish and Russian border guards and free wi-fi, which worked through time. 

Helsinki greeted us with rain, sleet and 3B tram that took us to an apartment in the southern part of the city.

Central Helsinki 19 worthwhile Station - recognized architectural monument, n Ostrow in 1904-1914 years Eliel Saarinen Finnish architect.

A fine example of the Northern Art Nouveau - much loved by me style architecture.

December 30, catch up on sleep after the train went for a walk on the street 2, everything flows. Everywhere ice.

All the streets of Helsinki bombarded with granite chips, ice from the sidewalks are not cleaved, go hard. In spring litter is collected and reused.

City sleepy and quiet, we lived in a fifteen-minute walk from Central Station. Probably still moving away from Christmas.

Next to our apartment church by all in the same northern modern. On the ground floor of the church is located pub ...


The sky is always a lead, but sometimes lurks sun.

Near the entrance of each apartment are brushes for shoes. Many chained to not rested.

We lived near the port area, the matter could be seen loading cranes.

Streets began diligently cleaned only after the new year, all pile of dirty snow, just like us.

Local McDonald's is very expensive and slow, if your burgers are not ready, you give a special thing that lights up and vibrates when your order ships.

All rent containers. In every supermarket worth a special receiver for bottles, 15 cents worth aluminum cans volume of 0.33 for a two-liter plastic can be sold already 40 cents more expensive than aluminum, glass bottles. After receiving the packaging machine issues a receipt that can be cashed at the store checkout. After New Year's Eve, we passed the cans and bottles at 5.5 euros.

Metropolitan tram new sample.


Here, too, there are beggars. 

The area in front of the shopping center "Camp" at the center of the square nagrebli huge pile of snow.

Pay Toilets in the mall, a coin is lowered into the door handle and the entrance, there is a handy machine for the exchange of banknotes for coins.

On the first day of arrival we have scheduled a festival club opens at eight o'clock in the evening, people homeless people at the door two hours. Tavastia - the oldest rock club in the heart of Helsinki. In the club wardrobe costs 3 euros, when we asked to put bought merch in the pocket of his jacket in the locker room, we demanded from another euro =)

At the concert, I did not take off, and only drank and listened to music. The opening act were fabulous the skreppers, vocalist which now produces the new album themselves HIM, Ville Valo associates traditionally come at midnight, the last two years Helldone not carried out, it is generally the first concert of HIM over the past two years, which I am very pleased. Valo was clearly drunk, half-hour program played on the four seem to serve four consecutive days not used to hard.  Photo below: Mika Jussila.

Фото: Timo Isoaho.

Cyclists in the winter season across extremely rare, but a lot of pedestrians with ski poles, such a national pastime. Bicycles peacefully buried in a snowdrift.

Budget version of the anti-theft system.


An older version of the metropolitan tram. One-time travel by tram costs about 2.8 euros.

Incredible huge "Stockman" in the heart of Helsinki. Shop scored Russian, eight floors of hell, got to the second floor because the first was not sorted. Russian general in Helsinki on New Year's holidays huge amount.

Finnish grandmother. 

The morning after the concert we had to solve a couple of quests, buy a grater beets, which we smuggled. New Year's table was full of Olevia and herring under a fur coat. The new year began to celebrate Moscow time, two hours earlier than the Finnish. Broadcast looking at iPads, very comfortable.

Mountain bike at the central station.


Tourist dupe - Church in the rock. 

Pochtalyon equipped with a special wheelchair to brake.

On the last day went to visit her father Ville Valo, who owns one of the oldest sex shops in Helsinki Aikuisten Lelukauppa.

Kari Valo appeared cheerful and sociable man, a son brings his business income and good reputation in narrow circles. That's all, with the come! :)