Finland in the New Year

Went to the New Year holidays in Finland on a machine with a dog and even New Year's Eve was a long time ago, but still suddenly someone will be useful.
Today, talk about the "technical" side of things, or rather to answer questions I often ask about this trip. Much to my surprise it is not a question of beauty, and all so obvious that it is beautiful, but about how to get where they ate, where they lived ... And I will say a few words about the fly in the ointment in a huge vat of honey, what would it never to return. This spoon, though not large, but very unpleasant surprise me (though in Russia this all much worse).

Thus, the "technical" side. =)
We rested in a place not far from Voinsalmi "large" settlement Rantasalmi, which in turn is located approximately midway between the Savolinnoy and Varkaus. =) That's what I tried to explain the Finnish border guards at the border until I called the large settlements, he happily smiled, and how it came to the end point, so he immediately asked for a piece of paper with the address. Paper I did not have, I said that I go on the cards, not on pieces of paper and place on the map can show ... he thought it did not fit.

The road there from Peterhof took 10 hours, 419 kilometers turned away. We went out of the house at 3 am Dec. 31, 5-40 were on the border in cranberry, people there was none and the whole procedure with dyutifri (New Year on the nose) took 40 minutes (and it happens =) I have to Ukraine longer pass =). As agreed, that will come to one o'clock Finnish time, and in Finland we were 4-20 in their time, then we went on to put it mildly slowly. By 8 o'clock arrived in Varkaus that would be purchased in the store (the new year on the nose =) and not knowing what else to do himself came to 11 Voinsalmi, where we were very warmly welcomed.
From Finland arrived home seven hours, taking into account the fact that spent abroad for 2 hours. About the road to talk to no purpose, they're good, and what they considered to be bumps in the road we have a perfect asphalt.

But here's what surprised with a minus sign, it is a huge amount of timber harvested, I just did not expect, entire sections of the bare stones. At first thought it was the effects of Hurricane pozaproshlogodnego, but then it was too big they are, and then a hurricane went too selective.

But not anymore about sad, back to the technical side. The first time I went to the EU with a dog, we have a very peculiar girl Jessie and leave it with someone at home is not possible, so we decided to take her with him. All necessary veterinary measures made in advance, all references written out on the last day before leaving ... and nothing is needed.

Dog we have to go to Europe illegals at the border on it no one paid any attention to what there that back, even though it no one is hiding, sat in the car as a full passenger). So the question is, what should be done that would go with the dog in Finland, continues to cause me puzzled. =))) And Looking a little ahead to say dog ​​in Finland, too, very much. =)))

The house where I stopped looking for on the Internet. Any help lomarengas huvilla and could not or did not offer an interesting choice, or was something not clear on architecture. Therefore, searching through personal websites owners, finding their addresses all sorts of absurd ways.

On one of the letters I was told a good suggestion, 6 people for 8 days for 1000 euros. Someone told me that it is very expensive, someone that cheap, but since the other option was not acceptable, we agreed and I must say not regret it. Prepared themselves, a large store is 15 km away. from us so not too difficult to reach him. Well, I'll tell you about the house in more detail next time ...

Well, something like this, with the most boring part of the finished, will continue to be interesting and above all beautiful. For these pictures do not scold, it's just taken photos of the road through the window of the car, well, except for the last two of course. =) The last time I spoke about the "fly in the ointment" in the trip, but now it turns out that talk about what makes up a large part of the "ointment", ie that most of all liked it. =) I'll start with the house where we stayed, and there is how it goes ...

Although we arrived during the day, but after the road went to sleep, so I went for a normal house viewed in the dark. I must say that it looks great in the photos than it really is, not to say that it is disappointing, quite the contrary, it was more comfortable than we imagined. On the first floor are three relatively speaking room, hallway, living room, kitchen - is one room with double Bed, is another, and a sauna, shower, toilet- is the third. It looks like space of the house from the front door.

And this we looked into the kitchen.

I then asked about the stove, so that's in the house were two of them, one was responsible for the heating of residential premises, the second for the sauna, the output from them in a chimney, and therefore it does not matter which one you are drowning on the second floor gets really warm. =) Here's what to avoid, or rather reduce the heating of the upper rooms, we used electric batteries, which are on the first floor and the second floor was heated due to the sauna. I specifically did not photograph the stove, but in this photo is visible on the left. Well, what would have been understandable, right front door right room with a bed, a little to the left of the entrance to the "bath and laundry complex." =))).

The second floor I did not photograph, I will say in words, there are two more not large rooms, one with a double bed and the other with versed sofa and balcony. =) From our company deserves special mention, Jesse arrangement at the new location. Not to say that she immediately felt at home, but still mastered fairly quickly, and when I realized that the first request of its doors open to the street, the life she had entered into a rut. =) Worn by snowdrifts, warms again worn, otogreet, a sleep and again on the new. And if I start to collect his backpack, the willingness (albeit with a bored look) number one, that would be about it have not forgotten. =)

Well, that's not what I'm talking about something that you want, on the street is much more interesting, let's go there. =)  
And you know what is most striking when you go out on the porch? It is quiet, there is no way of silence, though her ​​words still pass does not work, provide such silence is not possible, it is necessary to feel it. Stand and hear how little snowflakes fall on the jacket and the sound loud you think ... And here is a view from the threshold revealed to me every night. In the distance, on the shore of the lake, you can see the house next door.

I must say that the weather and we are lucky and unlucky at the same time. No luck, because the sun was only one day, January 1, and was lucky because, though it was overcast, but always kept a weak negative and on the street is was a pleasure. And no, one day was a plus, we even snowman blind until kebabs made ...

That's why the sun with blue sky shots at me with this trip is not a lot, although I have tried from January 1 to squeeze all that is possible. =) It's scenery hill near the house.

And then it seemed the sun and the nearby beach was lit in a different light.

On the same day it turned out that night to us on the ice came hare, apparently also wanted to note the new year. But go ashore say hello, he did not dare, so hesitated in the doorway ...

... And went to the gala dinner to breakfast cattail.

Birds flocked to see us not too little, chickadees, chickadee, nuthatches, bullfinches, pika jump on birch, and of course my friend had already flown ...

... Goldcrest. Check if we settled and flew on their business to deal with.

Several times during these days I just picked up a camera and went for a walk through the surrounding forest, there is also a lot of interesting, but I'll show you next time ... I'll be back again to the story of Finland. Today will talk about a little walk in the woods around the house, and the event is for this weekend have seen only once. Photos of today's story made on different days, and so they are a little more snow, then a little less. =)

In fact, on December 31 when we arrived to the place, the snow was not much, so koegde a little bit at a newly-fallen snow. But since the first of the evening, the snow went almost every day slowly but steadily. First walk in the woods myself organized the 1st day, I decided to go down to the rock, visible from the threshold of the house, it was too beautiful pine stood there. And like our house from view.

Here are getting on this rock I met apart "palm fern", apparently forest flora, also without winter snow can not imagine that's making every effort to increase the snowpack. =) I must say he is a cool happened, one day I went up on this hill and could not see under the snow fern. =)

Pines also with great pleasure that caught his paws snow. 

Meanwhile, among the rocks if you search you could find hedgehogs. Especially the one on the left in the corner I like it. =)

Climbed on a rock, the house at this point I have shown, but the other side, where they found a small island (but for some reason without Robinson), yet.

Here are other nearby beach which, at first glance, not very picturesque, so stick, but trees, but a small correction and it will be very beautiful. What the amendment? I will say below, I to this shore will come back. =)

Bulrush on snow background, I do not give rest to constantly see where there and shoot. Only with this trip brought five different types. =)

As I said before, every day all the snow arrives and hedgehogs moved from the ground to the trees. =)

Brustniku saw under the snow and so wanted Morse, that I had to turn off tripods and go home. =)

Remember, before the trip, I wondered about all sorts of interesting places? What is suggested that what he found on the Internet, but the most interesting information I found in the house. Among the papers on the table lay two cards, one ordinary metrovke 500, but the second, though the Finnish language was much more interesting. On the second, I will definitely tell more in the following parts of the story, because it has played a very big role in that the holiday was a success. But of the 500 metrovke I found out that it is not far from the house there is another large rock, and of course went to look for her, suddenly there is something interesting. =)

Way through the snow-covered trees, passed through thickets of cranberry ...

Not like overgrown? So you look at them from below. In my opinion, too, turns out beautifully. =)

Digress ... then there were more spruce thickets, shaggy spruce grabbed me by the shoulders, trying not to let on ...

But I still get in, 400 meters from the house departed. =)))) Out on the edge of the cliff, it was all overgrown with nothing interesting dense forest gaps among which could be seen the structure of the neighboring farm. =)

Turned around and went back. That would not repeat their same traces decided to make a small semicircle and came across the barbed wire that looks more remains with the Finnish War. had to go back on their tracks. Walking in the tracks that would not declassified enemies, and all around was quiet and very beautiful Christmas trees ... =)

And again, the angle at the bottom with a gentle forest, small heath immediately seem like much, but myself feel very small.

Looking back, it would be nice to come back here in the summer. Can you get? =)

And what kind of event that I have seen only once ... Although correct to say that the two events, however, one follows from the other. =) Here are wrapped, even the most curious. =)))) In fact, Everything is simple, of course, is the sunrise and sunset. Begin with the end ...

Remember, I'm a little higher, showing the shore with sticks and Christmas trees, the sun it changes beyond recognition, though. =)

And one day was a fantastic sunrise, I thought then it will be a beautiful sunny day, but unfortunately, all ogranichelos only dawn, though it is great.

Initially, it was ominous orange, and then as flashed as if someone giant fire kindled the horizon.

And if the water and greenery, it would be quite good. No, all still have to come back here in the summer. =)))

The last time I stood on the fact that in the house where we were, two cards were found, the first 500 metrovke, but the second is much more interesting, though she was in Finnish. Here it is.

At first glance, there is not much that is clear, well besides that depicts the vicinity of the settlement Rantasalmi landmarks. Understand what kind of attractions you can not speak the language on thumbnails but not all of them obvious. In particular was detected icon (Sherlock Holmes pancake =))) which resembled the designation of natural gas production in the school geography course =))), and the caption lintutorni. Such icons on the map were several and they are all located on the edge of ponds. This interested me, especially icon painfully reminded what that tower without observation whether there Playground thought I got in the car. =))) Climb to the dictionary to see what this word refers to the time course is not enough, why climb when you can go and see . Voooot, and if looked clever book, it would go back much faster =) The word translated as lintutorni tower for bird watching. However, I have to say now is not the season of observation and one could not see. =) The first point picked the farthest from home that would be as far as examination of these lintutorni closer to home, it was too short of daylight this time of year. Came to the place marked on the map (all the same years of training were not in vain orientation =)))

The benefit of the forest this time of year is transparent, and the fact that we are interested in immediately found.

Honestly when I saw it, the first thought was that this observation tower. (About the translation of the word as you know, I did not know).

But already on the stairs, I realized that this is not true. Finland I do not know, but without language understandable that talk about the birds that can be seen here.

How many do not vglyadyvadis top of that does not see, but as I said, until the season.

Bands that are visible on the reeds, it marks where fishermen boats depart from the shore. (Nature when ice no =))

At the top hang more pictures of birds, which can be seen from this tower. When we went it was covered with snow, but then found a mop and as I surveyed the surroundings, others were commonplace, sweeping floors. =)

Beautiful places around, but if you're trying to photograph birds, without 400 mm (preferably more) obektiva better not to come.

When it went, found near the tree stock fishing accessories. Couple merёzhek few sticks for zherlitsy clearly prepared and more cheerful (some very rare look).

The next point directly in Rantasalmi, so back there. Because Not everyone in our expedition was like to crawl on the tower, it was decided to divide the same interests. Someone went to the grocery store, and someone throwing a tripod on his shoulder, wandered into the unknown to seek the tower. =))) Fina probably do not often see a man with a tripod and a backpack wandering through the streets, so obarachivalis almost everything, although maybe it's because I photographed every house. =)))

The search was difficult and long, and ended on a purely Russian. Following the map to reach the tower from the store was simple, it is necessary to go 400 meters straight on the road and all. But the road over the fence, trying to work around it ended with another fence options to go with the other streets, also came to nothing orde, as there were clearly chito yard area. By tyrkat in different directions just decided to go straight through someone's yard. Already on the way back noticed that there are pointers to the right road with a familiar word, but what we will look at pointers If you still do not understand in Finnish. =)))

Having crossed the yard and how the field is left on the snowy trail-track.

Some of us did not survive this transition and began to fall from exhaustion, shouting "-can I'll stay here." =))

However, we have no one left, and literally around the corner uvidili you want us to design.

Apparently, because this tower stands in the middle of the settlement, the people want to see a lot of birds is going, so did the double tower.

Upstairs, a poster with the birds that have all understood for anyone watching.

Birds here, too, did not see, but on the ice in polynyas were traces of an animal. At first I thought otter but no trace of the tail, which can then be something like muskrat nutak also trace the tail was not visible. So who's feasting do not know.

But here there is visible in the lumen of a highway, however if you do not know and can not see.

Rested members ekspeditsii unzipped and his technique is also trying to remove traces of ice. =)

Remember I talked about the silence, and so to this place is also true, do not even say that standing on the tower in the village.

The road back to the shop and the car was lighter but longer were the signs. It turns out that in a civilized way to get to the tower Gado get a "quarter" was just faster. =)))

Returned to the store of purchase and took other members of the expedition, so I must say I like to visit shops. =) Let's go on to the last point referred to as lintutorni. This tower was quite near the road, that's just a frame made ​​out of the car window.

Here a little kind of wire port (Hi electricians), but in principle you can survive, because here mainly birds watching, not beauty.

Although probably in good weather you can see and beauty, and now as something gloomy and silence ...

This tower was the most equipped, a poster with pictures of local birds hanging like at all, but the canopy, trashcan, benches were only here. Yes, I forgot to say on each rig, this is no exception sheet hanging with a phone number, as we explained in charge of the order.

On this there is still and lower loophole that would absolutely you could not see. =)

Sovseh sides of the tower adjacent to the trees, apparently in the summer it can not be seen from the pond.

Not the fact of course that's a plus, birds should also not be very well seen from behind the foliage.

On the way back, looking at the tower discovered her what that icon, can somebody tell what he stands for? And then I have some association which is not good ...

Of course, in clear weather, but with a green background would have been much better, but as an exploration trip normally think. Well, I hope you remember now the new Finnish word lintutorni. The good and the right word, right? =) On the map, about which I have already mentioned, the same icon represents two different words in one case it was written lintutorni (a word you know - a tower for bird watching), and in another näkötorni, and since one of these icons was very close to the house, we decided to go to the first of January to see what it is, good weather its disposal.

Quite quickly get to a place just down the road without asking mouse that ran across one shoulder to the other, see here is a sign pointing to the forest road.

All around was an ordinary Finnish landscape, generally anything interesting. =)

After going just a little bit along the path, a new sign pointed us to go into the woods and up the hill.

Began to slowly rise, not to say that it was difficult, but no one did not know where we come from and why, so they had to stop the word about this besmyslenno of rise. =)))

Because January 1st snow only just started to go in the woods it was quite small. Powdered stones are definite threat, trying to climb on them so little camera is not broke, were quite slippery.

And it just so sprig mozhevelnik under the snow.

Rose to more or less flat areas, I saw a look and realized that not in vain here climb.

This species has been enough, but I rightly pointed to the path, which went even further. With great interest went.

Seemed to gleam, anthill, the moon and the ladder into the sky. And there ...

... And there's such open spaces from which even breathtaking.

Relief on the field create furrows slightly covered with snow. A watch can be in any direction, which is left ...

... That on the right.

The lake is covered with a transparent blue ice, and the two islands in the center and the lure that would have come before them. =))) But not this time.

I very rarely like their photos, and even out of this Statement did oboinu, can take if anyone should. (Large photo) Especially took on larger, and do not believe that there is ice. =)

I took off the way from the level of cones, which hung in the vast fur-trees.

That's where I was sitting, especially otshёl a little further in the field, that would show. =)

But it turned out that the view from below is also quite nice and you can see how ustroiny furrows that you have caused the issue. =)))

On the edge of the field found traces of a hare, would be interesting to take it off in the interior that. =)

Although nature has provided me an interesting case to remove the frame, but I did not really own way will, but again squandered. At the same coming back, I saw a woodpecker (ordinary Great Spotted) sitting on a dry tree, and on the other storonyna same tree sat a black woodpecker ... but the lens was very short, as long tossed, children and adults are not seeing why I'm behind, played tag in the woods screaming and shrieking. So I waited and spotted, black would not, but would be interesting frame was with two different woodpeckers. Eeee-oh ...

Woodpeckers he liked to be photographed me then to the machine itself spent, funny looking over the tops of pine trees.

Well guess what word näkötorni mean? Suggests it translates as "observation tower", and if at the end add the letter n that Google translates as a "tower". The map shows without the letter n at the end, and on signs with her, here and understand these Finns. =)))

I liked the place so much that I went back a week here, the weather was overcast, but the snow was much more so the next time will show more pictures here, but with a different skies. =))) Today, the story of the second trip to the observation tower. As you already remember the first time I was there when the snow was not much, but after 5 days have still buried in the snow ... Today will be a lot of pictures, very few words and not a complicated question to experts birds can help identify. =)

In this trip all our noisy company, go with me did not want to, I went to one. I almost got stuck in snowdrifts on the road, barely able to park on the "parking lot" but as went into the woods, I thought, well, that there had already been, or would now be under the snow path not found.

No sledochki as if people here have never happened.

Although the kind of beautiful, despite the overcast sky remained. =)

Since it was getting dark pretty fast, I decided to climb the tower, and then how long it will crawl into the woods. When climbing, already knew about what I see and do not care how he saw as much breath away.

Something is hiding in the forests where human habitation, why is the last time I did not notice it.

View of the island all still fantastic, by the way on the other side has a national park.

While standing on the tower, all that is about to waiting for what some animals seem and it seemed. But the hope of interesting shots quickly extinguished, animals made a big circle and walked away. I could only guess who it was. Just below will show you the picture which can be shown. =)))

On an island what that figure, a man very similar to a bear or how not gazed at, apparently, what that stone. =)

Oh how the sun is not enough, blue sky yes to these hills. =)

I am sorry, but infinitely in the tower can not sit, I had to get off and go to the side of the machine. Especially since I still have beautiful views of the forest waiting for.

This group of birch trees photographed from all sides, very much I liked it, but as she looked beautiful in nature, so neochen it looked on the computer monitor. =)

I already went to the car, the last time on a rock on the other side did not pay attention, and covered with snow seemed beautiful.

And standing near birch, spruce spears pierced, too, this time attracted the attention. =)

And here is the animals that flew around me on a large radius. It is clear that this is a grouse or capercaillie, and can somebody help determine exactly who is it? =)

That would not interrupt the chain of many birds, I will tell more about the one place in Finland, where I visited. I learned about this place from geocaching, I was there a lot of interesting things to learn. What is geocaching now tell, the more it is directly related to my narrative. =) Well, started ...

What is a "geocaching"? It all started in 2000 when President Clinton announced that from now on all the coordinates are accurate GPS system (before the system was military and coordinates specially roughened). After that, one of the American Board index was proposed game, one person is doing some sort of cache and puts its coordinates on the Internet, and other people with help navigators looking for this "treasure". Liked the game and very quickly began to spread, caches began to appear around the world. After some time, the game evolved a bit, what's the point without the use of crawling through the mountains on Forests, better hide "caches-clade" in interesting places, where there are any Sightseeings, combining reckless treasure hunt with the expansion of their horizons.
Here in this form and geocaching came in 2002 and to us as well as around the world quickly gained momentum. I first became interested in finding the time "treasures", and then the second part of the game won me first, and I began to consider geocaching as a large library of places where interesting visit. =) That's actually in the library and found the information about the place of which today's story.

True information on the site geocaching was not written much, saying that in the middle of a pine forest, surrounded by lakes, on top of the mountain remains of the fortress 800 years ago. The place is called "Linnavuori" that in Finnish means "mountain fortress." The pictures were nice, and we go, from our place of rest, was not far away, so after scoring a point in the navigator, we headed for the beautiful views and fresh air.

I have already said that the weather in this journey, not very lucky, sunny day there was only one, and the rest of the time was gray low sky. So this day was gray sky, and even the snow was falling, well, that even though it was quite warm. Forest at the entrance greeted us with beautiful snow-covered trees.

Passing little snow-covered paths we came to a clearing overlooking the lake lying down. Could be seen and the marina at it we decided to go on the way back.

At the same meadow, as expected from the Finns, a gazebo with a stove, firewood and kindling, come and cook barbecue. =) There is a neat and clean toilet, which we have in the forest is unlikely to be found. =))

Not a lot of admiring vistas, decided to go further, because there should be more interesting. =)

Ladder back away into the sky, or rather the hill. As you can see, on this trip we took with them and a dog, and so, surprisingly, it is on the segment declined to climb stairs, chose to go with her, though, and it was worth much more effort. =)

After a while the ladder over and remnants of rise of its function was performed by tree roots.

Here we are at the top, open expanses really big, and judging by the lack of traces. we are not many who see this world pass in winter. =)

Around the hill, if you can call them that, covered with sparse pine forest.

Some reason I thought looking at the bottom of the ravine that somewhere here there is certainly some animals, but how much is not peeking, so nothing to see.

This is a view of the cape on, when I go down it'll show you to your profile. =)

The snow was sticky, so played enough snowballs, nakuvyrkavshis in the snow ...

... Obfotografirovav lovely pine ...

... And moss, softness that does not cede any featherbed ....

... Thinking. And why we come here? See the remains of the fortress. So where are they? Went to look for. Found, but not right away, of course Jesse excelled.

These residues course for them to come here hardly worth it, but it is certainly noted.

Already on descent drew attention to a narrow path goes to the light by thin granite ledge. Clinging to the rock with your fingertips, with difficulty finding support sliding feet, at great risk to their equipment, I went on the ledge, so I could write. But it would not be true, so I will just went ...

... Looked at it and went on. =)))

Only on the way back noticed that in some areas there are railings, stairs not, about the roots I have already mentioned. =)

Returned to the gazebo, part of the expeditionary force left there, and he decided to go to the pier to look at it all from the bottom. The path led through the forest and ...

... Led to the pier.

Beautiful island with a side of it in my mind, has become a symbol of all this place. Mountain, lake and rare pine on top of the fortress and still could not see.

If you search well, then we can find a point at the top of the tree will be quite another.

Sticking out of the water at the foot of the stone, too, with due imagination, can be a symbol of this place. =)))

And this is from the bottom looks, this mountain fortress, at the top we were.

This picture I have already shown that when it is also made here, and today this cape shown above.

That's all hope liked it, although in the summer there should be more beautiful.

As much as I like to be out of town, quiet and beauty, like it or not from time to time had to go into the city, most of it was Rantasalmi, but one day got to Savonlinna. Today will be a small walk through this city.

Because in this city, we were the first time and knew little about it, then decided to make a car left the store and went to the streets in search of the famous fortress Savonlinskoy.

Large apartment buildings we do not see, but they can somewhere and eat. We walked down the street along the lake and all the houses are relatively large. Each house car park with a beautiful view of the lake.

The sidewalks on the old streets flush with the road. It looks a bit usual, but overall I liked this method of laying pavers. =))

On the same street neighbors houses of old and new buildings, but it is not as not disaniruet. And in the distance seemed fortress.

It is interesting to go on such streets, that's just what you are walking on the street with houses of modern architecture, discreetly and you already find yourself among the houses of the last century.

We go down the street that leads to the fortress, to the city's main tourist recreation, so in some old houses made souvenir shops for tourists.

In one of these shops we visited. From small things look at first, and most importantly everything you can touch and see.

Here we come to the fortress.

Ducks here serve as doves. Nothing and no one is afraid, bad just to hand them still sits not accustomed.

One has only to zasheburshat package as a whole flock flew at your feet.

The rest of the time they are resting on the beach with a view of the castle.

About the fortress will not tell who wants to find and read about it. I can only say that if you do not never seen a medieval fortress, it is very vpechetlyaet. pass on the bridge over the canal and we were met by ...

... Sheep with fir wreath around his neck. That he represents do not know about him but all necessarily photographed, but maybe it's just because the animal is beautiful. =)

In the summer, but in the evening, but with a beautiful sky, this shop would be very topic, and while it is empty.

Next to a sheep, there is a monument to the knight, he immediately in the background, he incidentally why no one photographed.

Well, let's go take a look at a little bit of a fortress.

Large courtyard from which everything begins. At this time, he found himself deserted, although they say that usually the people here a lot.

The walls of the fortress for some reason it reminded Narva, though perhaps it is not surprising, about the same time of construction-reconstruction.

Like most small tree in the middle of the yard, it looks great surrounded by ancient walls.

Inside the fortress is a museum dedicated to the history of the castle, there was warm and very humid, the camera immediately perspiring. I had to quickly go out ...

Here are just a frame and have time to do.

Inside the fortress more never went anywhere, decided to bypass its shore to see how it looks from afar.

A flock of birds circling over the towers, reminiscent of that film footage.

The machine is not much decided to go on another road that would pass through the modern part of the city. A large pedestrian bridge with a visible emblem of the city, but for some reason it is not the place turned toward the viewer. =)))

Here is the logo, it is clear who is it? Okay I will say this seal lying on a rock, his face could not see, then just saw the poster.

Even in January, the streets of many rides velosepidistov, and not cold as they.

The modern part of the city looks like an ordinary provincial town, with Russian town. A lot of Russian speech on the streets, in stores ...

Here's a short walk through the Savonlinna turned out. Nadeyu liked.