A piece of the Falklands without penguins

Continue our journey to the farthest point of our route. Coming out of Montevideo, after 2 days at sea, we arrived in Port Stanley - the capital of the Falkland Islands. In fact, it's a cool place, "a stone's throw" from Antarctica, is a hot spot! The dispute over her lead Argentina and the United Kingdom ...

Learn cold we were in the south or hot, look at the wreckage, a monument to the Sun and skulls of whales can be  

In fact, there are no conflicts in Port Stanley we have not felt. But immediately felt that this is not the tropics ... Almost hurricane cold wind ruffled the flags not only in the port, but also forced the tourists from the ship immediately packed in all possible looks ...

Local main attraction, most often seen in the photo - Cathedral of Christchurch, with a memorial arch from the bones of whales.

And this is a memorial to those killed in the war of 1982, when Argentina tried to recapture Folkleny England (and our ship's companions, who surrendered after the first 100 meters along the promenade and returning back to the tenders).

Folkleny themselves, in fact, no one is not particularly necessary. All the fuss because Antarctic Territory, which can claim a country with a colony in the Southern Hemisphere.

Nearby, in the shallow waters were visible remnants of the wrecked vessel in the nineteenth century. The water is so cold that the tree rots very slowly and so picturesque wreckage intact until now.

Very mysterious thing. It seems monument entire solar system!

View of the bay. On the horizon, there are remains of a shipwreck.

Maybe someone knows what to call these birds? In those places where they vodilos much more than the more familiar we gulls.

In the town of its English flavor diluted - Falklands. Such is the huge grass were covered once all the islands. This attracted the sheep here. Now that all this sheep ate the grass, it was only on the uninhabited islands or as exotic plants.

Hedge in the English style. That's how we managed to visit in the United Kingdom without obtaining a visa English :)

The islands are very picturesque. Spacious, quiet and very quiet. So similar to our beloved Norway ...

However, still a little too cool. Even in the afternoon the wind died down and the temperature barely barely dotyagivalya to 10 degrees in the sun.

On a small hill nestled hefty satellite dish. Probably because it zalest the hill for a better view was not. Or because of land mines, which had not yet been removed in some areas of the island ...

On the outskirts of town we came across a house of former whaler.

The whole house from all sides hung with posters "No whaling", interspersed with trophies. From this gun during its service from 1937 to 1965 killed 20,000 whales ...

Around the yard were the skeletons of whales.

This skull killer.

The skull of a sperm whale! The size of a small car.

Side by side, somehow grazed northern (?!) deer.

Generally, Folkleny important only as a base and transit base for the supply of Antarctic expeditions. Produce on a global scale, they can not do anything and, as I understand, to feed themselves without supplies from the mainland is also unlikely.

But all that put them there. British motherland not zabyvat their polar children.

The Port of London even worth real phone. Have not tried it out anywhere to call - I can not say fake or not :)

Decently freeze, we embarked on the boat that took us to the ship.

And at the entrance to the bay was training firefighters.

In fact, the Falkland Islands are famous for their penguin colonies. But with the weather we were not lucky, penguins all holed up in caves. They could not take pictures, even those who booked a trip by jeep to the opposite end of the island ...
And we were getting ready to sail in the direction of Tierra del Fuego! What we saw there on the road, you can see in my next post!