In November, I went on a day trip to Tallinn. Travel schedule was very tight and free time almost was not. On the day of departure, I got up early in the morning and managed to the plane a few hours to run through the old town with a camera. Photo report attached.

We stayed with our colleagues at the Old Town Maestro's Hotel, which is actually located in the old town (the hotel is in the center of the frame is not ours, our right away).

I heroically stood up at 6 o'clock in the morning and the first thing went to the Town Hall Square.

On the way I met a very photogenic restaurant Olde Hansa.

Outside it was still dark.

Again Olde Hansa, but from the other side.

And here is the Town Hall Square - the center of old Tallinn. Very interesting lighting effect - Town Hall casts a shadow directly on the cloud.

Mysterious tunnel in the town hall.

At the reception of the hotel I have provided a map and pointed out to them viewing platforms with different views to the old town.

I had an idea to get to some observation deck after dark and have time to take pictures of night city from above.

But I did not have time and dawn found me near the Alexander Nevski Cathedral.

But from Alexander Nevski Cathedral also offers spectacular views of the old town.

Church of St. Nicholas.

The city walls and towers.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

The tower with the romantic name Tall Hermann.

It has been quite light and illumination of the old city became disabled.

Especially I had no luck here with this tower. I only try on and take it off, as the backlight turns off, and instead of a masterpiece got boring gray frame :)

Meanwhile, I was very cold and hungry.

And I decided to go back to the hotel.

In the hotel I changed clothes and a hearty breakfast.

At breakfast, I met with a colleague at work, and we continued to explore the city together.

First we went to Toompea, where are those same viewing platforms, to which I have not got the night.

Toompea is part of the old town and is located on a hill.

It offers truly stunning views of the entire old town.

We are very unlucky with the weather and fabulous views covered with gray cloudy sky and filled the autumn melancholy.

Although red roofs sometimes saved from complete despair :)

Golden Autumn far behind, but some trees still kept their festive attire.

Dome Cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Again, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Severe type of Carla started some repairs.

Greek restaurant Sirtaki.

View of the ramparts and towers.

Улица Toom-school в Вышгороде.

And this is a top view of a modern city.

Small street in Toompea.

Church of St. Nicholas.

After walking through Vyshgorod we began to descend into the lower town.

We were escorted amazing fabulous trees.

Soon the walls and towers of Toompea left behind.

We went down to Liberty Square, where there is a monument to the heroes of the liberation war of 1918-1920.

Then we went to the church of St. Nicholas, which have many times seen from afar.

And from there back to the Town Hall Square.

Time before leaving for the airport was quite a bit and we decided to go for a run along the eastern part of the old city.

A small chapel with a statue of Jesus Christ.

Amazing curly door.

Signboard hairdresser.

Another sign - or blacksmith tinsmith?

Funny group of kids in yellow reflective vest, accompanied by two educators.

Monument to the Fallen in the wrecked ferry "Estonia". Amazing strength composition.

Another tower with a romantic name - Fat Margaret.

Perfect for a couple of Tall Hermann :)

Old Pontiac looks very harmonious on the streets of the old town.

Time no longer exists. We run run to the hotel to pick up things and ordered a taxi to the airport.

The last impression of Tallinn - funny hatch right at the door of our hotel. Very interesting what it says :)