Copenhagen May 24, 2012, all these photos were taken on the same day. The weather is good, there is now a long day, and I move a lot and for a long time, so a lot of pictures. 70 out of 355, shot that day. If we assume from 8 am to 11 pm, it appears that shot on average once every two minutes (taking into account a couple of hours in museums, where almost no shot). Even the Chinese are so often photographed.

Arrived in the morning half past seven, the road to the train station to the city takes some 20 minutes. Station, sopsno:

Town Hall Square is located almost next to the station. Average Urban Office Building at the corner of the square. In the corner tower located thermometer.

When the weather is nice, in a thermometer rolls girl on a bicycle. When the rain - a girl with an umbrella. The photo shows that the thermometer is not as sure of himself, so the two girls put forward by half. In fact, all 5 days that I spent in Denmark, the weather was great. Yes, and it is clear that 20 degrees (this photo was taken at night, in the morning there were 15)

Incomprehensible miracle by the town hall, there are several such articles. Chernobyl rhinoceros.

Bishop Absalon, who is considered the founder of the tradition of the city (age commercials 12th, just check will not), looks at the town hall square with the wall:

From the square pass on Strøget. So called the pedestrian shopping street of the city. Specifically, a chain of several streets, each of which has its own name. Vindou shopping is the best, cheapest and unencumbered shopping in the world. So many good, expensive and, more importantly, in Figure I do not want things in the shop windows. Watch them for free - a pleasure.

I have a small backpack, so I still go to the hotel, stopping and taking pictures. Even have time to eat breakfast on the way. Three sandwich 135 CZK mamadorogaya. 1 euro = 7.3 A crown logo is a network of shops either toys or souvenirs.

Denmark - the historic homeland of Designers "Lego".

Fountain on one of the squares intersecting Strøget. Called "Family Manneken Pis". Name, of course, mine.

Bishop Absalon (the one that hung in the Hall five ph ago) was not some dull minister of religion, and even quite militant comrade. This is another monument to him. In the background the tower Nikolaikirhe now there instead of the church whether theater, or even some kind of cultural institution.

Fountain with storks there near the square.

Traditional razvodilovo for tourists. The city has a museum network guinness world records and museum network ripley's believe or not. These are the museums, which I will not go, even if I pay in addition (not if a lot of premium, all-weave go). Traditional calf with two heads and other such hnya exhibited in pop tourist ghetto cities around the world. In the same category for me personally, get a wax museum and eroticism (the latter, incidentally, is also there in Copenhagen). In the photo the entrance to the Guinness World Records Museum with a dummy tallest man in the world, which, however, died in 22 short years of commercials, a growth of 270 cm or so.

Patriotic troll at the entrance to the gift shop. Taken later in the middle of the day. In the morning, the street is quite empty and everything is closed.

Finally got to his rooming house. "Generator". Throwing a couple of unnecessary belongings in the storage room (thoroughfare, but I have not stolen anything), I continue to walk around the city. A rooming house - so only sleep 5-6 hours. Along the way, at half past five in the morning already the sun, so still can not sleep.

Go to the city park, where the palace Rosenborg. The air is clean and fresh, the weather flight, Aborigines organize massive rookery.

Danish girls ass.

Dude looks for the meaning of life.

Samples of native flora.

Rosenborg Palace. Inside the royal rooms of the 17th century, cute, but modestly. No swing of Louis the 14th. Although the Danish kings tried, honestly tried. In the basement are located royal crowns and other regalia.

Close to Rosenborg Museum of Art is. B top 10 European galleries it is not included, but surprisingly good collection of Dutch paintings of the 19th century and contemporary art.

One of the exhibits is a "room in the hospital," into which you can enter. Inside the quiet and the beds are somewhat frightening natural dummies.

In the tiny museum amber presented this amber stone, found in 1969 by the Danish hunter lobster off the coast of Sweden. The original stone weighed 10 478 grams, then fell off a piece of it, with the result that he now weighs 8886 grams (this is not because I have such a memory, but because they took a picture of a sign, by the way lobster catcher is still a "catcher lobster" but it sounds boring)

Collection of stones, each of which is stuck on insects. Who are stuck in the stone, I do not really visible. B general, someone stuck.

Amber slonegi.

The most fun city's waterfront, of course, Nyhavn. Once there was a neighborhood brothel clientele consisted of sailors returning from swimming. Later sailors fired prostitutes was married quarter restored, repainted the house, now here a long series of expensive and noisy restaurants.

Citizens, dangling legs, sit and drink beer. Once seen as a drunken citizen of the European Union fell into the canal. True suspect that he did it on purpose, because he was in some batches. EU citizen swam to the other side for a long time to battle with their comrades who remained on the other side.

Nordicheskaya Gull.

In my hand was copenhagen card, which entitles to free transport, museums and skating through the channels. Used it for a hike through the channels as much as two times. The tour lasts about an hour and have time to go round (obplavat) a fairly large area. Along Nyhavn are historic ships and barges, which belong to the National Museum. Ships these hundred years.

Arise from Nyhavn on big water. This building is one of the city's theaters.

One of the buildings Amalienborg Palace and the "marble church." From left to see a piece of Buddhist stupas - opens the festival in the city figures out of the sand, this stupa is one of the exhibits was still in operation at that time. Some local residents have a private means of transportation on water, where they cut through the city canals in their spare time labors.

Larger fish:

As said the guide, this royal yacht.

Here is the main attraction of all of Denmark. Unhappy little mermaid, rear view. The Little Mermaid sadly looks at the photographer with an expression of a hundred million muzzle face "as you za36ali me."

With a large water move in narrow channels. This Christianshavn, former urban district if not the slums, not too applicable word for Copenhagen, but, in general, not the most fashionable district of the city. Now he was brought into the proper form, embellishing, cleaned and it has become quite the fashion district. In this area there is an action of the book / movie Smilla's sense of snow, and nearby is the "Free State of Christiania".

Again comes up on the big water. New Christianshavn. Working-class district, tasskazat.

"Black Diamond", the building of the city library with mirrored glass and the inner cube of African granite.

Our people in the bakery on the taxi ride!

Returned to the shore in the same Nyhavn, where swam. In this house, among the sailors and prostitutes managed to live Hans Christian Andersen, who succeeded in this area several apartments (just like Dostoevsky). Incidentally, it is worth noting here that Andersen all his life remained a virgin, though he lived in that quarter.

Go back through the Strøget and City Hall Square at the monument to the good virgin storyteller, standing on the avenue named after him. Andersen view overlooks the Tivoli.

Tivoli - a favorite place of entertainment for the residents of Copenhagen. Along with the mermaid is the most popular (and, admittedly, more interesting than the little mermaid) landmark of the city. Classic amusement park of the 19th century with nostalgic carousels, horses and pantomime theater for children has today become a monster Disneyland, a well-functioning machine for squeezing money. However, in quite fun. Log in Tivoli (95 CZK) is covered by Copenhagen-cardio, but on the inside of all, of course, have to pay separately. Local residents are likely to purchase admission tickets, go to the park as regularly. Territory inside is divided into zones rides, hanging out young, restaurants, hang out where pensioners and the like respectable citizens, there are also a few scenes for outdoor concerts, restaurants and fast food branches souvenir shops and design networks.

The stage for pantomime, there are more than a hundred years, one of the first classic attractions of the park. At certain times there held presentation start time vyveshano on the scoreboard to the left of the stage.

On the lawn in front like the Taj Mahal restaurant "Nimbus" walks (and a bastard, screaming) completely live peacock. Peacock, willingly posing numerous paparazzi sleeps high in a tree. By nightfall, the peacock takes off on a tree, and I did not know that this animal is able to climb so high.

Actually, restaurant. Ha territory Tivoli are several restaurants that are considered among the best in the city. For example, Wiener Schnitzel in such a restaurant you will be treated just 199 SEK (remember, 1 euro = 7.3 crowns), not including drinks, teas and snacks.

Front of the restaurant and near the peacock are fluid-filled tube. Liquid in them mystically gurgles and overflows, bewitching still one of your eyes (usually written "bewitching eyes", but this expression too kitsch).

Even Nordic birds do not go to the most expensive restaurants. In simpler institutions they brazenly steal chips ("french fries", especially for Russian readers) directly from the tables.

Rides to hell, but, honestly, none of them went. That's really where not to go to one topic, so it's attractions. In a museum or jungle I have no problem to go without travel, but it is necessary to ride the rides with the company.

There are quite Munich birgarden. Traditional Mug Paulaner stands as the Oktoberfest. Here came here and even talked with some Swedes on philosophical themes.

This is me after drinking Paulaner.

And this is just a stair handrail. As rightly said, curb or sidewalk handrail or railing?

The store hats.

No comments. Tired of comments.

Dusk. Oh, kitty, we are strangers to this celebration of life.

At the entrance to the Chinese area of ​​the park. Here, especially a lot of fast food.

Banal anaconda. Dragon is the only head of the attraction.



Who at us upside down.

The park has a small aquarium. There you can take a break from the ambient noise. Along the way, ride the rides screams can be heard even while in the halls of the National Museum in the city of Tivoli.

Here I have association with the painting by Marc Chagall. He, too, someone flies with violins.

Birds on me that day definitely lucky.

Some swearing in Danish. I understand that this is a Danish character to the popularity level of Cheburashka.

This pirate ship is also a restaurant.

By nightfall, the liquid in the tubes starts to light, bewitching I have already said that.

Hours at 10 pm all began to cast out them. On weekends open until midnight. Evening lights along the alley leading to the exit. Bainki go.