Kutna Hora - Silver City

Kutna Hora is very beautiful, pretty town 60 kilometers from Prague. The story of his starts since the XIII century. There were periods of prosperity and decline, but now it appears in its medieval guise that attracts many tourists.

A little bit of history.
The city stands on the site of deposits of silver ore. In the Middle Ages the city was the second largest in Bohemia, and all thanks to a huge number of silver mines. Silver mining was the volume across Europe. One can imagine that it was going on and what the excitement was when in the city there is a huge area

I must say that in this city is almost impossible to get lost. On the sidewalks have maps of the city

They are marked with a red dot your location and all the local attractions that are signed on a contour map

In addition to the cards have here are pointers to the forks. (Right photo). In the background stands the church of St. John of Nepomuk was built in 1734-1754 years.
Hours church
from April to October from 10-30 to 16-30
from November to March: by appointment only
adults 30 CZK
children, students 15 CZK

Go right ......

By the way, and they have enough dirt. But I'm so not all rosy was :))))

Will continue the good .....
In Kutna Hora very nice just to stroll. Catching up on the streets, you feel all the power of the past and the decoration of the settlement

We were a little let down weather, constantly drizzling rain and the wind was blowing nasty ..... Oh! And if the weather is sunny walk on this street?

Stone fountain built in 1495 (!) Decorated with statues and consoles. Drinking water is an occasion for several kilometers along the wooden pipes.

From the head of the beast could drink or get water

Plague Column decorated with sculptures of miners

Most of the houses are very nicely decorated with frescoes

And some frescoes chosen pigeons nesting. By the way our simple doves they are called rock, but more on that in a post about the Prague Zoo.

There are also small sculptures in the walls

And there are not very small. This unicorn adorns the building of the local pharmacy. Alas, it is the present.

How wisely did the architect, so as not to break and not to transfer the monument

On the streets of Kutna Hora met us and here are closed gate built in 1787

Let's go on to the Church of St. Jacob. Construction began in 1330 and was completed in 1420g. Its bell tower rises to 86 meters.

"Vlašský yard," the former mint.
Hours of operation
from November to February: from 10-00 to 16-00
from March to October: from 10-00 to 17-00
from April to September: from 9-00 to 18-00
Tickets are
adults 80 CZK
children, students CZK 60
family (two parents and a child of) 200 CZK

Near the Mint is a monument to Karel Havlicek Borovsky politicians and writers of the nineteenth century. In 1843-44 he worked as a teacher in Moscow, where he saw "lawlessness, lack of culture, selfishness and immorality of the Russian aristocracy, wretchedness and backwardness of Russian villages" and since then - a staunch opponent Russism. "Russian called all Russian Slavic, then to name all the Slavic Russian" - so in 1844 the great Czech writer Karel Havlicek warned compatriots about the danger of ignorant admiration Russia. Nothing like ????

Memorial plaque to another writer of the nineteenth century Joseph Brown

But we in Kutna Hora came mainly for trips to the silver mine.
The tour starts here - in Hradek, translated into Russian Castle. The first mention of it relate to 1312.

Buy tickets there and it is desirable to leave backpacks, trunks and the like they have in the storage room. Tour takes place in the Czech language, but you will when buying tickets printed in Russian texts of which can all understand :)))
The organizers of the museum - people just love beauty, won some bonsai stand on the street

It begins in the basement, where there are mannequins miners, showing that heavy antediluvian work

Then go out of the castle ancient streets to the entrance to the mine. On the ground, there is a huge device to lift the rock bottom, driven by horses. Unfortunately, there are asked not to shoot, so no shots.
Upstairs talk about mining, about the life of the miners hard workers, and then you are given a white robe, and a helmet lamp, which went down into the mine. Down the stairs for a long time

Downstairs you meet a little stale air, moisture and nodules on the walls

Moving here on this corridor. Now it becomes clear why leave things and wear a white robe

All tracks are laid out piece of wood

Many interesting and blogged guide. The way they walk on two underground. One goes in front, the other from behind and pushed backward. This time had to push me, because I then stuck, then meet an interesting place and stop watch

This is one of the flooded roadways ..............

Stairs and trough of the breed

And this is how it looks inside the drift

By the end of the tunnel is an extension where there are benches to sit and just relax until the guide continues to induct

After gatherings begins "crawls" in which thorough jammed my backpack with the equipment :))))

He reaches fifteen meters perhaps, and then go have a good foot drift

All output from the catacombs .... go straight under the wall of the city. It offers excellent views of the church of St. Barbara

Hours of Operation church
from November to March: from 10-00 to 16-00
from April to October: 9:00 to 18:00 Closed
on Mondays Works
Church on December 24!
Adults 50 CZK
Children, students 30 CZK

Go back up to the castle and submit odezhku with flashlights. Unit from the sudden change in temperature again misted

The tour continues in the museum ...... and we have already run out of time .... We have to rent cars to miss the museum and hiking in the Church of St. Barbara
Museum ... and mine work:
April and October from 9-00 to 17-00
May, June, September 9-00 to 18-00
July, August 10-00 to 18-00
in November only on Saturdays and Sundays from 16-00 10-00do
holiday Monday.
Tours begin every half hour
Ticket Prices:
Museum - CZK 70
120 CZK catacombs
full of SEK 140 Note that the entrance to the mine is allowed for children from seven years accompanied by their parents. It is forbidden to visit the mines claustrophobic, cores, pregnant women and people with mobility problems. On the square, next to the parking lot found interesting shop with national alcoholic drinks decorated in different styles :)

For dalnoboev

For drivers of minibuses

And for IT people have

But such a gift fit and falls in love

The entire trip from Prague and back with a tour of Kutna Hora ossuary and took us half the time. One could even walk around the city .... So count on all day .... Day would be sufficient. Coordinates 49.949957 15.266147 parking successful trip to Kutna Hora!