Island of Cayo Largo. The Caribbean

Far in the Caribbean, an hour's flight from the island of Cuba, there is one small but very beautiful island - Cayo Largo.

The island is covered on all sides by white sand beaches, which rarely gone before:

On the rocks above the sea is everywhere giant iguanas bask:

Get out of the sand svezhevylupivshiesya turtles and rather run to the water until they are eaten by seagulls and crabs are the keepers of their prey:

And look real Caribbean clouds floating over Cayo Largo:

The far end of the island, all overgrown with dense mangrove forests:

Shallow water and which are teeming with lobsters, crabs and big starfish:

If privacy is not enough on the island, around a lot of islets, where you can quickly forget about the horrors of civilization:

Well, however, on Cayo Largo! :)