Toronto 360. CN Tower

One of my favorite things to do in any new city - to climb to the highest point and see the city from above. However, I am no exception, just on this subject there is a vulgar proverb. In Toronto, there is a great starting point for sightseeing views of the city - an observation deck on the tower CN Tower. This building height of 533 meters - one of the highest in the world. An observation deck with all-round visibility is also very high - at the level of 346 m above the ground.

Tower CN Tower, and high-rise ratings of
the CN Tower was built in 1976 and has more than 30 years held the title of tallest building in the world, while in 2010 the skyscraper "Burj Khalifa" in Dubai was not finished. CN Tower is now ranked 5th in the list of the highest inhabited buildings, giving "Burj Khalifa" towers "Tokyo Skaytri", "Canton Tower" in Guangzhou and "Al-Bayt" in Mecca. In the picture - 27 tallest buildings in the world, of which I still managed to visit 11 (1)

If excluded from the list of skyscrapers, and leave only the tower, the CN Tower will move to the 3rd place. In the diagram - Wikipedia, the 7 highest TV towers in the world. 5 of them are honored to accept your humble servant. (2)

Well, the last of a series of high-rise scheme ratings - ten highest viewing platforms. There CN Tower in 5th place after the "Shanghai the WTC", "Canton Tower", "Burj Khalifa" and "Tokyo Skytri". I visited 5 out of ten, it is true to CN Tower, I was not on the highest floor ( "SkayPod" immediately under the metal antenna at a height of 446 m), and at the site is 100 meters below - in the "thick" of the tower. (3)

And although the original function of CN Tower - the role of telecommunications tower, construction is one of the most popular entertainment centers in Canada. Observation decks and restaurants in the tower annually take more than half a million visitors. Let us, and we will fill up their number.
Climbing up to the observation deck for the beginning of the orient and look back on the sides.
West View. The entire city from east to west along the shore of Lake Ontario pierce the Trans Canada railway and highway overpass Gardiner Expressway. (four)

To the south - the island of Toronto Islands and the expanse of Lake Ontario. (five)

East - Old Toronto skyscrapers. (6)

North - business and residential neighborhoods. Downtown, Chinatown, Harbor Village. (7)

Now we will try to examine the details.
At the foot of the tower - the dome of the arena "Rogers Centro" and high-rise residential condominiums. (eight)

Away - areas Bellvuds Trinity and Little Portugal. (9)

Railway and trains sump. (10-11)

Kind of a little further. Islands on the left side of the frame - an amusement park "Ontario Place". You can see a semicircular "Molson Amphitheater", spherical cinema "Sinesfera" and parking for yachts. To the right - the stadium "BMO Field" with red stands. In the lower right corner - the green carpet of the park "Garrison Common." (12)

Stadium "BMO Field" - home arena football team, "Toronto FC", which plays in major North American Soccer League Major League Soccer. Ironically, the stadium is named in honor of the "Bank of Montreal" (LMC) - Bank-antagonist from Toronto and the team base "Montreal Impact" - the main rival of "Toronto FC" in MLS. In the background, the Canadian National Exhibition Center can see the domes. (13)

Park Garrison Common, Fort York - National Historic Site of Canada. Fort York was built in the late 18th century and served as a base for the British Army and the Canadian Forces. (14)

Gardiner Expressway. (15-16)

Dwelling houses between Garrison Common, and Lake Shore Boulevard. (17)

west of the island takes Toronto City Airport named Billy Bishop. About him is a separate story. (18)

The rest of the island is a park. (nineteen)

Harbourfront. (20)

HTO Park with public beach. The name of the park - a play on words and the synthesis of the formula of water (H2O) and abbreviated name of the city (TO). (21)

Quays Waterfront. (22)

Abandoned grain elevators of "Keneda Molting" - an integral part of the urban landscape. Such as granaries and we saw in the old port of Montreal. (23)

Skyscrapers business center. (24)

"Furst Kenedian Place" (white tower advertising BMO and antennas on the roof) - 298 m, 71 floor; "Scotia Plaza" (with an orange letter S) - 275 m, 68 floors; «TD Tower" (black right parallelepiped) - 223 m, 56 floors. (25)

Hotel "Fairmont Royal York" and "Royal Bank Plaza" (the golden tower, 175 meters, 41 floors). (26)

"Union Station" station. (27)

"Royal Bank Plaza» and «TD Keneda Trust Tower" with a spike with green advertising (227 m, 53 floors). (28)

"Furst Kenedian Place" and "Scotia Plaza". (29)

Esplanade (Esplanade Street). (30)

To the north of the tower - a grid of perpendicular streets downtown. (31)

Hotel "Hilton" and "Sheraton", which was viewed City Hall complex of semicircular buildings (City Hall). (32-33)

The spire on the "Canada Life" building still promises to cloudy weather. (34)

Office complex "Toronto Metro Hall." (35-36)

Condominium "Festival Tower". In the lower floors of the 41-eatzhnogo house located cinema center «TIFF Bell Lightbox» - venue of the International Film Festival of Toronto (TIFF, Toronto International Film Festival). (37)

Condominiums "Matrix" (with an oval roof left) and "Element" (round roof right). (38)

"Hyatt Regency" hotel. (39)

Hotel "SoHo Metropolitan." (40)

To the north-west of the tower - predominantly residential area of ​​Chinatown (closer) and Harbor Village (on). (41)

Chinatown. (42)

Toronto Western Hospital. (43)

On this sightseeing tour of Toronto with a bird's-eye view, allow sichtat completed.