Day in Montreal

I managed to get only two Canadian cities of Montreal and Quebec. Located close to each other, they seemed quite dissimilar. If Quebec reminds fallen asleep provincial French urban village, then Montreal, this is what happens, decide someone to connect New York to Paris, that is, very dangerous mix!

Old Montreal is a gray area "hruschob" a 19th-century building. In the 60s he even wanted to demolish and pave the highway, but then changed their minds and decided to make an artistic way of commodity-type of tourist. It turned out so-so.

Strange to say, the barracks of the old city they are trying to elevate, and a fairy-tale palace is placed near an abandoned boarded up with plywood windows!

As you know, Canada is cold and the country so as not to freeze in winter in Montreal built an underground city. And it is not what you might think - a large shopping center, not at all! In a literal sense, a city with a total length of 32 km with an infinite number of transitions. Underground part were theaters, hotels, museums, office buildings, etc. Many residents of the city can be in the winter do not go outside (as in communication of their homes with this network)
City of glass.

One of the very long transition.

Perhaps the most powerful architectural impression of Montreal - Habitat. It is a complex of buildings built for Expo 67 exhibition. An incredible 350-plexus and residential blocks.

Each cube measuring 11 by 5 meters, there's even a 4-storey apartment blocks of 8! All apartments relies a small terrace with a garden, so you can live.

I'd hung there photographically, I take pictures of each cube from all sides, but managed to make a few shots, operational security guard appeared and very lucidly put me in the walking tour of the bridge over the St. Lawrence River.

Not that I'm complaining, the bridge is also an interesting and open views with him, tearing the horizon.

To the Expo-67 exhibition in addition to Habitat was built another landmark building - the biosphere. This is a 76-meter ball, with a unique coating to monitor the internal temperature. But then there was mold in the form of fire and all unique burned down, leaving only the metal skeleton. For many years the skeleton was not wanted, as long as the Ministry of Environment has not arranged in it an unnecessary environmental museum.

Near the biosphere through the woods scattered art.

Climbing to the Mont-Royal (the hill that gave name to the city) I saw a couple of one-wheeled bicycle, rushing down a completely icy paths! And as soon as they are caught up with me, so immediately we fell in sync, probably, I'm so terrible.

Mont-Royal turned out to be really icy mountain! I do not know how to kamikaze bike, but it was scary to walk there. At the top stands Chalet, something like a large gazebo for corporate get-togethers.

And most importantly, on the summit offers breathtaking views of the city.

On the slope all the same mountain built a small church called the Oratory of Saint-Joseph. This 130-meter Mahina is the largest church in Canada. The dimensions are truly impressive, but remember it's not them. Where else can you see a two-tier church of the Basilica of accommodating 10,000 people, situated at an altitude of 40 meters? Which can get to the escalator!

In the crypt of the church's founder Andre father collected evidence of its healing power. Judging by the number of healed people with disabilities, and this stand is not the only father was strong. Who came here in the 80th years of the Pope, too, was impressed and said it did so, it was real.

With interesting churches in Montreal in order. For example, Notre Dame de Bon Secours. According to legend, the sculpture of the Virgin Mary was placed in the other side, but after a strong storm turned to the sea. As if to show that all ships to return home, that later happened. Since then, the chapel of the church is considered seafarers.

Notre Dame Basilica, the central church of the city. Outside the church seems a simplified version of the Notre Dame Cathedral, a similar name, the same two towers only without the Gargoyles and other decorative frills. Greyish spectacle, but it is worth to go inside and view changes radically.

View offers a unique!

Believe me, I have been to many churches, but this definitely is the most beautiful!

I never understood how it is possible to charge for entrance to the church, but in this case, is ready to make an exception. Notre Dame is like a museum of wooden architecture with its unique flavor (literally) Unfortunately, not managed to get to the light and music show that regularly take place in this cathedral. What would be another reason to return.

It looks like an Orthodox icon in a Catholic environment.

The Clock Tower was built in honor of those killed in the first world sailors. The clock mechanism was brought from England, one in one as in "Big Ben".

In the trump place in Montreal, on the waterfront of the St. Lawrence River, directly across from the children's ice rink is a stand: "Human Structure", which rather shows all detail. Well done, in the right place are the people of knowledge.

The composition is called "Cow and Napoleon."

Nearby annealed fakir, at least some, but a cultural program.

Then in my program was the central stadium. This building was built for the Olympic Games in 1976, the 175-meter high tower, standing at an incredible angle of 45 degrees, the highest oblique object in the world! Amusing fact, the roof of the stadium planned to make a sliding, spent a lot of money, but abandoned the idea after several collapses, because of this, people in the stadium is named "Big mistake."

Climbing the tower, it is possible to contemplate the vicinity of the Olympic Park.

Instead velodrome enterprising Canadians built inside the Biodome. A sort of a botanical garden with several climatic zones. I wonder what would have made Canadians with the Olympic stadium in Sochi after the games.

Late in the evening on December 31, you can safely enter the Olympic swimming pool and even foot bindings in it to rinse.

Such festive illuminations rather an exception to the rule. I must admit, the New Year's fireworks, I shamefully did not wait lapping thoroughly, and the next day ought early to go to Quebec.

Tranquil New Year's Eve.