Comfortable Vancouver

There are many eternal themes for debate: the chicken or the egg, Godzilla or King Kong, my brother will beat your dad, explosion or 6 days, etc. Do you want to spend an unforgettable evening? Put ontariytsa and britanskokolumbiytsa and ask them where the climate is better - in Toronto or Vancouver. Do not forget the popcorn!

I do not plan to get up on anyone's side in this age-old debate on the topic of moisture, temperature, amount of sunshine, wind, dank, snow. That's good enough, and the Web without me. I'll just show Vancouver - a city that I really liked and some did not like. Without exaggeration, one of the best among the cities, which I visited. I realize that photo reports for Vancouver in RuNet and zhezhe clearly enough for most tomatoes, so tell geographic and demographic vikipediynye platitudes will not. I will not praise unnecessarily Stanley Park, will not talk about the cost of housing is not going to show Steam Clock (which we did not go at all), I will not talk about the local aquarium (especially now that our Toronto will abruptly). At last after four years of residence in Canada, I was able to escape to the western Pacific coast. Vancouver met me (as, perhaps, all always) rainy weather, but the sun is closer to the output try to restore the status quo, so I can whole-heartedly say that the weather is changeable in Vancouver :). 01.

Palm trees and mountains - a sure recipe for a charming urban cocktail. I'm much more inspired barges of all sizes endless stream extending from the bay of the city and into it. If anyone knows, Vancouver - the largest and busiest port in Canada.

What I really liked in Vancouver - it is more accurate and convenient (compared to Toronto) downtown. Although glass and concrete jungles, pedestrians and cyclists paid a lot of attention. About the biking I have mention below.

4 years have passed. Nightmare! The Olympic flame is located on the waterfront in the city center. Separately want to mention the fact that there, on the very waterfront, but rather with its water area, so you can fly to my favorite gidrosamoletikah to the nearest city. I wrote about the development and the vast awesomeness hydroaviation travel in the first post. So these same HarbourAir Seaplanes fly not only from the airport terminal, which is far from the city center, but directly from the place (not the fountain, of course, on the Strait, which is seen in the background).

How can we measure the comfort of living in a particular city? Compilers every ratings to shove all kinds of economic, sociological, environmental and other indicators. And almost all of these ratings are not Vancouver graze the rear. In the few days that I spent in Vancouver, I could not evaluate the development of Stay and leisure infrastructure in the form of parks, paths, embankments, beaches. It seems to be in Toronto with all these good, Ottawa generally just a role model, but Vancouver has managed to win a single virtual prize from me in this competition.

At Vancouver's many nicknames. Most popular - City Rain (Raincouver), but I promised not to touch the theme of weather. Terminal City - Vancouver is the westernmost point vsekanadskoy transcontinental railroad stretching from here to Montreal. British Columbia joined the Confederation of Canada on such conditions that supposedly lasted rails here. The promise is made ​​in the 80s of the 19th century by the (mostly) Asian immigrants, who for some reason called the city Salt (Saltwater City). More logical nickname for Vancouver is certainly a North Hollywood (Hollywood North). Everything is simple: Vancouver - the fourth largest city in North America in the field of cinematic and TV industry after Los Angeles and New York (three times, "ha!") ... Toronto

Why I like it in Vancouver? Because it seemed to me that the city created for life in it. I'm not a big fan of big cities and downtown, as I'm not ready for life in the village, or even on the outskirts of the city. I need a little bit of, and little else. If the city, the modern and developed, but not overcrowded and not fussy-madman. If nature is not far away from civilization ... Vancouver is very similar to a city. I - not Zyalt, but, damn it, look at these fantastic trolley !!! I'm in love!

I still did not say anything about bikes? Who does not know that I velosipedofil? So Vancouver is all very well to cycling infrastructure. Almost as in Ottawa. At the heart of many paths and dedicated lanes.

It clearly shows that cyclists are not considered to be in Vancouver for the third grade of the movement.

Probably, it is not necessary to raise the topic of spiritual scrapie. As elsewhere in Canada, in Vancouver, all running so that the rainbow everywhere - on pedestrian crossings, on the hotels, in the churches.

Another interesting example of arrangement solutions in the Canadian metropolis. If you can not grow vegetables in their own vegetable gardens, but you - a big fan of freshly picked tomatoes and cucumber, then you will save public urban garden (community garden). That's right in the city are broken small public areas, where local Gopnik grow all the greens. Not for food, but for the sake of interest ... Although, perhaps, for the sake of "Cho have a snack." According to statistics, in areas where there are such public kolhoziki, the crime rate is much lower. In the central part of Vancouver gardens about 75 pieces. While here it is worth noting that this is not purely Vancouver chip. Such community Gardens characteristic of many North American cities. Toronto - is no exception.

And here's another interesting detail Vancouver - antique (but valid) power lines. It's funny that in the process of writing this post, I remembered that noble LJ blogger gavalier relatively recently was a series of posts about Vancouver. Podsmotrena them, I found quite a similar post with the emotions of the individual reference lines. Fasting is called "Comfort Vancouver." And it is difficult to argue.

Mounted Police in Vancouver. Posing against the backdrop of mountains and barges. Fairy tale. A moment ago they politely leaning out of their seats, and lucidly explained in detail a couple of tourists, where they should go. No, they did not send them to yuh. They did with gusto and genuine interest told about the city's attractions. - Excuse me, officer, how do you churchhella? - Churchhella over, unfortunately. But there basturma. 13.

I liked that the beaches and coasts are scattered logs of different sizes. In windy conditions the people arranged somewhere between the logs. There the wind is not blowing, and there's plenty of heat. In dan photo does not show the actual logs. Thus, the sticks in. The warmest memories of Sunday morning with timhortonovskim cappuccino and given support among the logs on the ocean.

Do not restrain myself, I will say a few words about Stanley Park. I will not say that it's so cool to walk on foot or ride a bike. I will not say that this is quite a unique place within the city limits, is not created by human hands. Do not mention that this park - a symbiosis of wildlife (primarily evergreen) and urban human activity in the area of 400 hectares (more than Central Park in New York!). Keep silent about what Stanley Park is almost completely surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, and (truly excellent) is in close proximity to the center of the metropolis. It is better to tell you that if you go on the track ring fencing in the park, then through the Strait can contemplate another commercial attraction in Vancouver. It is seen through the Strait coast of North Vancouver, where one can see clearly unofficial symbol of Vancouver - Mount granulated sulfur (yellow bunch). Two sulfur term Vancouver port exported an average of 5 million tons of sulfur per year. Therefore, this bunch of yellow (she was not alone, but it is most noticeable) was, is, and will turn yellow on the background of the mountains.

Continuing the theme aliases Vancouver. Vansterdam (Vansterdam) - at the City of Vancouver's reputation is very tolerant related to the lungs narcotic substances such as marijuana. Lotoslend (Lotusland) - say, a reference to Homer's Odyssey, where Odysseus arrived in the land of the lotus eaters - narcotic intoxicating flower. In the sense of not much different from Vansterdama, right? Despite two previous alias, another nickname Vancouver is considered to No Fun City (Boring City). I do not know what he was boring. They say there were any infringement of the club nightlife. Oh God!!! Gonkuver (Hongcouver) - well, everything is very simple, although not very racially tolerant. The fact that Vancouver is very much Asian blood. Historically. With the growth of the metropolis here even began to massively bring their rich tourists from non-poor Asian regions (read Hong Kong) in special tours of the new building. Yes, the developer built new skyscrapers, and then organized special tours from Hong Kong to eager to spend their money in the Canadian real estate.


Here's a note I found in the hotel room. She says that by the provincial government vbuhali stopitstsotdoneba million a water purification system in the city, so the water from the tap rejuvenates, sobering, heals, strengthens, increases all small, reduces all big and all. Damn, damn, I do not know, how about a utility, but the water was very palatable. From the tap is safe to drink. A tasty drink!

I do not expect to see such xenophobia. I did not know that in Vancouver stealing vehicles engaged exclusively in persons of Caucasian nationality, according to the cap.

Here is an example of a fun infographic. At the Hotel has a special parking place for the Mounted Police. The one which is on the beach churchhellu sold.

I remind you that my trip to British Columbia was directly related to the work. The only job of observation worthy of mention in zhezhe, I can call infographic at a local hospital. Subject Lebedev probably oppisalsya with joy at the sight of this. In addition to conventional tablets above his head on the wall. In addition to the large information boards and maps. The main navigation is replicated on the floor. Just ask at the information center, "how do I get to the proctologist?" And you answer something like "go on the blue line, turn right and follow the green, turning left on a yellow stick, until you hit the intersection of the line color of warm milk Cinnamon "...

Back in Stanley Park. Here you can sit in an ancient tree.

But one of the highlights of Vancouver. Beautiful Bridge Lions Gate (Lion's Gate). Not only that, it's just a very nice bridge ...

It is also the same bridge that was severely damaged in raskherachen masterpiece of American cinema "Final Destination 5" (Final Destination 5).

The length of nearly 2 kilometers. Clearance above water - 60 meters. Bandwidth - 70,000 vehicles per day.

I have already said something about the Port of Vancouver? Barges, there is ...

Known lonely tree. Barges again.

Rainbow. True, this time, not one that destroys all the spiritual ties of.

Baaaarji !!!!

Few find the strength to go deep into the Stanley Park. And there is great. Magic trails through the fairy forest will take you to the Indian totems (not included in photos) or to this Bobrova lake.

Vancouver epta!

This is a suburb of Vancouver, Burnaby. On around Vancouver make another separate post.

The most happy dog in the world. It's so obvious. By the way, one more traveler. Born and raised in Odessa, he moved to Kiev. Then he flew to Toronto via Warsaw. Traveled Ontario and bordering States. I managed to drink the water from the two oceans - the Atlantic (traveled to Maine), and the Pacific!

Probably about Vancouver could be made ​​much more detailed report. I have not photographed in the Olympic Village, drop dead on the island of Granville, did not really show any downtown or sleeping areas. Honestly, I did not want to look at the city through the viewfinder. I wanted to look into my eyes and breathe deeply. Vancouver - a very nice city. But, damn, rainy!

Ps In the introduction I mentioned that I was and what I did not like in Vancouver. He tried to remember what it is ... In rainy weather did not come to mind. Just ... do not beat