What is the oldest city in Europe

Long ago, at the dawn of time, an important and proud Thracian authority on behalf of Mena put a stone here that long and persistently carried with him in a shoulder bag. He sat on it and began to wait. Slowly it came to his admirers. Asked everyday questions and autographs. Out of all the fact that the neighboring quarry fans Mena peretaskat all cobblestones and do not notice how the city was built around it. And not very philosophizing, called it in honor of the idol - Menebriya. And on the main gate of a flint blade clearing the "3200 BC". But there are doubts about the authenticity of this writing, still Arabic numerals did not exist then. Where is this city? And what happened to him?

Now all is well with the city. They sell magnets and boiled corn. This is despite the fact that shortly before the birth of Jesus, about 600 years, the Peninsula (namely, it is the city) has received blows from the quake. Whether Zeus was angry with the Greeks, who robbed Menebriyu from Thracians, or he did not like the new name Mesebmriya, and he began to act up. In short, from the city of just over a half. Rather, it was the right size for the fans of Jupiter and Bacchus, who had come on a tourist bus, ostensibly to take pictures. And they themselves have taken all the elite real estate, the newspaper released on ancient Roman and even began to behave at home. Oh, I told you even still have not said where is this city right now. And Menebriya, Mesembria ... But nothing. Just a couple of suggestions, and you, my dear, will understand everything yourself. On acquaintance with the city, we went on a boat. Swim around 15 minutes and from afar to see the medieval ruins of a telephoto lens, which is dotted with the entire peninsula. Still, on a piece of 24 hectares, there are about 40 churches with thousands of years of history. 1


And while we swim up, I'll tell you what happened on the city.

So, Ancient Rome fell. Romans did not want to come in large numbers remain in Mesembria and quickly rolled up, leave the gate open, through which came the Byzantines. While Byzantium was praying to God, the church and built everywhere to write letters and use the army has cut the inhabitants of neighboring countries, the Bulgarian Khan Krum with the support of fellow Slavs gave good zvezdyuley Byzantine religionists and took Mesembria, giving the name of the Bulgarian town - Nesebar (Nessebar).


Now the city is divided into two parts: the Old Nessebar, which is located on the peninsula and new - mainland. Connect them narrow road 400 meters long. Before entering the Old Town tourists encountered mill, built in the period of the National Revival in the XVIII century.

Yes, in Bulgaria, too, it was the Renaissance. This is despite the fact that the first Bulgarian kingdom lasted a little less than 4 centuries. A Bulgarian Nessebar was even less. Between the First and Second Bulgarian Empire was a period of 100 years in which Byzantium did with the Bulgarians and their lands, she wanted: the entire Orthodox elite exported to modern Turkey, and the patriarch of Constantinople announced to all Bulgarians and local priests, that they were now all his bitches. But what are the knots of khans and southern Slavs ?! In general, the end of the XII century dissatisfied with power, rather than to sit in the kitchen, cluck about life under the mighty brandy, took to the streets, and all these stars slapped Byzantines. So there was a second Bulgarian kingdom. Kotoroya lasted 200 years. Because then came the Turks ... It turns out that only for some 500 years, the Bulgarians had enough patriotism to after 5 centuries of Turkish hozyaynichestva say Muslims "No," waving his head up and down. On the main street, not far from the mill are stands with photos of the town of Nessebar. 7

And if you go south, you can go to the local beach, which is called "South Beach."

Still, the most interesting is in the peninsula. Sitting on the bench, you can enjoy Sunny Beach and St. Vlas.

Monument St. Nicholas - patron saint of sailors.


Old Nessebar is not like the typical old towns in Europe. There are no elaborate stone buildings and apartment houses. Almost all the buildings date back to the XVIII century. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that on a massive stone foundations and the ground floor was built 2nd floor, chipped wood, which may bulge over the first meter and a half and maintained below the beams, creating narrow streets between the houses even more narrow.



A lover of the ancient church, as well as a batch of tourists, tour group, be sure to know about the medieval ruins of the temples, which can be, almost in the courtyard of an apartment house, adapted for any barn.





Many say that everything is cheaper in Nessebar: from dinners to magnets.
But ...
This is Boris. He beat his breast and proving using the Russian language and the emphasis that the Belarusians. In the end, it turned out that it was his wife from Novogrudok, and he was a Bulgarian, who repeatedly visited in her homeland, and was attended by almost all the major Belarusian cities. In general, Boris is an administrator at the restaurant. And the menu of this restaurant was the most expensive that we met on the coast, including the Sunshine Coast. And the prices for magnets as everywhere: 1-3 leva. In general, the tourist brochures fellows that subtly lure tourists to the place where supposedly cheaper.


Nessebar Rayspolkom and Goashenka.

Great location at the "cloakroom."

A couple of hours walking on the narrow streets, in the eyes begins to ripple from all sorts of souvenirs, lace and magnets. Virtually all the first floors of the age-old buildings on busy streets are crammed with shops, cafes and restaurants. And toilets. Tablets «WC» are hanging everywhere!





Restaurants shill, pretending to be a chef, a couple of Russian promises the most delicious food in the city: "I will not take you to any left if you at least something not like!".

Total 200 000 euro-pallets and this is your house!









So. How would your friends and acquaintances were not laughing at you, calling rogue, do not beware of your horse from Gypsy theft, Bulgaria has arguments. And they are not sucked from the finger. Yes, for me it was also shocking news. Firstly, Nessebar and although one of the oldest cities in Europe. Secondly, Bulgaria has even more ancient city - Plodviv, it is now about 6,000 years. And that's not all. Recently, archaeologists found stone buildings in Bulgaria near Provadia, where about 7,000 years. And by the way, there is no city in Europe, which could boast of such a venerable age. Do you think that's it? We run out of arguments? I am blown away by the author? Hrenushki! Cyrillic alphabet invented in Bulgaria! Let the Greeks ... And even Peter I, when in the XVIII century invented megareformu for Russian literature, all shaped as letters, one to one led by the Bulgarian alphabet. For this reason, driving a breeze on the Bulgarian serpentines, you will never have the question, "What is this letter on the label the word" Zhivotozastrashavaschi "?". 39


And the last argument. Where do you even find clever peasant who masterfully moves through the ruins of an ancient fortress at the same time playing the bagpipes? A? A?

Bulgaria - a country attractive and very interesting. But at the same time, it has many features hitrovydumannyh who must know every tourist who is going to visit this country. But more about that next time. See you there! Stay tuned!