Journey to Bangladesh. Shrimp happiness Munrigori

Village Munrigori very small. If desired, it all can be bypassed for 1.5 hours. We started right from the place where the end of our tour of the Sundarbans, a small dam.
In these places, fishing is the main occupation, helping people to survive.

Catch-all from small to large.

The main street. Young tractor driver helps even more young assistant.

In close quarters, but not mad.

Machines in these parts do not. Only motorcycles, motopovozki, velopovozki and bicycles. Tuktuk and rickshaws in the usual form here.

Salty soil and salty sea water is not suitable for cultivation, so the local people to choose for themselves other employment-breeding shrimps. This incubator. Here shrimp breeding.

Then the workers are caught and converted fry.

And here is the fry. Floats in a plastic spoon, which he converted.

Guys just zatarilis. Glow with happiness. Still, six months later, when the shrimp grow, they can be sold buyers-and get a good income.

This store "Everything for breeding shrimp"

I wanted to taste the local seafood and we are moving in the direction of a small local market. About the same wagon last night we went under the stars in the dark.

We arrived on the market in the area for lunch and all major shrimp already bought the restaurant from Khulny and dealers. / So we had to settle for an average-sized hand.

More bought large mangrove crabs. One escaped and nearly bit off the finger seller. Very powerful.

Our appearance did not go unnoticed and immediately around the gathered crowd of curious onlookers.

The fish market is also sold. But sellers shrimp much more.

And in Munrigori (as well as the whole country) a lot of goats. Often there are pregnant.

Something like the construction market. Sell ​​roofing material, palm leaf roof for everything.

Brick is also highly valued. Oddly enough, but there is no domestic production. Brick imported.

And in these parts are in great demand fishing nets.


By the dam permanently moor fishing boats.

They make tough fishermen who met his wife happy.

Local fashion

Girl in red.

Selling fruit. Everything is grown in neighboring palms.

Here are a couple of types of local transport.

Each local resident for a small garden there is here such tanks for shrimp. The depth of the small-knee.

The village itself cob. Looks like this. Sung as we are fed cows.

And we're going to the demo farm voluntary environmental organization Shushilan. The farm is clearly shown how to simultaneously grow mangrove shoots Sundari (for further planting in the wild), raise fish, shrimp and crabs in a single artificial pond. Classes are held for the community and for the few local tourists. Foreigners to us here have seen only a few times.

multiple water tanks are communicated with each other through the ditches and overlapping system of locks.

House for the rest =)

Cages for shrimps and crabs

On this billboard is very clearly reflected that what does this farm.

A small dam. Women do not like to be photographed and turned away.

But we took photos and video phones for every angle.

shrimp vegetable gardens.

All goats blohasto. This is trying to scratch a concrete parapet.

Future Stars National League croquet

Long linger in Munrigori did not. After a hearty lunch with shrimp crabs in our dining room, we went to the bus station. Just our bus came.

Last look at the Sundarbans, separated from the village by a river and in a way to meet new adventures.

That deserted rural road on which we were traveling at night in total darkness, has changed beyond recognition.
Velopovozok flows, rickshaws and tractors to create places not weak cork. After about 40 minutes we reached Shimnagara where another bus was supposed to take us to Dhaka.