Central Baku

It all started with the short trip to the airport-shuttle - we Nizhny it just makes a U-turn, to lift people out of the terminal to the aircraft. 50-minute flight to Moscow, a half hour transplant, 3:00 to Baku - and here I go satisfied or even very tired from the airport named after Heydar Aliyev, who, incidentally, was built in the form of the Mesopotamian ziggurat, well, or step pyramid. Despite the fact that about 6 am, already quite warm.
The output meets me

Fatick * - the man who made ​​my stay a memorable one in Azerbaijan. We load the clothes into the jeep and drove to the hotel. Along the way are discussing plans to visit different places, unfortunately, it appears that he will not be able to keep me company during a trip to Sheki, as previously planned.
Lingers in the hotel, we go to a nearby tea to discuss plans for the weekend. The tea is incredibly large selection of jams - in Azerbaijan, it is very like to eat with tea. We ordered a jam made ​​from green walnuts - it long ago, in Tbilisi, did my mom, so feel the same taste was very nice. Discuss details go to bed without hind legs, and Fatick goes to work - he's leading morning broadcast on the most popular radio station in Azerbaijan.
Breakfast, of course, slept, so that in the morning I decide to take a walk, to see that in general it represents the city to shop Just as people respond to the camera, although Fatick said that this all is well in Azerbaijan, it is still better to double-check.
Near the hotel taxi stand near the taxi drivers hang out, calling me a ride - say I'm a fan of walking on foot, then one of them Requests to make his photo - a good start, then Fatick was right! From this point on, these taxi drivers took with me always to a minimum, and when they learned that I was driving in Sheki and Lahych and even Khynalyg, it seemed to me, started to respect me as an avid traveler and photographer - although each time asked for print it, to which I replied that he still any photos, except on the screen of the camera, not seen.

On the next street to the hotel are located the old one-story houses - in themselves very strange. That is, as it were, Khruschovka, but one floor. The first time I saw this kind of house. So there is a very interesting place for photography, but I decided to look back on the next day, and now a little stroll through the main streets, the waterfront.

Parallel to the street on which the hotel takes one of the main arteries of the capital - Prospect Azadlyh - it is for him, I cruised the most, and it was he who was my guiding light, so as not to get lost in the city. If you walk a little bit down on it, then you get to the area where the station and a large shopping center.

Faith and then advertises remittances

After going even lower, after some time you go out on the waterfront, it is a very long and two-way, ie there are tracks right by the sea, and is like inside, so that one can go to one side, and back - on the other . Quay is very beautiful, neat and very popular, and residents and visitors alike. It contains shopping centers, amusement park, some alley with cactuses and strange type of baobabs trees and much more. All major and most expensive hotels such as Sheraton and Hilton is also located near the waterfront, which, incidentally, is popularly called the Boulevard. In the photo, and Government House Hotel Absheron

Here's a little closer Absheron

Naval Station

Government House, and before him fences with advertising the upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup

Sea to Baku was not swimming, as there is direct swim some oil waste and the smell of the country from the sea - oil too what? (Never smelled oil =))

Levity crane


Benches, urns, flower beds - all very nice and made qualitatively

Our here and drink

As I said earlier, Baku - the city of fountains and promenade is no exception.

And here is the baobabs

At the water's edge you can sit on the steps - there are special gates in the fence every 50-100 meters

Toilets all underground, and not as we - ugly blue booth

The main field of Women's World Cup

At the door of one of the hotels

From the waterfront is not far from the main pedestrian area of ​​the city - Fountain Square and the pedestrian street, which it adjoins. By the way, the first time I have seen live life shoe cleaning, whose services are also used.

For all the day, I have never seen someone drinking alcohol on the streets. And it's not because of all the Azerbaijanis as strictly adhere to a ban on alcohol, no, there is not just made to drink on the street.

The Armenian Church is now enclosed by a high fence tight, but not a word insults it is not written, the church itself is in excellent condition

In the center of the small cafes and restaurants on every corner, not to mention shaurmnyh.

Little wandered around the city without direction and purpose. It's kind of like the main pot. Incidentally, posters Heydar Aliyev and his statements over the country. It's like we once Lenin - a monument to him and his sayings in every city.

Their courtyards Baku something similar to Peter - external facade of buildings restored, and going into the first arch you get into a kind of Italian courtyard with laundry, children and peasants, drinking tea or coffee and play backgammon

Quite accidentally stumbled upon the Lutheran Church

And here is the London taxi - it is best to use them, if you do use a taxi - they are over the counter and do well, very comfortable to ride. They have bought before Eurovision and now travels around the city decently just such machines

And here is the

Fatick - this ad is hung around the city, so that it catches the eye every 10 minutes =)

Another park and fountain

But the front of this building is a monument to the first woman, dropped the veil. And when I took this picture, I was detained by police and led to some fellow in civilian clothes who asked that this photograph and I'm here who is. It turned out that somewhere nearby there is some kind of ministry and they would not want to put his team in the frame, to which I replied that staff n-tion of the Ministry of little interest to me and went for a walk on.


By the way, all over the city grows countless olive trees. All of which are literally sprinkled with olives! I think all of them should be removed huge crop of this culture, right in the city, and then roll in the banks and send to Spain.

And here is the old town, which is located in the heart of Baku. It is located in a relatively high walls, and it is here filming an episode in the hands of Simon zabintovyvaniem Semyonitch Gorbunkomu in "Diamond Hand".

Fountain at the city walls

And here is the Old Town, or as it is called Azerbaijanis Icheri Sheher. It is a sort of a fortress, surrounded by quite high walls, within which compactly housed the oldest buildings and streets of the city. This whole area is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, so that's it maintained in a proper manner

On many streets there are numerous traders who offer gifts or here, for example, carpets. Carpets - rather expensive, the smallest in the bottom row - from 20,000 pv.

But I myself bought for 10 manats under his arm - and now I drive it for him.

Hatches in Icheri Sheher

Stairs to nowhere

The house is decorated with not so simple - there lives one of the most famous artists

And more are scattered throughout the works of contemporary authors, for instance, the work of Leyla Aliyeva, the president's daughter

Old and new towers Baku

Monument to the famous Azerbaijani poet, again forgot the name ...

It is notable for the fact that it shows all the characters in his works.

View of the city walls

Tombstone with a star of David. Such a plan stones were placed vertically over the grave


Stone idols

But such tombstones were set, clear, horizontal

And here is the famous Maiden Tower. She is now being restored. Basically from the swallows' nests, as birds loved going into the masonry and Willie their nests

But now hang on the building opposite the artificial nests, especially to birds migrated from the tower.

I could not climb the tower, but the rise was not the most convenient

But the view offers excellent!

Well, a little more streets

By the way, there is also a hammam, in which I was invited Fatick. I'm in the hammam generally never was, except for the fact that we have in the gym. It appears this is all something incredible! Firstly, the building of the 16th century, and then know how to design, let alone now. And, of course, and procedures. This is not just a steam room and shower. Special person rubs every part of your tired body in some stone, like limestone, or sandstone, and then erases all the dead skin. After that completely washes you, so you just have to relax and enjoy the process. After these procedures have to go anywhere you do not want, but you still went on.

If someone did not know it then starred Diamond Arm, or rather an episode in Istanbul - a city of contrasts. Not in the hammam and in the Old Town

Here Lyolik sits waiting for the client. Learn? Yes, yes, this is the street and that door!

Well, lastly, a little more photos from the central square of Baku

Cafe "Mado", by the way, I highly recommend to all - a great tea, coffee and ice cream. This ice cream I have never eaten - it seemed to me it all without milk, but more like a strong cooling jam or something like that. Well, that's all about the central part of Baku. You forgive that turned out such a long post, so more will not, just do not know and do not particularly want to divide it into several posts. I promise you will not be more such =)