The best city in the world. Sydney, Australia

There are cities in which you want to return again and again. Sydney - one of them. I have been there more than once, but each time this city inspires and fascinates.
The age-old competition for primacy between Sydney and Melbourne runs with varying success, but regularly both city recognized as one of the most liveable. Melbourne, of course, very good, but in my personal ranking of Sydney still wins.

Today we take a stroll through the center of Sydney (Australia business center called CBD - Central Business Distrcit) - from the waterfront Sёrkular Key to Darling Harbour. Other delights of the city - the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the famous Opera House, the walk on the ferry across the bay, the views from the tower of Sydney Tower - are waiting for us in the next series. Today's the point of interest on the map Sydney city center:


type Ki Ki naberezhnuю Sёrkular with storonы Bay Port Dzhekson - out-rot "vizitnыh kartochek» Sydney, narяdu with operon and the Sydney Bridge. From the Pearson naberezhnoй sanitary paromы in raznыe Goroda parts, and ve vozvыshaюtsя neboskrebы CBD.Siluэt naberezhnoй sozdaюt (left tackle) Gэйtuэй Plaza (Black neboskreb device, 164 meters, 46 эtazheй), AMP Centro towers (188 m, 45 эtazheй) . For bashneй AMP - Governor Fillip Tauэr (227 m Floor of 54). Pours from AMP Centro - building with dvumя flagami of krыshe - AMP Building (115 m, 26 эtazheй). Эtot neboskreb, postroennый godu in 1962, after bыl Pervolia vыsotkoй Togo, how precious allowed stroitь buildings vыshe 50 meters. For AMP Building - otelь Interkontinentalь (100 m, 30 эtazheй). Nakonec, odinokaя vыsotka blazes - Key Apartments (95 m, 25 эtazheй).

In naberezhnoy.

Once Sёrkular Kee was the port area. Reminder about it - the old customs building (Custom House). Now here is the city library.

Museum of Contemporary Art is located near the water.

From Sёrkular Kuei can go on a trip around the bay on a speedboat.

In the CBD CBD pompous Victorian buildings peacefully coexist with modern skyscrapers, the coolness of the Protestant churches and the shadow of the park - from the bustle of the streets, and hurrying "white collar" - idly with sagging tourists. Delve into the maze of streets CBD, starting from Sёrkular Key. However, in relation to Sydney "maze of streets" - unjustified stamp. Disposition of the center of Sydney, Darling Harbour defined from the west and from the east parklands, it is correct - a dozen major streets are strictly from north to south, and as much again cross them in the perpendicular direction. Once in the CBD, you find yourself in the narrow shaded streets of skyscrapers. However, bulk of high-rise buildings do not suppress - the lower tier of the urban environment with numerous cafes, restaurants, public institutions is quite friendly. One of the "vertical" streets CDB - Phillip Street. Right - the Museum of Sydney, on the left - Aurora Tower Place - 41-story skyscraper in modern style height of 188 meters.

Museum of Sydney stands on the site of the first building of the Government of Australia, prostroennogo in 1878. The museum is located at the base of the skyscraper Governor Phillip Tauer, named after the first governor of New South Wales Arthur Phillip.

Continue acquaintance with skyscrapers lined the CBD Phillip Street. This Chifley Tower (216 meters, 53 floors).

The next building - Deutsche Bank (160 meters, 39 floors). Distinctive spire of this facility (and with it the building height of 240 meters), is easily recognizable on any city panorama.

The tallest building in the city - Sydney Tower. This 309-meter tower is visible from anywhere in the city. On the tower there is a viewing platform on which we will rise to one of the following series. In the lower floors of the tower - Westfield Centre. Sandy building in the frame - department store David Jones.

CBD alive not uniform skyscrapers - in the heart of Sydney, there are many pedestrian areas, malls and arcades. Trading pedestrian zone on Pitt Street.

Here are preserved classical building institution established how the pharmacy, in the XIX century.

Oldest shopping arcade in Sydney - The Strand.

Raznoobraznaya audience Pitta crushed.

Sydney Square and Queen Victoria Building

is a central point of the CBD area in front of the municipality (Sydney Square) at the intersection of George Street and Druitt Street.Sydney Town Hall (Townhall) with high clock tower on the background of skyscrapers looks quite organically. On flagpoles - Flag of Australia and Aboriginal flag.

Near the municipality is the Cathedral of Saint Andrew - the oldest cathedral in Australia.

Skyscrapers Sydney Square. Left - Energy Ostrelia (99 meters, 28 floors). Behind him - HSBC CENTRE (151 meters, 37 floors). Right - Lumiere apartment building (151 meters, 47 floors).

George Street - the most longest and busiest street CBD, piercing it from north to south from the central station to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Whole block along George Street takes Queen Victoria Building (CAB) - building, erected in 1898 as a fruit market. Now there are many shops and restaurants.

Monument to Queen Victoria in front of the CAB

CAB should visit even if you are not interested in shopping - architecture and interiors of the building is impressive. (25-26)

One of the ornaments of the CAB - Royal Watch (Royal Clock)

Yet another impressive Hanging Clock - Great Australian Clock depict scenes of colonization of the continent:

Aborigines before the arrival of the whites.

The landing of Captain Cook in 1770.

White take Aboriginal children.

Hyde Park and the Domain

Sydney - a very green city. To the east of the CBD stretches a vast park - Hyde Park, Park Domain and Botanic Gardens. Two blocks from the Square Sydney - Hyde Park, in the southern part of which is a memorial to ANZAC, and the north - St Mary's Cathedral. The compositional center of Hyde Park - Archibald fountain on the background of the Cathedral of St. Mary and Sydney Tower.

St. Mary's Cathedral - one of the largest Catholic churches in Australia, architecturally looks interesting Cathedral of St. Andrew.

ANZAC Memorial is dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand combined body (Australian - New Zealand Allied Corps), fought in the First World War in Europe and has suffered huge losses. ANZAC monuments and victims of the First World is in almost every city in Australia.

Alleys and lawns of Hyde Park - a convenient place to watch people.

On the Hyde Park neighborhood park Domain. At the huge lawns of the park playing football and rugby, the alleys and bustling runners Jogger, and all that - on the background of skyscrapers panorama CBD. From left to right - Sydney Tower, a multi-faceted tower insurance company MLC (228 m, 60 floors), Westpac Bank with red beech W on the facade (119 meters, 30 floors), and already familiar to us, Deutsche Bank and Chifley Tower.

Art Gallery of New South Wales in the Park Domain.

View of Woolloomooloo - bohemian prestigious residential area east of Hill Domain. Woolloomooloo we also visit in this of the following series.

Darling Harbour

to the west of the CBD around the eponymous bay stretches Darling Harbour - a recreational district. Here are the Sydney Aquarium, Maritime Museum, Congress Centre, Casino, held a variety of concerts and festivals. People come here to relax and have fun and the people of Sydney with their entire families, and of visiting tourists.
The modern architecture of the area is determined by the buildings of the mid 80s - 90s, and especially popular Darling Harbour acquired after in 1988, the year of 200 Anniversary of Australia, was opened annular monorail, linking it with the CBD and adjacent Haymarket. The western shore of Darling Harbour connects with CBD footbridge Pyrmont Bridge. Over the bridge - the monorail. (45-46)

At the eastern end of the bridge - the station monoreyla Darling Park ...

... And of zapadnom - Harborsayd station.

Sydney Aquarium on the background of CBD.

On the other side of the bay - the Maritime Museum.

One of the exhibits.

Lighthouse - also part of the exhibition.

Australian flag over Darling Harbour. In the background - the Maritime Museum exhibits destroyer "Vempayr" and submarine "Onslow".

Map CBD - view from the western part of the Darling Harbour. The white building in the center - the hotel Foer Points district. Right - the three towers Darling Park, occupied by banks Kommnuels, PWC and Rabobank.

Darling Towers Park and Maritime Museum.

King Street Wharf Pier and several small skyscrapers (left to right) - Tower AON (128 meters, 35 floors), Veritas Tower (95 meters, 32 floors) and Westpac Towers (166 m, 40 floors).

In the bay of busy traffic and cruise ferries voyage.

If you wish, you can take a water taxi.

Pyrmont Bridge - view from the Maritime Museum.

On the shore of Darling Harbour is located in Sydney Convention Centre.

Spiral fountain in front of the congress center adds a bit of coolness.

Quay Darling Harbour - one of the favorite holiday destinations of Sydney residents.

Haymarket Chinatown and

the South k Darling Harbour primыkaet Haymarket area. Zdesy raspolozhenы rыnki, Service, tsentralynыy vokzal Sydney and Chinatown - kitayskiy neighborhood. Monorelysovoy Station dorogi "Haymarket".

The main attraction of the area - a huge indoor market Market City.

Signs with Chinese characters show that we in Chinatown.

Gates are required Chinatown in any city in the world.

Today, perhaps, suffice.