Phillip Island

Generally on this island, we spent two days, but I will try to keep within one post.
Phillip Island is located in close proximity to the mainland and it is not necessary to go on the ferry, as there is a bridge connecting:

The island is located 130 km from Melbourne and a very small area is full of tourist attractions. The most famous of them - a parade of penguins. These penguins are very rare and are considered to be the smallest in the world. As well there is a race track, but on our arrival on it, nothing happened, so go unnoticed.
The first, which we visited on the island - Koala Conservation Centre. This fenced area with eucalyptus trees of different ages. Koalas live here just like in nature, but they are fed with additional branches, tying them to trees. Likely, for what would they completely gnawed trees. Well, not everywhere they can reach, and the area is limited to a certain number of trees.

Entrance fee, you can immediately purchase tickets for multiple events with a small discount.
Because there koalas live close to wild conditions, they sit high up in the trees, and even 300mm optics them lacking. But occasionally they can be seen below. And so it was more convenient for tourists, in a small area made ​​here are the paths over the air, to be closer to the animals.

Still fly around and screaming parrots, but they are also very high in the trees.

In short, it's fun to walk with his head and turn it in different directions, looking gray lumps on the trees. But experiences and a lot more joy than in zoos. By the way, they are not called «zoo», and «wildlife parks». One of them are on the island. At the checkout give bags with food for wallabies and kangaroos. So plenty nafotkal with these animals, we walked around the park.

Dingo was behind a moat and a fence as dangerous predators.

Yet here we met a giant scarlet, of course, I've heard that all the plants here are much larger in size, but not that much.

One of the most beautiful places on the island, not only, but also of all that we have seen - Nature Park The Nobbies.

Here everywhere penguin burrows and stunning views. Seen people lie on his stomach on a wooden path and look under it, there can be a penguin. Somehow I felt sorry for these tiny animals, and I have not got their scare.
In the huge modern visitors center has a restaurant and various razvlekuhi for children. You can see the camera aimed at a rookery of sea lions.

In the evening we went to the Penguin Parade. Shooting there is absolutely prohibited, this photo will not tell you in general terms. At first we did not even want to go, it hurts too hyped tour. But, thinking that this might be the only chance in life, decided to see. In a large visitors center has a cafe and a huge souvenir shops. I bought a wooden whale ... there was not kept, whales - my weakness. Just a lot of people, not crowded, the queues. It's time to take place. The ocean are wooden benches from the top down to the water. In the first row, where the best kind of place for people with disabilities, as they can not walk up the stairs, but even if you can, it's still their place.Cold, all wrapped in a blanket, jacket. We are waiting. After sunset go first penguins, they come out of the water, fabulously appearing in the waves. They are sent to the sandy path, past us in their nests, many a long way. Experienced penguins make their nests high up to avoid being flooded with water. Track dim lit lanterns, some penguins go with it and go to the cliffs. I can not imagine how the daily crowd of people not startled animals from their homes. But every night, these agile in the water and clumsy on land animals are returned to their nests, and parade in front of a huge audience of people from all over the world. In the morning we went to breakfast at Churchill Island Heritage Farm.

It is 100% for families with children. We were not very interesting. All day they painted. I really wanted to look at the work of herding dogs, but we had to wait half a day, we did not. And in the morning there in the schedule milking cows.

Overall, a nice place for families informative for children.

On the road leading to the mainland, we stopped at a chocolate museum.

Cheerful place. Downloads packaging chocolate was very tasty, made on the spot.

Near the bridge, on the side of the mainland spend kormёzhku pelicans. Going to the crowds, huge birds fly.

Woman with a trolley seafood throws various goodies, and pelicans catch them on the fly.

On this I finish the story of Phillip Island. If you're in Melbourne, visit it, you will not regret.
Spontaneously we decided to go on that day to Tasmania.