Golden Coast

Today summer, gloomy, gray ... so Petersburg rainy day especially strongly want to feel the fresh smell of the ocean waves, screaming gulls and the gentle softness of sandy beaches.

For three weeks have passed since my return to St. Petersburg. But the vivid kaleidoscope of impressions from traveling to Australia still does not tarnish.
And once I thought of the sea and the beaches of today's post is dedicated to that there is no resort destination, the city which itself is the quintessential vacation, the city whose name speaks of luxury, light and carefree life. I mean, Gold Coast (Gold Coast) - Gold Coast.
So in order. it so happened that I spent four days in Brisbane. And of course, being in Queensland, could not miss the opportunity to visit the Gold Coast.
Yes, there is now winter. Yes, the month of June is not quite the season, but still the ocean, white sand and needles skyscrapers hotels and casinos, luxury villas and yachts along the canals create a festive atmosphere that is felt even at a distance of twenty thousand miles and three weeks have passed since my visit.
The easiest way to get there from Brisbane by train. The line that connects the city at the airport stretches to the Gold Coast. The ticket is quite expensive (like any trucks in Australia) - about $ 28 if you use GoCard (this type of travel on public transport Brisbane), or about 35 if you pay cash. (Digress - about GoCard if you're in Brisbane more than one day buy yourself this - it only costs $ 5, and this cost will block for three trips)
So for a half hour train from the center of Brisbane domchal to Nerang station and another twenty minutes by bus to district Surfer Paradise.
Although I randomly came focusing on the first paragraph of my program - the tallest building in Gold Coast - Skyscraper Q1.

Gold Coast - ahead of the first goal of the highest skyscraper Q1 - a building with a spire. And upstairs there is a specific platform which should come off the wonderful views of the surrounding area

With a little distance to Q1 missed still heavily rely on the habit skyscrapers Gold Coast - there had to go

And the goal is near and Q1 in front of me - a fine needle pierce the sky.

Q1 proud to call Australia's tallest hotel - 328 meters. And I must say quite elegant.
In search of how to get upstairs to SkyDeck I approached the counter and asked retsepshen girls where you can buy a ticket. They offered to buy right there on that I agreed, and as it turned out in vain because they are sooo long made ​​out a stack of documents - bill, invoice, etc. as if I had lived them weekly. And in the end it turned out that the ticket can be directly from the individual input in SkyDeck - left of the main. Ticket incidentally quite cheap - $ 17 - though he calls and it can go up during the month many times.

Elevator soared to 77 floor with a speed of 11 meters per second - a ceiling mounted screen that displays detailed information, as well as a picture of the elevator shaft.

And he SkyDeck - cozy restaurant on attic. And there is really fantastic views of 360 degrees

Play a little with the TiltShift effect and the city seems unrealistic toy ... .. But still a majestic picture

ocean and hotels on the first line and luxury villas along the channels a bit further

Gold Coast - лес небоскребов

Gold Coast by the way skyscrapers are really stretched along the coast. And at the same time, all the central areas (saberby) city literally striated rivers and canals - all want to live near the water. Frankly these homes, even from far away look sooo expensive - scary to think how much they are actually

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

SkyDeck is on the 78th floor. And if someone wants to climb even higher then you can sign up for a tour and climb the ladder at the very spire

Enjoy the views, and drinking a cup of coffee ....

... I went down to the beach

Clouds and a light breeze, but with all that rescuers have placed flags and you can swim - the water 20 degrees - but a strong wind - so bathers were few - only far surfers wallow

But in this weather is absolutely wonderful stroll along the shore

Needles skyscrapers 50 meters from the shores of this impressive

Gold Coast

Swimming in the ocean requires special attention and from rescuers and from holidaymakers. You can not swim anywhere - currents are very strong, as warn special characters along the shore.

If tired of walking on the sand, you can continue to walk along the waterfront

Gold Coast

And if you are tired, you can walk a little bit away from the beach and relax in one of the cafés or restaurants have a glass of pale ale and order Fish'n'Chips

or go shopping in the near shopping mall (although the price tags there ... not always humane)

Gold Coast

Last view of the ocean, beach and skyscrapers line up ...
It was a wonderful day and closed eyes I can easily imagine the depth of the blue sky, white tape on the beach, fresh wind, the cry of gulls, the roar of the surf, the space, charm and quiet charm that is so characteristic of the resorts in the off-season .