Constantine. One, two, three ... viva l'Algerie ...

In Constantine - the third largest city in Algeria after the capital and the coastal Oran, I came on the eve of a football match Algeria - Belgium and the whole city was in anticipation of the holiday.

City written in Latin as the Byzantine Emperor Constantine the name - "Constantine", but pronounced as Constantine, hence the Russian-language pronunciation with the letter "a" on the end.
The main mosque of the city of Constantine and the largest mosque in Algeria, which accommodates 3000 worshipers. It is forbidden to take pictures inside, but for me for some time now ceased to exist objects where there is a ban on filming in places I just try not to go. On coincident with the mosque and the area is University of Islamic Sciences of the Emir Abdelkader.

On the streets of Constantine there - here darting little black boy, perhaps refugees from neighboring Mali.

Not everyone in Algeria like to be photographed, people often cover face with hands, it is quite a stark contrast with Nepal and Bhutan, where I was not so long ago.

Algerians people hot on the roads they often signals to each other, and while I was traveling from the capital to the city of the Emperor Constantine, a couple of times saw clashes on the roads. When someone someone refuses to pass, Algerians first signal, and then out of the car to beat each other's face.
But football unites all, and the whole city is replete with national flags and the most popular ditty of the local «One, two, three ... .viva l'Algerie"

Shawarma, in Moscow, that Constantine the same, but in Russia it is called "shawarma", and usually abroad - "döner kebab".

The town was named in honor of the Byzantine emperor Constantine, and the history there were no attempts to change its name, despite the fact that in the early 21st century, Algeria was a strong movement of Islamic fundamentalism. Here at least it should learn from Algeria, because we have the names of some towns have changed even one or two times.

Some women wear traditional Muslim garb, and some dress in a "European style", it will not be prosecuted and is not forbidden.

Kirti former name of Constantine in Phoenician times, after the French called the "Sirte". This "Sirte" National Museum, where tourists usually drive and where I did not go in principle, as there were not allowed to take pictures. A good place for lovers of old broken clay pots and other rubbish.

Match of the final of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil between Algeria and Belgium started at 17:00 on the Algerian-time and the closer was an event, the more "Encyclopedias" was on the streets. Almost all the boys and men dressed in white and green T-shirts and caps and dudeli in pipes.

I also bought a cap and whistle, involving young people, after podudish guys taking pictures much more readily.



The black population is mainly begging and is not interested in football, it is not up to the World Cup, they would eat ....

A local resident, too, apparently indifferent to football.

Local market, all as we in the era of the famous "Cherkizon".

In Algeria, the cigarettes are sold by the piece, so I remember in the days of our restructuring.


Little girls also cheer for the national team. What a joy to go hand in their city with their children and support their team.

Monument to the Byzantine Emperor, who was named in honor of the city. During his stay in Algiers, I was bitten in the leg some local mosquito, but I did not understand that this is a bite and rubbed ointment foot from inflammation, and after bandaging bandage. Then I did not know what the next day get to the Algerian hospital, from which I remain very positive impressions.

And the closer the match was, the more the noise was getting on the streets.

But the main attraction of the Muslim city with a European title, of course bridges are considered. Them in 8, and July 5 open the ninth bridge.

Arch, built in honor of the victims of the First World War.

Important Note for the history that this arch seen Dima.

Walk over the bridges is a pleasure, with great views from everywhere.

The city has a cable car, which locals use as transport and the tourists - as entertainment.



Roads built in the mountains.

I do not even know if there is more in Africa such as "Brooklyn Bridge."




Macaroons times of the USSR, I remember such ever since childhood.

Algerian Cristiano Ronaldo.

Constantine has a very nice pedestrian bridge over the gorge, it is called the Devil's Bridge. Get on it can be reached by lift directly from the central part of the city. Very interesting apartment with a view of the pedestrian bridge and the gorge.


Here's a view of the housing - "sanyon view".

Sewerage system "is not very modern," pipes are ejected and lead directly into the gorge and some pipes have required "a small cosmetic repairs."


Here on this elevator going up to the bridge to the main street in the casbah

And the feast of football again. In the first half, the Algerians were 1: 0, but then relented Belgium 1: 2 that I was sorry, because if Algeria won in the streets to start a real celebration and it would be great to take pictures of it all.

Some old building in Constantine, perhaps sooner is stored flour.

Patios Constantine, here in these yards are sometimes the locals put the TV and watching football together. I wanted to come up and take a picture, but since that time, Algeria had already lost, the guys were not very friendly, and my photographic idea is not welcomed.

Here's a football feast in the small Algerian town, and as for the performance of our team, I really even the last game and not watching such a game as we have exactly the world championships is nothing to do. But Algerians contrary fellows - fought to the end and conceded only to world champions - the Germans.
PS This post I wrote for a long time, and the audience ironically on a day when disappeared from radar Airlines airliner "Air Algeria," which I used when flying in this North African country ...