Rica and surroundings

If you are the first time in Abkhazia, you just had to visit the Lake Riza. The lake is located at an altitude of 950m above sea level and is surrounded by high mountains in 2200-3200 meters. It was founded about 300 years ago, as a result of the shift of tectonic plates, which blocked the river flowing here Lashpsy. The depth of the lake to 131 meters.

In winter, the water is almost never freezes and becomes light blue, and the spring and summer she yellow-green. The reasons for these changes - different shades of water mountain rivers flowing into Ritsu and development of phytoplankton in the lake. For people who come from the Soviet Union, this lake is interesting by the fact that it was giving Stalin and Brezhnev.

Some days the cottage Stalin conducted tour. On it you can see closer to the lake itself, but as they say local - close swim is not necessary, since Dacha is acting president of Abkhazia and the security service can not understand your maneuvers.

From Lake Riza Yupshara river flows, which flows into the river Gega, which is the famous Abkhaz Gegsky waterfall.

On the way back from the lake and we just did like staying to enjoy the magnificent views. Our guide said that at this point two years ago dropped the girl who posed for photos.

The views are just fantastic! I did not let the camera out of the hands throughout the trip.

Clean air, stunning views and the sound of a mountain river create a meditative state that can sit for hours and contemplate nature.

I tried to convey the feelings that I have been in these places due to the photos, but still need to be there to understand how much good there.

In the mountain rivers flow so powerful that it seems if you get there, then you immediately will carry over. I did not check.

And against the background of huge blocks of stone feel like a little bug.

Local horseman allow yourself to feel taller, if you pay him 200 rubles, he will award you with a cloak woolen hat and sat on the horse.

On the way to Ritsa found another small lake - blue, or as it is called on the Abkhaz - Adziasitsva.

The depth of the lake is 27 meters. The lake is not frozen year-round, but unlike Ritsa where trout, there are no fish.

On the river is amazing Bzyp bridge. This life I've never seen!

Bridge sturdy and reliable, but his feet still worth watching.

Already in the middle of the bridge, we noticed that the dog rushing at us, but like all dogs in Abkhazia she wanted to meet and ask - do we have anything tasty. But vegetarians in this plan is not a dog friends and comrades.

And of course, on such a green meadow should graze horses, which they did. Although this horse :)

Very unusual amid all this nature looked rusty transformer.

And almost before the track is ... staircase with wooden steps.

Climb this ladder on the right side we see the way in Gagra.

And on the left river Bzyp and two huge reliance unfinished railroad bridge, which began building even before the First World War.

Well, if we razvernёmsya, then we brought the ruins of the temple Bzyb X century.

Fortress complex was part of a system of defensive works Bzyb Valley and guarding one of the crossover paths to the North Caucasus.

On both sides of the river Bzyp preserved many of the remains of fortresses, it is evidence that long ago this area was densely populated.

Quote on the rating plate, before the temple: "The monument is a type of cross temples with three protruding apses and three porticoes, characteristic buildings of the Abkhazian kingdom era. The entire temple complex, the walls and towers of the castle date back to the X century. The monument protected by the state"

Amazing combination of: a massive, lifeless, ancient and fragile, young, lively.