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How I rode the Great Ocean Road in Australia How I rode the Great Ocean Road in Australia Australia The Great Ocean Road is an iconic road route and one of the most scenic trails in the world. Australia is made for road travel. Good roads, long distances, beautiful views. Along the busy trails, there is always a place to have coffee, snacks and rest.
Why go to the island of fishermen Why go to the island of fishermen Italy It’s already clear from the silhouette of Isola dei Pescatori that the island is very compact - the bell tower of the ancient church of San Vittore rises above several three-story houses. Among the Borromean Islands only on this, the smallest - 100 by 350 m, now live permanently about three dozen people. Compared to the other two islands of Maggiore and Bella, it looks very modest. There is a small square, a central narrow street, a circular embankment, many small fish restaurants "Peskeriy" and one church.
Track Track "Kolyma" or "Road of Bones". Ride the road with the creepiest story Russian Federation The "Road of Bones" between Yakutsk and Magadan is perhaps the most beautiful and at the same time terrible thing that I have seen for the entire time of autotravels. 2000 kilometers mainly on a dirt road through impassable taiga, swamps and beautiful mountains in completely deserted places with the harshest climate. How many lives she took during the construction and continues to take so far. Along the way, there are constantly monuments dedicated to the Gulag, the drivers who died on it and the smashed cars. A ride on it is a real test of your strength, endurance and the expansion of the comfort zone.
Singapore. One night at Marina Bay Sands. Singapore. One night at Marina Bay Sands. Singapore Actually, we are one of those tourists who always strive to reasonably save on housing - why pay extra if you only get a little sleep at the hotel. But this time we decided to spend one of 4 nights in Singapore in the famous Marina Bay Sands, after all MBS is a very interesting tourist attraction.
Florida after quarantine Florida after quarantine United States of America While obscurantism is going on in some parts of the country - from the burial of criminals in golden coffins to the hammering of invented statistics on coronavirus cases into gullible heads, in other states they decided to quarantine. Among them was Florida, which in mid-May began to lift restrictions on visiting beaches and on the work of businesses in the service sector.
Scandinavian holidays. Viking village Nyardarheimr Scandinavian holidays. Viking village Nyardarheimr Norway Less than an hour after visiting the Tvindefossen waterfall, we have already arrived in the village of Gudvangen on the banks of the Nærøyfjorden. We will spend almost the rest of the day in Aurland. Its name from Old Norse can be translated as "the edge of gravel", which is really a lot on the slopes of the mountains. A silver goat's head is depicted on the commune's coat of arms in a blue shield, as the area is famous for its goat farms.