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Australia is a magical land on the edge of the world Australia is a magical land on the edge of the world Australia

So, a review of the last continent, where I visited, is distant and difficult to access for Russians in Australia. There is an opinion that this is a very expensive country, even in the “Eagle and Lattice”, each series about Australia begins with the moans leading to the fact that they have to live half-starving. In fact, it turned out that at the current exchange rate, Australia is a country of the middle price category, something like Spain or Greece. Given the presence of numerous low-cost flights there from Southeast Asia, we get a great place to travel (well, if not a visa).

Deep tourism in the Abkhazian Deep tourism in the Abkhazian Abkhazia

In the summer of 2010, I with a group of tourists, travelers traveled to Abkhazia "Apsny: palm trees and box-trees." By the time of arrival of the group in Abkhazia route has changed beyond recognition, and he continued to change during the journey. We acted according to his circumstances and happy mood. :)

Rica and surroundings Rica and surroundings Abkhazia

If you are the first time in Abkhazia, you just had to visit the Lake Riza. The lake is located at an altitude of 950m above sea level and is surrounded by high mountains in 2200-3200 meters. It was founded about 300 years ago, as a result of the shift of tectonic plates, which blocked the river flowing here Lashpsy. The depth of the lake to 131 meters.

The island of Finnish socialists and itchy killer whales The island of Finnish socialists and itchy killer whales Canada Malcolm Island is a small island in the north of Vancouver Island, where you need to get two ferries and drive a little more than 400 km. I probably would never have found out about its existence if my wife hadn’t been making fun of it on social networks.
Indian island Cormorant Indian island Cormorant Canada A few miles off the western coast of mainland Canada, on the north side of Vancouver Island is the small Cormorant Island, where Native American culture is still alive and well. True, no one calls him that - everyone calls him by the name of his only settlement, which occupies almost the entire area - Alert Bay.
Okanagan Lake Valley Okanagan Lake Valley Canada Mid-spring 2021, the eighteenth wave of coronavirus and the associated severe restrictions on travel in the province with roadblocks and the cancellation of ferries (this was not even in 2020) found us in the Northern Okanagan - having traveled pretty much the south of the valley, I suddenly realized that I had a very vague idea about her north. And here, for a minute, is the town of Vernon, which has been repeatedly named one of the most desirable places to live in retirement in Canada.