• Travel story Argentina, Ushuaia - the southernmost city of the world Ushuaia - the southernmost city of the world
    Added: 2016-12-02 Country: Argentina
    Residents of a small Argentine town of Ushuaia call their homeland "land of the corner." Others tend to call this locality "Gateway Antarctica". Visiting Ushuaia almost inevitable in several cases: if you are planning to visit the icy continent of the Earth; If the envelope to South America on a ship; if you just like to travel to exotic places, because Ushuaia - the southernmost city of the world.
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  • Travel story Germany, Fabulous fall Fabulous fall
    Added: 2016-10-11 Country: Germany
    Autumn traveled to Bavaria to the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The locks themselves did not enter a couple of times already inside. We decided to take a walk in the mountains, to find new places for photo castles in and around Alpine lake pass
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  • Travel story Estonia, Helsinki from the sea, from the air, and a little history Helsinki from the sea, from the air, and a little history
    Added: 2016-09-14 Country: Estonia
    Helsinki - the capital of the unusual. City all the time at the hearing: in his honor named the Moscow Helsinki Group, are regularly held various summits and meetings, hosted the Olympic Games and Eurovision. The existence of Helsinki is known to all, no worse than the existence of Rome, Paris or New York, but if Rome is associated with the Colosseum, Paris with the Eiffel Tower, and New York with the Statue of Liberty, the Helsinki the average person is not associated with anything.
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  • Travel story Estonia, Ferry Tallinn-Helsinki Ferry Tallinn-Helsinki
    Added: 2016-09-14 Country: Estonia
    The distance from Tallinn to Helsinki by sea - only 80 kilometers. Overland comes exactly ten times more, in addition, across the border with Russia, not part of the Schengen area, so it was logical that 97% of passengers between the two capitals rests on the ferries.
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