• Travel story Canada, Vancouver Vancouver
    Added: 2017-01-22 Country: Canada
    I'll tell you a little about Vancouver, a city in British Columbia, Canada, where I was lucky enough to live for more than two years.
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  • Travel story United States of America, Non-touristic New York. Bronx. Non-touristic New York. Bronx.
    Added: 2017-01-21 Country: United States of America
    All tourists, arriving in New York, in Manhattan crowd. I - is no exception, no matter where I stop, most of the time I spend there. Where else? Not in the Bronx? And here is the opposite happened, I appeared in Manhattan raids, and the Bronx climbed all, in any case, a decent part of Riverdale. For some reason it is considered important to mention the name, when you tell it to our emigrants. Because he heard the word "Bronx", people in the know are starting to wrinkle his nose, and when specified, what I mean Riverdale, they say that it is another matter.
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  • Travel story Cambodia, The holy city of victory Preah Khan The holy city of victory Preah Khan
    Added: 2017-01-21 Country: Cambodia
    To the north of Angkor Thom in the shade of the jungle hiding from the busy tourist flows massive temple Preah Khan, built at the end of the XII century by King Jayavarman VII in order to honor the memory of his father. In the galleries and courtyards almost restored, but only cleared of undergrowth temple incredibly nice stroll, feeling little discoverers.
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  • Travel story Argentina, Ushuaia - the southernmost city of the world Ushuaia - the southernmost city of the world
    Added: 2016-12-02 Country: Argentina
    Residents of a small Argentine town of Ushuaia call their homeland "land of the corner." Others tend to call this locality "Gateway Antarctica". Visiting Ushuaia almost inevitable in several cases: if you are planning to visit the icy continent of the Earth; If the envelope to South America on a ship; if you just like to travel to exotic places, because Ushuaia - the southernmost city of the world.
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