Transfer in London United Kingdom

Will the fate brought me to London. Well, maybe not so much the fate of many aviatransfer on the way to India. Between the flights of almost 12 hours a sin not to go to the city, take a walk.

Autumn in New York province. Part two. United States of America

In the first part I showed the beginning of October. Autumn is the autumn. Nothing that I had not seen before. Then, just for one day, everything changed dramatically around the world and played in such colors that my internal sensor measuring fine hysterically zapikali and died, unable to withstand the load. It turned out that after living 38 years in the world I never knew that such a fall. It turned out that this is not crying the sky underfoot, and loyalty over the Neva, discolored, and absolutely incredible beauty.

Autumn in New York province. Part one. United States of America

We all know what it looks like New York City. There's skyscrapers, Central Park, and Wall Street. But how many know what it looks like the state of the same name? Of the entire staff I have, of course, do not tell (it is very big and different), but some part will try to meet. Today, the story of how I lived in the outback.

Autumn in New Jersey United States of America

On the street in November. +22 On the thermometer, and the window quietly leaves fall. Autumn this year was a success. The long, dry, warm and incredibly beautiful. I do not lie if I say that this is the best summer in my life. All photos were taken in the vicinity of my new home. All within 10 minutes by car.

Great Smoky Mountains United States of America

Then began the mountain and in my opinion the best part of our trip. We were approaching the National Park Great Smoky Mountains located in the Appalachian mountain system on the territory of the State of North Carolina and Tennessee.

What is the oldest city in Europe Bulgaria

Long ago, at the dawn of time, an important and proud Thracian authority on behalf of Mena put a stone here that long and persistently carried with him in a shoulder bag. He sat on it and began to wait. Slowly it came to his admirers. Asked everyday questions and autographs. Out of all the fact that the neighboring quarry fans Mena peretaskat all cobblestones and do not notice how the city was built around it.

10 days in the Dominican Republic through the eyes of a tourist Dominican Republic

You might be surprised, but I had never ridden a vacation tour package. These Antalya, Tunisia, Egypt and other somehow passed me, so that before the trip to the Dominican Republic, I had no idea how relaxing overwhelming majority of our citizens, departing at all insclusive resorts. More interesting was in the Dominican Republic to get used to the role of the average tourist and spend time in a new country in a very different pace than it occurred in dozens of travel before.

Pevek is the northernmost city in Russia Russian Federation

Pevek - the city at the edge of our vast country. It is located in the Chukotka region, and is the northernmost city in Russia. Once there lived 13 thousand people, now according to various estimates from 3 to 5 thousand. In the 1990s and 2000s, the city is rapidly dying out, everyone who could, tried to get out of here at any cost. Now the population has stabilized, but life here is very difficult.