Corsica: Napoleon, Ajaccio France Napoleon was born in Ajaccio 3 months after France trampled on the independent Corsican Republic. Of course, Poles and residents of the United States claim that it was theirs that had the first constitution, but this is not so: the first constitution of the modern era was in Corsica, 40 years earlier.
One day in Würzburg Germany The old town of Würzburg is located on the flat bank of the Main River in Lower Franconia. The city is quite ancient, the first mention of a settlement in these places dates back to 704. Until that time, the Celts lived here. The majority of tourists are Americans, fans of the wine traditions of Franconia and lovers of the Baroque. The main attraction is the Würzburg Palace, which is one of the three most magnificent palaces in Europe, along with the French Versailles and Vienna's Schönbrunn.
Brescia is a city and a fortress. Italy The city of Brescia is located in northern Italy, in the foothills of the Alps, roughly halfway between Milan and Verona. It is not as popular in terms of tourism as its famous neighbors, but there are many sights and ancient monuments preserved here, so a walk in Brescia is like a journey through time - from one historical era to another.
Lanzarote. Viewpoint Mirador del Rio Spain In the northern part of Lanzarote, in the upper part of the Risco de Famara massif at an altitude of 474 meters, on the top of the cliff, there is an observation deck - Mirador del Rio. It offers views of Lanzarote's volcanoes, beaches, the endless ocean and an excellent view of the islet of La Graciosa. All details with photos under the cut.
West Canada. Kootenay National Park. Marble canyon. Canada Our next trip is in September in Western Canada.
Alberta and British Columbia.
As usual, I am drawn away from widely advertised and massively visited places, so I planned our route so as to spend maximum time in beautiful and little-known places, away from the crowds.
One day in Tallinn Estonia During the raging flu virus, every journey becomes a difficult test for the psychological state. You look not so much at the list of attractions as at the reports from the fields of medical battles. In this regard, my August visit to Latvia and Estonia seemed ideal. The virus spared these countries and nothing interfered with a quiet tourist vacation. I spent most of the trip in my native Riga, but I allotted only one day to Tallinn. Let's see what I managed to see there.
How I rode the Great Ocean Road in Australia Australia The Great Ocean Road is an iconic road route and one of the most scenic trails in the world. Australia is made for road travel. Good roads, long distances, beautiful views. Along the busy trails, there is always a place to have coffee, snacks and rest.
Why go to the island of fishermen Italy It’s already clear from the silhouette of Isola dei Pescatori that the island is very compact - the bell tower of the ancient church of San Vittore rises above several three-story houses. Among the Borromean Islands only on this, the smallest - 100 by 350 m, now live permanently about three dozen people. Compared to the other two islands of Maggiore and Bella, it looks very modest. There is a small square, a central narrow street, a circular embankment, many small fish restaurants "Peskeriy" and one church.