At the very north of North America. The road to the edge of the earth. United States of America

And here I am in Alaska! Once our, Russian, earth ... The first point - Chicken. There is food and gasoline. On the odometer - 237 km without refueling and 160 on the gravel.

At the very north of North America. Borderline state. United States of America

Road from Dawson City is not. In the truest sense of the word. You run into the river. But! There is a small boat, periodically cross the river with cars, passengers, and now - with Indiana, on board. All about all 15 minutes and you can continue your journey in the direction of the US state of Alaska.

At the very north of North America. Her heart of gold. United States of America

Dawson City !!! Closer to the source of wealth of many, but also the source of many troubles and misfortunes, you know, some work and perseverance were the basis of the welfare of those lucky few.

At the very north of North America. In the footsteps of the miners. United States of America

Then my path lies in Dawson City - the capital zolotobychi Klondike, this is where the Klondike River and found gold in 1876. The first miners brought a gold at $ 700,000, which at that time was fantastic wealth!

At the very north of North America. The birthplace of the gold rush. United States of America

I am in the capital of the Yukon - White Horse (whether "in", or "on»), Whitehorse. And the name of the city so not because there is such a delicious drink) They say that since the Indians called it, because the thresholds of the Yukon (River) flowing mane resemble their horses. It is from here and begin the journey to the Klondike, rather, on the Klondike (also a river).

At the very north of North America. The harsh nature. United States of America

All further deepen in the Northern Territory. Yukon. North - everywhere. Varied, but stunted, compared to ours, vegetation (trees thin, low grass)) Mosquitoes are trying to take off my helmet, you only stop to contemplate the beauty of the surrounding. Especially large and persistent.

At the very north of North America. Away from the bustle of the city. United States of America

In connection with the stay in the gasoline edge, felt - gasoline became cheaper. 1.13 per liter instead of 1.35! Refueling, in principle, different. Basic - Husky (funny dog), Esso and Petro-Canada (in the colors of LUKOIL). But the prices are almost the same.

At the very north of North America. How to pour in Alberta. United States of America

So I drove to Alberta, one of the main trade and transport Canadian provinces. The main thing - here produce oil. However, they do very nature of humanity and at the same time it looks like the pictures in textbooks.