Autumn in New Jersey United States of America

On the street in November. +22 On the thermometer, and the window quietly leaves fall. Autumn this year was a success. The long, dry, warm and incredibly beautiful. I do not lie if I say that this is the best summer in my life. All photos were taken in the vicinity of my new home. All within 10 minutes by car.

Great Smoky Mountains United States of America

Then began the mountain and in my opinion the best part of our trip. We were approaching the National Park Great Smoky Mountains located in the Appalachian mountain system on the territory of the State of North Carolina and Tennessee.

New York United States of America

I decided to give you the archive photo report on a New Year's trip to New York, which occurred a few years ago. Unfortunately, I stayed there not too long and had to remove the foam except that with most tourist places. Let neuvidennym much left, but one thing I can say for sure, sunsets in New York City Fabulous!

Seattle and surroundings United States of America

Seattle - the largest city in the state of Washington and around the Northwestern United States, and one of the most progressive cities in the state that gave the world "Boeing", "Microsoft", "Starbucks", "Amazon" and "Nirvana".

Seven reasons to visit Alaska United States of America

I came back from an incredible place. Distant, wild, hidden in Alaska. The northernmost state, where very rarely come from Russia. The border guard questioned my companion why Alaska, because you have the same nature and the same cold. And I have seven reasons why everyone should ever visit Alaska. About them and tell from a large series of reports. Firstly, it's beautiful.

Grand Canyon National Park United States of America

The biggest hole in the ground, and the most famous park in the United States. At the Grand Canyon, I was the third time, but the place attracts the fire, the canyon can be admired forever. In the fall I'm going to finally go on the north side.

Jacksonville - a city without people United States of America

This may seem strange, but for 2.5 years of life in Jacksonville, I wrote very little about this city. This is due to the fact that Jacksonville - is a city of the anthill, where virtually nothing interesting, where decent people are not made to move in no other way, except by car, and where to walk, in fact, can only be in the area beaches. Recently I was, after all, walked through the city center, the so-called downtown, and a few of his take pictures.

Kansas. Visiting a crazy person United States of America

Oh, what a love all sorts of unusual people and freaks, Ron Lessman of Kansas has surpassed all of them. I have long wanted to get acquainted with these rednecks and breathe the romance of the American redneck. Ron did not just rednecks, and especially subspecies hillbilly living almost as a hermit on a large farm.