Transfer in London United Kingdom

Will the fate brought me to London. Well, maybe not so much the fate of many aviatransfer on the way to India. Between the flights of almost 12 hours a sin not to go to the city, take a walk.

London is the capital of Great Britain United Kingdom

Anyone who has any idea about the English language knows a simple phrase: "Hello!", "How are you?" and, of course, "London is the capital of Great Britain". Last year, I managed to visit the Albion and plunge into the atmosphere of one of the greatest cities in the world. The UK government has until recently has kindly granted the right to stay in the country visa-free for up to 24 hours, which I took advantage, resulting from Tenerife to Moscow.

London, film of our memory United Kingdom

"London is the Capital of Great Britain" - we remember from school lessons. London - the capital of the Kingdom and the capital of the Queen. The city - a magnet. The mysterious and enigmatic. City, affects the fate of Europe and the world at large.

Migrants captured London ... United Kingdom

Arrived yesterday in London, I go to the hotel and did not know the city! All Signs in Arabic, women go veiled, men in some smocks. Instead of beer and traditional English fish & chips to smoke hookahs and eating falafel. What happened to my favorite London? At what point does this happen?

Scottish backwoods - Valley Fairy Glen Lyon United Kingdom

A few years ago I realized my old dream - to go to Scotland. My wife and I drive the car almost the entire country, except for the most northern part, but with the arrival on the island.

London United Kingdom

For me, England - a sample of the country for the people. Here everything is done so that it is convenient and pleasant to the entire population. Should at least look at the Parks and Recreation English. Tell and show what he could impress during his training poezka in 2010, southern England.

Trip to Pashley Manor, East Sussex United Kingdom

When we turned off the road, and opened to us a view of the estate, the first arisen thought was, "How did it all in English." And, really, and the mansion and park, and even the forest is a true example of British aesthetics. The mansion was built in 1550, is very beautiful on the outside, but inside you can not see it - it hosts live. Though - thanks to them! - Your garden for visitors they opened. A look into the garden there is!

Liverpool. Titanic 100 years. Interview with the Vampire and the Giants. United Kingdom

Titanic 100 years Britain has said in several cities: Belfast, where he opened a museum dedicated to the history of this wonderful ship from South Hampton was 700 people from the team of this ship, and of course Liverpool where the ship set sail into history.