Tatarstan: the island city of Sviyazhsk

Russian Federation
This summer, they discovered another interesting place in neighboring Tatarstan - the island town of Sviyazhsk. This is a supporting fortress, which was built by order of Ivan the Terrible to capture Kazan. The city was built in just 4 weeks on the high bank of the Sviyaga River, at the place where it flows into the Volga. From here there was an excellent view in all directions, besides, it was less than a day's journey to the capital of the Kazan Khanate. The city was going unnoticed by the enemy. The assembly site for buildings and structures of the future fortress was located in Uglich, from where the dismantled logs were floated downstream. At the construction site, logs were caught and assembled on site. Initially, the city consisted of eighteen towers, residential buildings and an Orthodox church. The fortress fully fulfilled its purpose: a year after its foundation, Kazan was taken.   After the conquest of Kazan, the powerful fortress turns into a large administrative and commercial city, where foreign embassies and foreign merchants arrive. Later, Sviyazhsk was a quiet monastic town. The last century was extremely difficult for the city - since the 1920s there was a GULAG prison, then a psycho-neurological boarding school. The population was gradually decreasing, in the second half of the 20th century Sviyazhsk was in complete decline, was in a dilapidated state. During the construction of our Volzhskaya hydroelectric power station, the access roads to the city were flooded and Sviyazhsk became an island. Until recently, it was possible to get here only by water; a connecting dam with the mainland was built only in 2008. From that moment on, positive changes began. In 2010, large-scale work was launched to create a tourist center, I propose to see what Sviyazhsk looks like today and what interesting things you can see here. 1. Assumption Monastery. It was built in the middle of the 16th century, several years after the city was founded. The main relic is the relics of St. Herman. The photo shows the oldest church on the island Nikolskaya (1555-1556). For 100 rubles, you can climb the bell tower (erected at the end of the 17th century) and look at Sviyazhsk from above.  
  2. The Assumption Cathedral (1556-1561) was built by the Pskov craftsmen Ivan Shiryaev and Postnik Yakovlev.  
  3. Gate Church of the Ascension (early XVIII century)  
  4. The restored Brethren building of the monastery.  
  5. A museum of the history of Sviyazhsk is located in the complex of buildings of the Treasury structures (treasury, hospital, prison, bathhouse, public places). Better to visit with a guided tour.  
  6. The cannons standing at the gates of the fortress had special names: "Serpent", "Dragon", "Count Whistler" and others. The most fortified gate was Christmas with a cannon "Devkina's head".  
  7. I really liked the appearance of the new Museum of Archeology of Wood, the building looks more like a hill. It is a pity that the museum was not working during our visit.  
  8. Church of the Life-Giving Trinity - the first Orthodox church in the Middle Volga region. Date of construction - 1551.  
  9. In the neighborhood is the Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow" (built in 1898-1906 according to the project of the architect FD Malinovsky).  
  10. Internal painting.  
  11. A very beautiful temple.  
  12. Nearby there is a very ancient Sergievskaya church. It was built in 1604.  
  13. Police Department of Sviyazhsk.  
  14. Troitskaya street.  
  15. There are several ruins of unused temples on the island.  
  16. Local residents live in such houses. According to the latest census, 243 people live on the island.  
  17. A complex of buildings for a lower craft school and a fire-fighting convoy (second half of the 19th century).  
  18. Look what a beautiful school in Sviyazhsk. The building was built in 1914 and is still used for its intended purpose.  
  19. Stop by for a bite to eat at this cafe, it is tasty and quite inexpensive. Echpochmaks are especially good. :)  
  20. Evening view of Sviyazhsk from the bank of the Sviyaga river.  
  If you find yourself in Tatarstan, be sure to visit this place, the day will fly by unnoticed here. Sviyazhsk coordinates: 55 ° 46'18 "N 48 ° 39'31" E