Pevek is the northernmost city in Russia

Russian Federation
Pevek - the city at the edge of our vast country. It is located in the Chukotka region, and is the northernmost city in Russia.
Once there lived 13 thousand people, now according to various estimates from 3 to 5 thousand. In the 1990s and 2000s, the city is rapidly dying out, everyone who could, tried to get out of here at any cost. Now the population has stabilized, but life here is very difficult.
I have published a lot of stories about his journey to Chukotka, the story of Pevek.

2. When you fly on a plane, Pevek seems a small part of civilization on the edge of the vast continent. Actually, the way it is. On one side of Pevek hills and endless tundra, the other - the endless Arctic Ocean.

3. We go from the airport to the city. You see a gopher? He is. Such gophers are called squirrel. Squirrel hibernate for 7-8 months.

4. Houses in Pevek and in many settlements in the days of Abramovich's Chukotka painted in bright colors. It certainly added some color to the gloomy northern landscapes.

5. In the center of nice places.

6. built entertainment center "Iceberg", there is a cinema, discos.

7. From the sea the city looks bright spot among the dark hills.

8. At the heart of the city smokes Chaun CHP supplying heat and electricity to the city.

9. Chaun TPP for more than 70 years, the equipment is worn out. If the accident happens, the city will be very tight. Instead CHP about Pevek going to put a floating nuclear power plant.

10. A floating nuclear power - it is something like a nuclear icebreaker. The platform on which the nuclear reactor. The advantage - no need to bring in a huge amount of fuel on thermal power plant. Disadvantages - environmental concerns. It remains to pray that nothing happens.

11. Food prices in Pevek very high, especially fruits and vegetables that are imported by plane. Contrary to popular belief, the salaries here are not that great. The average salary in the district - 62 thousand rudders. That is, there are the salary of 30 thousand rubles and below. Utility bills for the one-bedroom apartment in the area of ​​6 thousand rubles for the "three-ruble note" - 15 thousand.

12. Pevek small stretches along the coast, twenty minutes to go through it from end to end.

13. On city buses go modern, they travel free.

14. On the bus you can see the motto Pevek
Pevek - the city of romance and daisies.

15. If you want to drive off somewhere away from the town, used a completely different transport.

16. Pevek is a school and a kindergarten. Children carry on a separate bus.

17. The city has a museum and a library.

18. The museum tells the history of the region, about the life of the peoples living in Chukotka.

19. Next to the museum on a small platform located sculptures from abandoned settlements dismantled.

20. These sculptures once stood in the village aviators Apapelgino front of the terminal.

21. Stella was installed in the now abandoned village Valkumey.

22. The park is reminiscent of the times of the USSR, as well as camps in which was carried out to develop the ore.

23. Reindeer looks with hope for icebreakers in the roads.

24. Several unusual house.

25. In facing facades walled broken bottles.

26. Most of Pevek consists of abandoned houses. We lived in an area where most of the houses is as follows:

27. As soon as people were leaving Pevek, came home to desolation. The remaining population have tried to move into newer areas.

28. Abandoned kindergarten.

29. Once upon a time there were people on the playgrounds sported rebyatnya.

30. Half of Pevek abandoned. The process of resettlement continues, heat the half-empty houses are very expensive to repair leaky communications even more.

31. A visit to the abandoned apartments - employment, suggestive set of thoughts.

32. Trying to introduce people who lived here. To think about how their fate. With what feelings they threw their homes.

33. The unexpected discovery.

34. A lot of posters on the walls.

35. Who lived here?

36. The view from the window.

37. Pevek - the city of romance ...

38. Someone album. Such evidence of history is quite common.

39. The piano was very popular tool.

40. This is not a thriller, it's a reality.

41. Window of the World.

42. Nedopisannaя picture?


44. The old theater poster.



47. Okay, let's go back to the more positive aspects.

48. Svezheotremontirovannoe building seaport.

49. The port of Pevek passes fuel loaded into the back of the ore and metal. Chukotka ranks first in gold production, now it is extracted 26 tons per year. However, gold is taken out aircraft.

50. Pevek despite the rigors of trying to equip the city. What it turns out.

51. Common daisy looks like a miracle. But in the summer, they say, there are a lot of daisies.


53. Hospital.

54. A local resident. Pets love to Chukotka, especially dogs.

55. Mail of Russia.

56. The Post Office is the same as everywhere else. The same applies to the Savings Bank.

57. It looks like Pevek with one of the hills.

58. On the left - a seaport and the area "Spit". Large bar in the top of the frame - the island of Great Routan.

59. Pevek also relocated the residents of nearby villages, including the Chukchi. Representatives of the indigenous population in Chukotka is very small, in the region of 10%. Sergei Ettuvgi used to live in the village Yanranay, then he moved to the city. Sergei living here hard, he always used to go fishing and hunting, with the move to the city spends more time in the apartment.

60. Rare bike.

61. Before leaving Pevek we met with the head of Chaun district Danilyuk Eugene, talked about what lives Chukotka. Head of the district is optimistic, he outlined plans to modernize the port, that a couple of years will go to Pevek cruise ships, will increase demand for housing, repair the airport. It is planned to develop the tourism potential and Chukotka.

62. Our trip on the Chukotka region came to an end. It was a most interesting journey. Thank you to everyone who has read the stories.

63. Departing from Pevek I tried to gather their experiences and emotions. Yes, it is hard and difficult, on the other hand, there is a very unusual nature, the northern lights and other people. Now I can say that I miss Chukotka and would like to go there again.

I express my gratitude for organizing the trip airline "VIM-Avia" and personally Eugene hodgepodge, and Domodedovo airport. Thank you for your assistance to the PCF "Airports of Chukotka" Pevek "Peveksky center ATS branch" Air Navigation Northeast "Chukotgidromet, Valkarkay weather station staff and all those who helped in the journey.