On pickups to the ends of the earth

Russian Federation
In August 2020, together with Sergey Sayman, we took two Volkswagen Amarok pickups for tests, assembled a team of 8 people (including us) and drove to the very edge of the European part of Russia - Cape Nemetskiy, which is located in the Murmansk region. And, of course, on the way we stopped at many beautiful interesting places in our country, which I will tell you about in this post.

The team was very diverse and interesting from three cities: Moscow, Samara and Trekhgorny, Chelyabinsk region. There was even one beautiful and very brave girl in our team who diluted our male company. We got together, saw each other for the first time, and we all met in Moscow, assigned to the cars and moved to the first place to spend the night in the direction of St. Petersburg. By the way, I was driving on the M11 toll road for the first time and was surprised how quickly I managed to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

And they chose the first night on the shores of Lake Ladoga.

In general, along the entire route, we planned to spend the night in tents in the fresh air, fry fresh fish, grilled meat, relax and enjoy nature.

It would be a shame to drive past Karelia and not look there. So on the way we decided to capture these fabulous places.

We drove into the Ruskeala marble canyon, climbed to the place of power - Mount Vottovaara.

While getting to the mountain, we bathed in water baths and tested our Amaroks.

And further along the P-21 "Kola" highway, which is also referred to as the "Path to the Northern Lights"

A little more and cross the Arctic Circle

This is the second time in a year that I am in the Arctic. I went to Yamal in January.

According to our plan, the first in the Arctic were the Khibiny and the adjacent fabulous lakes.

Then we spent the night in Kandalaksha right on the shore of the White Sea.

Until recently I was on the Black Sea, and here is the White Sea. Naturally, I could not resist and bathed :)

Further along the way, the fascinating Teriberka

Bought here fresh catch from fishermen

And we set up camp right on the shores of the Barents Sea. Naturally, I again could not resist and bathed

3 years ago I was here, everything has changed a lot.

Well, what has not changed is the abandoned

I will definitely write a separate post on this topic and in order not to miss it, do not forget to subscribe to my channel: https://zen.yandex.ru/bepowerback

After a week of tents and wild nights, we decided to relax in Murmansk for a couple of days, checked into a hostel, washed, washed, and walked around the city.

And once again ate fish

And then the main goal of our trip is the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas.

The beauty here is such that I always wanted to stop, enjoy the stunning views and take photos.

The first night we stayed at the Bolshoye Ozerko base

Which overlooked the bay of the Barents Sea.

On the second day, we went to study the beauty of Rybachy, ate berries

Climbed the abandoned pillboxes of the Second World War

and ships

And we got to Cape German - the extreme northern point of the European part of Russia

And then I again could not resist .... :)

And they decided to stay not far from him at Cape Kekursky

Here you can estimate the height of the waves by comparing them with the height of a person.

The next day we drove through the abandoned military town of Cape Skorobeyevsky

The weather turned a little worse, so we had to dine in one of the abandoned buildings of the former garrison.

Moving towards the mainland along the western part of the Sredny peninsula, we bathed our Amaroks more than once

After spending the night near the famous rocks called "Two Brothers"

The last day of travel across the peninsulas before going home was no less intense, this is the coastal battery

Musta-Tunturi Pass and the Arctic Defense Museum. Here one gets the feeling that the war ended only yesterday.

And also the Swabian German road during the Second World War.

Total: 2 weeks, about 5500 kilometers and a lot of impressions!