Murmansk is a city of northern people

Russian Federation

City of northern people - so translates the name of the city, which is the largest in the world, located in the Arctic Circle. Here there are true miracles, summer is almost 2 month round the clock the sun is shining, and in winter you can see the northern lights. The city is not a tourist, dark and lean at the sights, and to evaluate it, one visit is not enough, this is my second visit was.

After Karelia views of the Kola Peninsula is changing dramatically. Nature Kola - this swamp and hills. The last time I went to Murmansk by train to Ski Marathon "Festival of the North" and could not appreciate them

The peninsula is sometimes called the "European Siberia", then a relatively small area there are almost everything and the Urals: the taiga, forest tundra, hills, waterlogged fields, swamps, lakes, rivers and streams. Very picturesque. And we have not lost that to travel by car in the autumn, when you can see so many bright colors.

The city itself is also built on hills and almost all of its buildings stand on an inclined plane.


For this reason, most of the windows of the home offers a spectacular view of the city and the nature of the Russian North. For example, the view from the apartment, which we then took off for a few days. Impressive?

I think you have noticed that the architecture in Murmansk do not differ diversity. Virtually all of the new areas with the exception of the historical part of the built up typical residential districts houses. Only because of the strong winds and frosts, it was decided to limit the height of houses 9-12 floors and put them on a high foundation - piles.


The only thing that distinguished these areas from those sleeping in other cities - the vertical distribution of the tiers. Murmansk, located among the hills, originally built up with the first and second "line" -terrace on the Kola Bay, after the war moved to the third "line", and in 1970-90-ies began to build up the already very tops of hills, why, and formed an unusual landscape Murmansk - rising one above the other sisters, like clambering higher and higher, panel monsters.


A typical example of such a construction is "Mountain fools" - Rocky area. Like conventional homes, but it turned out as a result of beautiful - and the bottom (gray house on the apparent steep gray cliffs) and the top (with the "Mountains of Fools" open dizzying views of the city and the bay). His unofficial title area was difficult to grasp because of the lay writhing streets and more trudnousvaivaemoy numbering of houses. But fools do not call those who live there and barely gets to his house, and those who come to visit them - find the right home for him at a very difficult.


In Murmansk is Russia's longest home (10 in the world), its length 1488 meters. tenth longest in the world. Then the architects and builders of such records did not think. The main thing was to save space minute to do so in order to live in this neighborhood was convenient. Section of the house is a district number 305, the building itself is not stretched in length, and is bent in a semicircle. Long house consists of a nine-storey building, which connect the block section. For residents of the north it is very important, a so-called wind shadow inside the neighborhood, which rescues from burning cold.


By the way, on many machines, then I noticed stickers with the brand of the city - the letter "M" in the form of the northern lights and polar bear. Very harmonious and beautiful logo.


In Murmansk, we built the second largest bridge in the Arctic Circle, its length across the Kola Bay 1 km 611 meters 65 centimeters and 5 millimetrov.Stroili bridge almost 12 years! On this bridge we will go further in Finland. Since 2006, near the Kola bridge each year the sports festival "Murmansk mile", the program includes a journey on the bridge, swim across the bay and two-day sailing regatta.


There are two memorial. One of them is a beacon and is dedicated to sailors who died in peacetime. Lighthouse ships does not shine, inside storage room, there are books in which are inscribed the names of fishermen, sailors, commercial, military, submarine, naval border, deck aviation pilots who lost their lives at sea since 1945. The complex was built relatively recently, had become a significant landmark.


This monument to the dead submariners, which is a cutting from the submarine "Kursk", taken after it brought to the surface. Near plaque listing all the submarines and sailors who died in peacetime.


Located near the sea Orthodox church of the Savior-on-Waters, which was built on the donations of the residents of Murmansk in 2002. In the church there is the icon of Christ walking on the waters, the northern saints, miracle workers and sailors assistants.


The temple is located on a hill, where the panoramic view of the city.


Not far from these memorials is Semenov lake - a perfect place for walks and rest of the townspeople.


Most pleased there's this cute cat memorial Semyon. Why did the cat put a monument? Scientists have found that cats can travel within 600-700 km from the house, but there are real champions. The prototype of this cat is a real character, who was lost in Moscow, when the hosts came back with him from the south through the capital. With the loss of a cat she resigned, but what a surprise it was when, after 6.5 years, the cat returned home after having walked 2,000 km. For a long time it was considered a legend, but journalists managed to find the owners of this cat. In 1994, a traveler wrote newspaper "Murmansk bulletin" cat later starred in the short film, and in 2013 opened the monument.


Be sure to visit the monument "Defenders of the Soviet Arctic", which is popularly known as "Alyosha". The monument is located in the "Green Cape", the height of the hill 173, the height of the monument to 35.5 (above it only the "Motherland"), so it can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.


Slightly away from the monument are two anti-aircraft guns. During the war, they provided protection against air raids on the city.


"Alyosha" impresses with its heroic grandeur. His gaze is directed to the west side of the Valley of Glory, where, during World War II were the most fierce fighting on the outskirts of the city.


From the observation platform at the foot of the monument opens another wonderful panoramic view of the Murmansk ...


... and the city port.


And this is a very touching memorial "Waiting" - a symbol of fidelity, devotion, love for their husbands and their children. The idea to erect the monument in Murmansk emerged in the 80s. Almost all port cities such monuments were, but here the project was meant to be only in 2012.
Before pedestal mounted plaque with strings Timofeev: "Let everyone who goes to the sea for a long time, fishing boats and ships -Let them in darling harbor, home privoditVot this expectant - as a way of all the earth"


Fitting Position discussed for a long time, normally such monuments put on the quays, but in Murmansk entire coastline is an area of ​​special treatment. Place found on one of the hills. "Waiting" frozen in salute, and her gaze is directed towards the Kola Bay, where she is waiting for the ships home. Near the monument set up an observation deck and broken Square, offering excellent views.


In any cafe of the city you will find a huge range of fish, and, at a very good price. But there is a place to buy fish from virtually production. It is located near the railway station. Go for this transition, descend the stairs and store in a Soviet-style directly in this Zdeno. Record Address: Harbor Passage, 31. We too, there otovarilis, tried ruff and halibut.


Directly behind this building Square dockers. And if you pass on through it, you'll see ...


... one of the main attractions of the city - the first nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin". I did not have time to visit him in his first trip, but managed it now, so the walk to the icebreaker, I will dedicate a separate post next. In Murmansk is a unique nuclear icebreaker fleet. Nuclear submarines have in many countries, but Russia - the only country that has a civilian nuclear-powered ships, which are based in the city.