Russian Federation
At the top of the spring was gone. Just like a week ago in Tyumen: snow is no intention to melt, cool jackets in handy. A rose-practically nothing, six hundred-something meters, and such dramatic changes. But it was worth it.
2. Main feature at the top of the Big Akhun - lookout tower. With its beautiful views in all directions. And we try, in spite of the thick and low clouds, something to see.
3. It is surprising: the tower is not ancient, though looks quite medieval. It was built, as the information boards, in 1936 by architect S.I.Vorobevym. It is said that the tower was built to supply the leader of all nations, friend of Stalin. I wanted him, ostensibly, to the Soviet people had the opportunity to admire the scenery, similar to those that he observes from his garden.
By the tower built and comfortable way, sometimes representing a scenic serpentine. To this day, you can climb to the top of the normal quality of the asphalt. Even going to build a cable car, but something went wrong on another level plans.
4. Through the loopholes, windows are beginning to peep April Sochi landscapes.
5. We are at the very top. Visibility is so-so, but the stern, too, is beautiful.
In general, it will be much more beautiful bloom and turn green when all the vegetation, which is more than two hundred species, of which 40 - Red Book. By this array also includes Agura waterfalls and yew-tree grove. The waterfalls, by the way, were pictures show.
6. The road leading to the tower. The picture is like a drone. 15 years ago there was a trade of souvenirs are much more modest.
7. Sea. Sochi.
Big Akhun - the highest point in this mountain massif. There are Maly Akhun, a hundred meters below. Here are located the Eagle Rock (where Prometheus was chained by the legend) and did two times lower than the Big Akhun.
8. Change the lens at telephoto. Let us try to approach and look at individual buildings. It is in Sochi side.
9. And it aside Adler.
10. And the overall picture Adler coast. Then see today is not enough, the Olympic Park and Imeritinskaya lowlands, where we stayed in Adler, the eye is not available.
We traveled on the navigator. It's simple: score, "Akhun mountain." By Agursky waterfalls, for example, more difficult, I had to choose the "Caucasian village" restaurant on the large parking lot. By the way, many from this many kilometers parking doing a hiking path to Big Akhun. I suspect that the route is picturesque.