Madeira Levada walk from Marocos Village to Canical Tunnel Portugal No wonder the Portuguese island of Madeira is called the island of eternal spring. A walk along the levada from the village of Marocos to the Canical tunnel is proof of this. One of the leisurely and dimensional routes with excellent views of various villages and various plants. Under the cut five dozen beautiful photos.
Madeira: Local Mafia, Dragon Trees, and More Portugal You must go to Madeira for a minimum of a week. And it is best to rent a taxi (there are six-seven-seater cars) by the company. It will be cheaper than even taking a tour bus around the island, and if the driver is still super, like ours, then he will show you the best places, including where it is best to eat and drink. Why a taxi and not a rented car? Because
Observation of sperm whales in the Azores Portugal

Dear readers, in the first half of June we visited the Azores in order to observe sperm whales. We were not easy to find information on this subject, because this destination among Russian tourists is not very developed. So I want to share with you information and impressions on our trip, can someone does come in handy.

With cute and Portugal paradise ... Portugal

Once upon a time, not so long ago, my favorite and the only one suddenly suggested: "Let's fly to Faro - where the land ends and the ocean begins!". At that time I did not really represented where, in fact, is the lighthouse and why, and most importantly how to get there worth. But it was so born frenzy leading to the happiest days of our lives.

One day in the same city. Lisbon and its suburbs. Portugal

Spend one day in Lisbon is like that to take up a thick book, read it and understand the preface - book something very interesting! And then regret it close, putting reading indefinitely ...

Portuguese Trolley Museum in Porto Portugal

Trolley Museum in Porto - is worth it for him to go to Portugal, to wander, take a look and feel all their own hands. We were the only visitors to the museum and wandered among all this splendor in absolute silence. Even at the entrance looked at us in amazement, and with 100 euro barely found the change. A museum is gorgeous!