Gili Nanggu or where to swim next to Bali Indonesia

We love to wake up to the sound of the surf, the sun shines directly into the eyes, like when close to home is a good reef and turquoise water boils tropical life. It turned out that it was easier to start to get acquainted with the country of Bali. In search of a good beach only had that run east without looking back! 40 selected images under the cut.

Tanah Lot temple in Bali, where the waves come to grips with the land Indonesia

For many visitors to the island of Bali is a complete surprise that the dominant religion of this place (more than 90% of the population) is Hinduism. So what about India here reminds a lot. Here you will see and Shiva and Ganesha (the elephant-headed god), and many other familiar characters from childhood Hindu mythology. But, of course, a distance of the Indian Ocean between these cultures makes itself felt.

What is Lombok Indonesia

Many say that Lombok - Bali is almost, but without the huge influx of tourists. To some extent I agree - something from Bali in it. But it's a whole different world, rather reminiscent of Java, except that a desert.

Jakarta, Kota Indonesia

Huge and dirty city, crowded and chaotic built up, crowded with people and cars and unrepresentative for the traveler other interest than transit somewhere deep into Southeast Asia. The impression created on the Jakarta after reading guidebooks and stories on the forums travelers. But we, urbanists, loving bustling metropolis, such stories are not scared, are not you? Well-preserved historic districts, the forest of modern skyscrapers, comfort and organized public transport system, tolerant and unobtrusive people - is also in Jakarta.

How to grow rice in Bali Indonesia

Friends, finally, for all of this for a long time, I decided to disassemble archive photos and found a great many pictures on the subject - rice and rice fields. I decided to redo the previous post and supplement it with interesting facts and photos. Photos for this post were taken at different times, to cover wider periods of growth of the culture. Sorry for the poisonous HDR (sometimes wakes mania all paint)

City Berastagi, North Sumatra Indonesia

It so happened that on the penetration of the life of this mountain Sumatran town we had a heck of a little time. Pursued by bad weather and piercing icy wind, we stayed in Berastagi just over a day. However, this watch is left in memory a lot of impressions. In between climbing a volcano Sibayak, and a visit to the legendary market Berastagi, I managed to make a few photos, which are accompanied by brief comments.

North Sumatra. Climb the volcano Sibayak. Indonesia

Sibayak volcano (Gunung Sibayak) is located in the north of Sumatra, at 2100 meters overlooking the mountain town of Berastagi (1300 meters above sea level). The last eruption of this volcano is dated 1881 year, and now on the official maps this volcano is designated as "Sibayak Mountain / Mount Sibayak".

Ijen volcano Indonesia

One early morning in Dzhogyakarta we got on the bus and went to the volcano Bromo. Bromo then erupted, so that was one of the most exciting experiences for the whole of Asia. I already wrote about him being in Tae, could not stand it :)