"On the border roam the Yankees do not know that we are there," or most fun border in the world! India

So, comrades, it's time to tell you a funny story visit the Indo-Pakistan border and boldly declare that I have seen Pakistan! :) Do not be afraid - the terrorists and their acts in the post will not, but I promise a lot of positive! Because the India-Pakistan border (as it may sound blasphemous) - the most fun border in the world! :)

Spiti Valley. Authentic life. India

At first I wanted to write a great post about the Spiti valley, about which there can go, what to see, that in the monasteries that in the village, where to stay and what to eat. But I changed my mind, a great post about Spiti will not, and will just post about what I think of Spiti, what thoughts and feelings I have caused it than impressed, and of course will be pretty pictures.

Gold Beach, Maharashtra India

One of the most beautiful beaches that we met while traveling to Goa on a rented scooter proved to Paradise Beach. Actually, in Goa it is not relevant, since it is located to the north, in the neighboring state of Maharashtra (Maharashtra).

Road Manali - Le India

Road Manali - Le - it's almost the same cultural and geographical meme, as Rudyard Kipling's The Road to Mandalay. 480 kilometers between green Himachal with its pine forests and a veil of clouds, fog and high desert alien Small Tibet. 480 kilometers of trails military NH21, which almost anyone, even accidentally, and offhand shot picture looks like the wallpaper on your desktop or an illustration from National Geographic.

Ganges India

Turns out to be not so easy to write about any trip after many months. Memoirs - the word is not in my vocabulary. And it's not that something is forgotten. It would be too easy. Dog memory, shaggy on the details and feelings fade with time, acquiring instead of artificial fur inspirational and just general words.