The Hanseatic city of Wismar Germany

In one of the days between Christmas and New Year, we thought it was worth a trip to some town in which we have never been. Satisfying a passion for changing places and combining it with the regular weekend - went to Lübeck. Lübeck seemed cold enough, not crowded.

Town Egloffstein in the Franconian Switzerland Germany

About Franconian Switzerland I wrote in his LiveJournal repeatedly. This eco-friendly region, the famous air spas, breweries, small distillery zavodik and Easter wreaths. Egloffshtayn town, which I want to tell you today is not much different from other cities in the region - a cute, vintage, friendly and quiet. Graphs, whose name is a fortress in the city, living in this city for over 800 years!

Kelshtaynhaus Germany

Bavarian commune Berchtesgaden is known for its amazing beauty of Lake Konigssee, located in the valley between the mountains in the Alps. It is especially picturesque in the fall, including yellow and red trees. In these places you can see the salt mines, in which more than 500 years mined salt, and in these days is a fascinating underground attraction.

Tales of Buxtehude Germany

Just 30 km from Hamburg is an ancient town of Buxtehude (Buxtehude). Known for his tales of how the city brought Wilhelm Schroeder. Even as a child he heard folk tale about how the hedgehog and the hare competed in the race. As an adult, Schroeder wrote this story unsophisticated in Low German and moved the seat of action on the field near the town of Buxtehude.

The Hanseatic city of Stade Germany

Stade and Buxtehude - one of those cities where you can come once or twice in warm weather. Take a walk, drink, eat something tasty and local and go back. Both are located on the left bank of the Elbe and you can reach them or paromchike, which departs from the suburbs of Hamburg Blankenese, or a detour through Elbbryuke (literally - the bridge over the Elbe) .

Partnach Gorge Germany

Ride for many days for the body is a good test, so in the middle of the holiday, it was decided to make a break for a day research local attractions, they turned out to be not so much.

Marienburg Castle Germany

Marienburg - the original and still especially for foreign tourists a little-known North German analogue of "fabulous" Neuschwanstein Castle Marienburg Castle is located 20 km from Hanover - a good option for a trip for half a day.