Corsica: Napoleon, Ajaccio France Napoleon was born in Ajaccio 3 months after France trampled on the independent Corsican Republic. Of course, Poles and residents of the United States claim that it was theirs that had the first constitution, but this is not so: the first constitution of the modern era was in Corsica, 40 years earlier.
Cannes: Happy End Tale France The canonical happy ending is a very predictable ending, but it seems that they have such a strong target audience. Batman cuts out all the villains, Tom Sawyer finds a treasure, Cinderella waits for the right prince, the unknown Bridget Bardot gets into camera lenses and makes a dizzying career, Cannes from a provincial village turns into one of the famous Mediterranean resorts.
Nice: not only the sea azure ... France

Summer. Nice. Cote d'Azur. These words are already beginning to draw in the imagination the foaming waves of sky-blue color, the bright sun, the beach, the warm breeze, the flying aircraft and sheer bliss.

How to live without Russian alpine resort. Les Gets. France

This year has been difficult, not only for Russia but also for France, where the flow of tourists from our country significantly weakened, we can say dry. Particularly deplorable situation in Courchevel, where Russian was the main source of replenishment of the local budget.

From Marseille to Barcelona through Andorra bikes France

A small report on a bike tour from France to Spain via Andorra. It will primarily interested in those who are planning bike tours in Europe.

Nice France

My trip to the French Riviera began with Nice. In Nice, I flew on an airplane, and here we rented a room in a hotel, and from here every day we went to the next town along the Riviera. Of all the cities of Nice Côte d'Azur, with its 200,000 inhabitants seemed to me the most democratic, most youth and, simply, live. In Nice, I photographed quite a bit, so that today, under the cut - a compact overview report from the capital of the French Riviera.

The Paris Metro France

Metro in Paris - more than just transport. For more than a hundred years of his work, he became one of the main attractions of the French capital. Scheme lines entangled web of strange city. It seems that it is impossible to understand, but after a few trips you already easily guided in the subway. Two days later I was rolling on the Paris subway to do for you interesting report.

Paris - street life, photo report France

And still well in Paris in early autumn! Crowds of European tourists begin to thin out rapidly, turn in museums and cathedrals lose substantially in length, and even clochards (local homeless) look particularly colorful. Despite the fact that we went to France with some prejudice, a long time giving their heart and soul into the power of the South America, the main city of the country enjoyed extraordinary.