Scandinavian holidays. Walk in the center of Oslo Norway Six years ago, I first visited Norway and was completely delighted with it. And so, in mid-August I was able to visit this beautiful European country again and share my excitement with my soulmate :) We bought exactly the same tour that I was in 2013, but over time, small changes were made to it, which made the train only more interesting. Our journey begins in the capital of Norway, the city of Oslo.
Sforza Castle in Milan Italy It is believed that the Milan castle of the Dukes of Sforza is a kind of prototype of the Moscow Kremlin. Indeed, the restructuring of the Moscow Kremlin at the end of the 15th century was led by Italian architects. Sophia Paleolog, the wife of Ivan III and the niece of the Byzantine emperor, personally asked Sforza to let architect Aristotle Fioravanti go to Moscow.
Christmas Vienna Austria For a long time we were going to fly to Europe before Christmas with the goal of looking at how everything is colorfully decorated there and imbued with a festive atmosphere. But all the time, something distracted, then new projects at work, then new work, then lack of funds, then children ... And this year everything turned out, and we still flew ...
Zbarazh Castle Ukraine On the way from the Pochaev Lavra, we stopped at the Zbarazh castle. After all, it was here that the dramatic events of the confrontation between Cossack and Polish troops took place, described by Henryk Sienkiewicz in the novel “Fire and Sword”, which were filmed by the world famous director Jerzy Hoffman.
Hong Kong | Causeway Bay for three hours Hong Kong What in a couple of centuries can a place once called the Yellow Mud River (Won Nai Chun) turn into? To Hong Kong's Causeway Bay area. There is a proposal to change hotel slippers to sneakers and go for a walk along this edge, located on one of the historical axes of the metropolis.
Tour of the USA. Summer in Alaska. Kenai and Seward United States of America Alaska is a very large state. Not as big, of course, as it is painted on the usual distorted maps, where Greenland is the size of Africa. And as big as on a globe, where Africa is almost twice as large as Russia, Greenland is smaller than Kazakhstan, and the United States and Canada are almost the same size.
Bus fleet number 7 Ukraine Somewhere in the outskirts of the Kiev left bank, a unique bus fleet No. 7 was lost — the largest motor transport enterprise on the left bank. 40 years ago, our ancestors tried to implement in it the most advanced solutions that were then available in the former Union. Now he is on the verge of extinction. The highlight of the park is an unusual covered parking lot resembling a circus building where hundreds of buses once slept. Now the building is in disrepair and will soon be dismantled.
Национальный парк Олимпик United States of America The Olympic Peninsula is located on the Pacific coast of Washington and its hometown of Kurt Cobain. They claim that they do not need to be reserved at all for three months. This is still a little bit about the beauty of the Pacific Northwest (although for us it is, after all, the southwest).