Hong Kong | see Victoria Peak and earn 2 dollars Hong Kong This, of course, is a moment for a smile, but the love of walking a lot on trips led us on my own and to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong with a profit of as much as two Hong Kong dollars in my pocket plus a good memory in karma. Turn to the last? We turn, of course.
Madeira Levada walk from Marocos Village to Canical Tunnel Portugal No wonder the Portuguese island of Madeira is called the island of eternal spring. A walk along the levada from the village of Marocos to the Canical tunnel is proof of this. One of the leisurely and dimensional routes with excellent views of various villages and various plants. Under the cut five dozen beautiful photos.
A walk in Horta San Giulio Italy It’s not always that when traveling it’s possible to carry out all the plans, it happens that for various reasons it is necessary to change plans on the spot. So, at the end of September last year, it turned out with a trip from Stresa to Lake Orta. On a half-full sightseeing bus in the afternoon, we drove along the picturesque mountain roads for about an hour, and then went downhill from Villa Crespi along a cobbled street running along the lake. Amazing views of the island of San Giulio and the hilly opposite shore of the lake opened in the alleys.
Scandinavian holidays. Two Fjord Cruise Norway We walked around Stavanger, visited the oil museum, and it's time to inspect the city. This is best done, of course, from the water, so we go on a cruise along the two arms of the already familiar Boknafjord - Högsfjord and Lüsefjord.
Madeira: Local Mafia, Dragon Trees, and More Portugal You must go to Madeira for a minimum of a week. And it is best to rent a taxi (there are six-seven-seater cars) by the company. It will be cheaper than even taking a tour bus around the island, and if the driver is still super, like ours, then he will show you the best places, including where it is best to eat and drink. Why a taxi and not a rented car? Because
Scandinavian holidays. Walk in the center of Oslo Norway Six years ago, I first visited Norway and was completely delighted with it. And so, in mid-August I was able to visit this beautiful European country again and share my excitement with my soulmate :) We bought exactly the same tour that I was in 2013, but over time, small changes were made to it, which made the train only more interesting. Our journey begins in the capital of Norway, the city of Oslo.
Sforza Castle in Milan Italy It is believed that the Milan castle of the Dukes of Sforza is a kind of prototype of the Moscow Kremlin. Indeed, the restructuring of the Moscow Kremlin at the end of the 15th century was led by Italian architects. Sophia Paleolog, the wife of Ivan III and the niece of the Byzantine emperor, personally asked Sforza to let architect Aristotle Fioravanti go to Moscow.
Christmas Vienna Austria For a long time we were going to fly to Europe before Christmas with the goal of looking at how everything is colorfully decorated there and imbued with a festive atmosphere. But all the time, something distracted, then new projects at work, then new work, then lack of funds, then children ... And this year everything turned out, and we still flew ...