The island of Finnish socialists and itchy killer whales Canada Malcolm Island is a small island in the north of Vancouver Island, where you need to get two ferries and drive a little more than 400 km. I probably would never have found out about its existence if my wife hadn’t been making fun of it on social networks.
Indian island Cormorant Canada A few miles off the western coast of mainland Canada, on the north side of Vancouver Island is the small Cormorant Island, where Native American culture is still alive and well. True, no one calls him that - everyone calls him by the name of his only settlement, which occupies almost the entire area - Alert Bay.
Okanagan Lake Valley Canada Mid-spring 2021, the eighteenth wave of coronavirus and the associated severe restrictions on travel in the province with roadblocks and the cancellation of ferries (this was not even in 2020) found us in the Northern Okanagan - having traveled pretty much the south of the valley, I suddenly realized that I had a very vague idea about her north. And here, for a minute, is the town of Vernon, which has been repeatedly named one of the most desirable places to live in retirement in Canada.
New Orleans United States of America I first became fascinated with New Orleans when I watched James Bond's Live And Let Die (1973) as a child. Then there was the film Angel Heart (1987) and the game Gabriel Knight. I decided that I would definitely find myself here someday. I was attracted by the stormy mishmash of cultures and the atmosphere of an eternal holiday. And I must say that New Orleans did not disappoint me, even though it was half-empty, half-closed, and it was not possible to fully experience the atmosphere of this place.
Teberda - an unknown resort in the Caucasus Russian Federation How many will now remember that before the collapse of the USSR, Karachay-Cherkessia was only an autonomous region within the Stavropol Territory? It turns out that before its separation, the region known throughout the country for its resorts had even more of them within its borders. Together with Dombai, the Stavropol Territory lost another one - Teberda, with a very peculiar profile. There is no sea, ski slopes, healing waters and mud. But the local air, blown from the peaks by mountain winds, is considered special and healing, for example, in the treatment of tuberculosis. But today Teberda is a purely local resort, like some Kashin.
Dombay - the soul of the Soviet tourist Russian Federation This year in the Caucasus was not only lazy. Covid opened this region to Russians, and the Caucasus had to get used to the influx of tourists. Back in July, we started planning our autumn vacation at KMV. At first they wanted to drive from there to Dombay, Arkhyz or Elbrus without spending the night. But as we worked out the route from the beautiful, but boring cities of the KMV, we leaned more and more towards the wild nature of the republics. At first they allowed one night, then they realized that this was not enough.
Flight to Evenkia - the way to the mainland Russian Federation The Krasnoyarsk Territory is the second largest constituent entity of Russia, second only to Yakutia. Almost a third of this region is occupied by the mysterious Evenkia, on the territory of which the geographical center of Russia, the Putorana plateau, is located, as well as the place where the Tunguska meteorite fell. The all-season connection of Evenkia with the mainland is accessible only by air. During the navigation season, you can also get to the Evenki villages by water, but such a trip can take up to 10 days.
Bergamo is the city above Italy The city of Bergamo is located in the north of Italy, in the foothills of the Alps, 40 km northeast of Milan. The city is average by Italian standards - 120 thousand inhabitants. It has an interesting topographic feature - it is clearly divided into two parts: the Upper (Citta Alta) and the Lower City (Citta Bassa). The lower part is larger and more modern. But the historical center with the main attractions is located at the top, on a high hill surrounded by fortress walls of the 16th century.