Canada - America with a human face Canada

Last year, I visited North America for the fourth time, this time including the second largest country in the world - Canada. Although I was only in the main cities and I did not see the depths of Canada, I can do a brief overview of this country.

Just another Hong Kong Hong Kong The center of Hong Kong - the standard of the city, striving upwards. It is full of high-rise buildings, clambering up the slope of Victoria Peak. But there is another Hong Kong, in which (almost) no skyscrapers. In some places it even a quiet, green, and a little deserted. Today I'll tell you about it.
London is the capital of Great Britain United Kingdom Anyone who has any idea about the English language knows a simple phrase: "Hello!", "How are you?" and, of course, "London is the capital of Great Britain". Last year, I managed to visit the Albion and plunge into the atmosphere of one of the greatest cities in the world. The UK government has until recently has kindly granted the right to stay in the country visa-free for up to 24 hours, which I took advantage, resulting from Tenerife to Moscow.
A list of visa-free countries for Ukrainians Ukraine A list of visa-free countries for Ukrainians 2015 year
Gran Canaria - an island of contrast reincarnation! Spain Imagine a place where summer lives all year round, the sun accompanies you everywhere 365 days, and a few kilometers from the golden sands of the desert on the Atlantic Ocean bordered by breathtaking mountain peaks. This, of course, Gran Canaria, multifaceted continent in miniature, where the impossible becomes possible!
Once in Mexico Mexico Mexico. Even the name sounds fascinating. Ancient Maya and Aztecs, Mexican bandits in a sombrero with Colt in his belt, sipping tequila in a dirty tavern ... been a while since I wanted to stay in this epic edge. And the case turned up appropriate - Cuban visa expired, we had to leave for a few days and come back. So, my Mexican 6 days with Russian gidskoy party.