New Mexico - Colorado RV. United States of America

When the confusion of the first months after birth began to pass, and we were again able to perceive their environment not only from the standpoint of "feed-wash, change clothes," habitually knocked in the head the idea of traveling. Traditionally, Christmas and New Year holidays we spent outside the home. And this year did not want to make exceptions.

Observation of sperm whales in the Azores Portugal

Dear readers, in the first half of June we visited the Azores in order to observe sperm whales. We were not easy to find information on this subject, because this destination among Russian tourists is not very developed. So I want to share with you information and impressions on our trip, can someone does come in handy.

Kinderdijk - Village Mill Netherlands

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "Holland" is a mill. In our minds firmly established this association. So we definitely want to see this national symbol, and not one - two mills, which are found along the road, and the whole complex! To do this, we went to the village of Kinderdijk (Kinderdijk), where back in the XVIII century, was built a system of 19 windmills, they can be seen today.

As we rested in the Netherlands Netherlands

What associations you are having with a country like Holland? Windmills, tulips and marijuana. So it was with us before our trip, but that changed after - summed up at the end of the post. Our journey is tied to the defense of a thesis of our friend, whom I mentioned in my article PhD - the road to Europe.