Oregon United States of America To date, Oregon, perhaps, seems to me the most beautiful and diverse state of America. It seems that here you can find almost all possible landscapes of the United States.
Iceland Iceland And now, I'm back! His return to Learn I want to note a common post about Iceland. Travel to Iceland, it is absolutely incredible country, I had planned for about a year. I found friends who wanted to go, I bought tickets, and just a month before the trip my friends changed their minds ... It's stronger than me my plans!
Gran Canaria, highways GC-200 Spain The brightest of the harsh beauty of the ocean views are on the western and south-western side of the island. It takes a spectacular route along the vertical cliffs over deep-ever storm spaciousness.
Experience trip to Hawaii in the New Year's week Hawaii Hawaii in December ... and, more specifically the island of Oahu (Oahu) on New Year's eve Christmas week. The idea to go to Hawaii did not arise suddenly. "Suddenly," we go together. Gray November day suddenly remembered that at work as usual will walk week, and, as always, will be a pity to sit these days in rainy, or better yet, a snowy Vancouver.
Gran Canaria - an island of contrast reincarnation! Spain Imagine a place where summer lives all year round, the sun accompanies you everywhere 365 days, and a few kilometers from the golden sands of the desert on the Atlantic Ocean bordered by breathtaking mountain peaks. This, of course, Gran Canaria, multifaceted continent in miniature, where the impossible becomes possible!
Vanuatu. The happiest countries in the world Vanuatu Somewhere in the Pacific between Fiji and New Caledonia is the happiest country in the world, of which few have heard, and so hardly going there for happiness.