Austria by car. How, where and how much Austria

I want to tell you in detail about our road route in Austria in July 2016, focusing on the organization of the trip and share useful sources. The themes of our trip were mountains and, first of all, we wanted to spend more time in them, capturing, however, several cities.

Karlstejn Czech

As practice shows, to get to the castle train better. The train runs from the main train station, and passes through Smíchov, so if you live closer to him, then we can sit down and in Smíchov. However, when we were traveling by train on Sunday, seats to Smíchov no longer exists.

Wondrous miracle Slovenia

Half an hour drive from Lake Bohinj and we are in a new place. Today I'll show you one of the wonders of Slovenia, namely Lake Bled. Place enough so popular with parking we had some difficulties, after 10 minutes of searching, we finally found the place and then out of nowhere came comrade and said that this car park and you have to pay tribute to, the size was perfectly acceptable, so agreed. So keep in mind the place where the trouble to throw the car there, and the road is still tight on the side of not quit.

Vancouver Canada

Before I first came to Vancouver, I knew about the city only two things - the first: it is surrounded by the fantastic beauty - mountains with snow caps, forests with Indian totems and the ocean with the whales; Second, it is one of the five cities with the highest standard of living in the world, recently won first place. But it was necessary to call in the city and go through it, so that ruined for all its advantages.

What does a properly arranged city look like? Austria

Vienna is not only a beautiful city, but also very convenient. Let's try to figure out what elements make up the cozy urban environment, how and for whom it is built.

Vienna Museum of Art History Austria

I love to go to museums. I like the collections, when many items can be visually compared with each other. I especially want to visit museums with carefully selected exhibits. And one of these museums is undoubtedly the Vienna Museum of Art History, which impresses with its collection and architecture.