Extreme biking in London United Kingdom

In London now conduct special raids on each bike party. Police arrived with his camper, catches volunteer cyclists and invites them to stand up and sit in the cockpit.

London, film of our memory United Kingdom

"London is the Capital of Great Britain" - we remember from school lessons. London - the capital of the Kingdom and the capital of the Queen. The city - a magnet. The mysterious and enigmatic. City, affects the fate of Europe and the world at large.

A piece of the Falklands without penguins Falklands Continue our journey to the farthest point of our route. Coming out of Montevideo, after 2 days at sea, we arrived in Port Stanley - the capital of the Falkland Islands. In fact, it's a cool place, "a stone's throw" from Antarctica, is a hot spot! The dispute over her lead Argentina and the United Kingdom ...
Kamchatka Russian Federation Kamchatka! Probably not in Russia a man who would not hear of it. This, of course, because in almost every village and certainly in each class has its own "Kamchatka". It does not just far away (in Russia there is, thank God, and far away places). Kamchatka - it is an amazing and fantastic world where high mountains, clean, full of fish rivers, mysterious geysers - in a word, the kingdom of Far Far Away, but despite the popularity of the word, very few people were there who saw firsthand the fire-breathing, mountainous peninsula.
Tsindunlin - the grandeur of the last empire of China. People's Republic of China Eastern Qing Dynasty tombs or Tsindunlin located 125 km north-east of Beijing. Tsindunlin necropolis is one of the largest cemeteries in imperial China. Here are buried five Qing emperors, empresses 15 and 136 concubines. The complex has an area of 80 square meters. km. Almost all the tombs are well preserved, although three burials were plundered during the civil war in China in 1928. This has made them accessible to tourists, so now Tsindunlin most informative historical necropolis, where you can explore the imperial mausoleums, not only outside but also inside. The only penetrated by the well-known imperial tomb is Tsindunlina in China - the mausoleum of Ming Emperor Wanli, located in the necropolis Shisanlin, near Beijing.