Helsinki from the sea, from the air, and a little history Estonia

Helsinki - the capital of the unusual. City all the time at the hearing: in his honor named the Moscow Helsinki Group, are regularly held various summits and meetings, hosted the Olympic Games and Eurovision. The existence of Helsinki is known to all, no worse than the existence of Rome, Paris or New York, but if Rome is associated with the Colosseum, Paris with the Eiffel Tower, and New York with the Statue of Liberty, the Helsinki the average person is not associated with anything.

Stockholm - City of the Future Sweden

Swedish family, Swedish socialism and the Swedish side of the IKEA - here, perhaps, and all that he knows about the average citizen of Sweden. Capital - Stockholm, climate - north, and yes, allowed gay marriage. Meanwhile idyllic homeland Karlsson on the roof began in the early 21 th century one of the most successful countries in the world - Sweden has consistently ranked in the top five of most international rankings.

How are trains in Sweden Sweden

During the night I traveled more than 1,000 kilometers of railway lines. My route looked like Vasteras - Stockholm - Lund - Katrineholm - Vasteras. During this trip, I traveled to 4eh different types of trains, of which I will tell in this post.

How are ordinary Swedes Sweden

When we go to rest in any other country, most of the time usually spent on visits to museums, monuments, familiarity with local cuisine and other obligatory tourist programs. Of course, this is all very well, but so we somehow forget to see here, in fact, people live.

VASA museet - one museum exhibit in Stockholm Sweden

In Stockholm there is a remarkable museum. Huge complex very close to the city center, at a distance of less than a kilometer from the Royal Palace. The museum was built at the end of the last century, all for one exhibit. But what ...

Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen May 24, 2012, all these photos were taken on the same day. The weather is good, there is now a long day, and I move a lot and for a long time, so a lot of pictures. 70 out of 355, shot that day. If we assume from 8 am to 11 pm, it appears that shot on average once every two minutes (taking into account a couple of hours in museums, where almost no shot). Even the Chinese are so often photographed.