Sopot Poland

In this Polish "Sochi" We went for a walk on January 1, and quite early in the morning, local time. We lived at the station Gdansk Oliwa, it was decided to go on the train, and it is the fastest way to move around "Tri" which includes proper Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia.

Central Baku Azerbaijan

It all started with the short trip to the airport-shuttle - we Nizhny it just makes a U-turn, to lift people out of the terminal to the aircraft. 50-minute flight to Moscow, a half hour transplant, 3:00 to Baku - and here I go satisfied or even very tired from the airport named after Heydar Aliyev, who, incidentally, was built in the form of the Mesopotamian ziggurat, well, or step pyramid. Despite the fact that about 6 am, already quite warm.

Gdansk is not for you Danzig Poland

Good weather, warm sea, not crowded beaches - all this almost never converge on the Baltic coast. And already in the middle of autumn, and even more so. In this case, there should be a reserve plan for marking the vast Baltic coast. Polish three-cities-together-for a long time-one-agglomeration (ie Trójmiasto, ie “Tricities”) can provide such an opportunity.

Vienna Museum of Art History Austria

I love to go to museums. I like the collections, when many items can be visually compared with each other. I especially want to visit museums with carefully selected exhibits. And one of these museums is undoubtedly the Vienna Museum of Art History, which impresses with its collection and architecture.