Hong Kong in winter Hong Kong

Outpost of the British Ost-Indian trading company, financial offshore, one country, two systems, seamlessly merging into one. Hong Kong is still thriving and impressive. Last time I was here in the summer of 2011. It was hot, stuffy and humid. This time came in the winter.

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The flight from Singapore to New York City for 23 thousand dollars Singapore In 2008 company Singapore Airlines introduced its Class Suites, most luxurious class that can be available person rešivšemu use the favors airlines.
483 meters above the sky: the tallest hotel in the world Hong Kong Over the choice of places where to throw the dice in Hong Kong, I thought no longer than 10 seconds. Here and only here has the highest hotel in the world - The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, and other alternative means for crazy fan of skyscrapers is not there. Stay in this hotel for me - as a visit to the highest waterfall or climb the highest mountain.
Singapore and Marina Bay Sands Singapore Singapore stunning city, fall in love with him at first sight. It is not like a steel Asia, rather on some Asian Europe. The choice of the hotel was clear, it is something from the category of what must see.
What is Lombok Indonesia Many say that Lombok - Bali is almost, but without the huge influx of tourists. To some extent I agree - something from Bali in it. But it's a whole different world, rather reminiscent of Java, except that a desert.