USA: Oregon Coast United States of America I will continue the story about Oregon that started from Portland and is far from complete, especially since now our village is covered in snow and there is nothing better than to plunge into old photos from the sea. We start in a small town - Astoria - on the border of Oregon and Washington and move on the 101st highway to the south.
With cute and Portugal paradise ... Portugal

Once upon a time, not so long ago, my favorite and the only one suddenly suggested: "Let's fly to Faro - where the land ends and the ocean begins!". At that time I did not really represented where, in fact, is the lighthouse and why, and most importantly how to get there worth. But it was so born frenzy leading to the happiest days of our lives.

Portuguese Trolley Museum in Porto Portugal

Trolley Museum in Porto - is worth it for him to go to Portugal, to wander, take a look and feel all their own hands. We were the only visitors to the museum and wandered among all this splendor in absolute silence. Even at the entrance looked at us in amazement, and with 100 euro barely found the change. A museum is gorgeous!

One day in the same city. Lisbon and its suburbs. Portugal

Spend one day in Lisbon is like that to take up a thick book, read it and understand the preface - book something very interesting! And then regret it close, putting reading indefinitely ...

Jakarta, Kota Indonesia

Huge and dirty city, crowded and chaotic built up, crowded with people and cars and unrepresentative for the traveler other interest than transit somewhere deep into Southeast Asia. The impression created on the Jakarta after reading guidebooks and stories on the forums travelers. But we, urbanists, loving bustling metropolis, such stories are not scared, are not you? Well-preserved historic districts, the forest of modern skyscrapers, comfort and organized public transport system, tolerant and unobtrusive people - is also in Jakarta.

The first acquaintance with Rio Brazil

This acquaintance began in the first place from the ocean. That's like you could not tell that this ocean is our first, because we have already seen a piece of the Indian Ocean in India and Bali, and the edge of the Pacific - on the east coast of the Philippine island of Luzon.