Albanian Riviera. Are you ready for an incredible adventure? Albania

The length of the coast of Albania from north to south is 300 km, it's beautiful sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful beaches of the azure Ionian Sea. Today we keep the way to the south through the famous Albanian Riviera, where everyone will find the best beach, whether it is a noisy place with a special evening of entertainment or a secluded beach, far away from civilization ... Let's go!

Portuguese Trolley Museum in Porto Portugal Trolley Museum in Porto - is worth it for him to go to Portugal, to wander, take a look and feel all their own hands. We were the only visitors to the museum and wandered among all this splendor in absolute silence. Even at the entrance looked at us in amazement, and with 100 euro barely found the change. A museum is gorgeous!
Paradise found. Practical information. Philippines North of the island of Palawan and the village of El Nido - the most beautiful place of all that I saw in the Philippines and, perhaps, in all of Southeast Asia. Post about a bunch uninhabited islands, wild beaches, pristine nature, life in the village, as well as a lot of useful disk imaging, what to do and why to go there at all.
With cute and Portugal paradise ... Portugal Once upon a time, not so long ago, my favorite and the only one suddenly suggested: "Let's fly to Faro - where the land ends and the ocean begins!". At that time I did not really represented where, in fact, is the lighthouse and why, and most importantly how to get there worth. But it was so born frenzy leading to the happiest days of our lives.
Alapli Turkey A small coastal town with a population of 18,600 people. Typical resort place of the local population. Foreigners are very little. By the way, even Wikipedia is silent about this place. The most unusual here is the original design of the mosque